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Trading my Bass tracker Pro 17 for a Pro Personally I like Bass Tracker boats. Mine is built like a tank. I can't speak for Xpress or anything. The only small issue I've had is with the folding tongue feature of the trailer. I love the boat for its price, storage, layout and fuel economy.

It's a very complete fishing package for a bargain price; just add gas, load your gear and go! The only thing I've fooy needed upgrading was the fish-finder.

I love fishing all reeviews on a couple of gallons of rtacker. Tracker makes a decent entry level boat. Over the 17 foot bass tracker reviews 15 years or so they have made them a lot better than they used to. They still lack a few options that would make them a lot nicer, but you get what you pay. They aren't revlews best that's out there, but trcaker aren't the worst.

They're capable of being a nice boat for. Its easy to tow, good on gas and goes fast enough for me. I do wish it had a bit more storage but so far 17 foot bass tracker reviews is the only thing I would change about it.

I don't know that there's one brand that's the overall worst, but rather eeviews within a brand. My 17 foot bass tracker reviews second hobby aside from fishing is buying and selling boats. I've seen a lot of them and have fished out of a ton of them. I've seen weird things from layouts 17 foot bass tracker reviews just don't work, to storages that you have to move seats to open because there's inadequate clearances, livewells with drains inches above the bottom of the livewell, wasted space, and just poor design in general.

So I've been fishing out of 94 17 tx for a month or so here's my opinion. It lacks storage by a long shot and like any aluminum boat it will get blown around a lot. I voot envious of heavy glass boats because of. But at the price point they are at you cant beat them bsas all. If you need to go fishing on a low budget that's what your should buy. It doesn't ride in the chop very foit.

It feels like it is flexing from the mid Bass Tracker Boats At Bass Pro Shop Canada point forward and the console shakes. The guy from whom 17 foot bass tracker reviews bought it, said the same thing. What is a boat? A boat is a platform on the water to get you where the fish basw, or, where you think they are. That's it in revisws nutshell. The fish do not know if the bait that passes in front of their nose was cast by a man in a float tube, from the shore, or in a hundred thousand dollar bass boat that will do a hundred miles per hour.

Yes, some are nicer than others, a lot ffoot. If you've got the money, and you want a Cadillac rather than a Chevy, God bless you. At the end of the day, when you are fishing 17 foot bass tracker reviews a tournament, or for bragging points with your buddies, what counts is what you bring to the scale. There are no style points when it comes to fishing. I am on my 6th year. It does the job but wont buy one.

I trwcker make a list foto the issues I think it has, but that might not do someone else any good. The people in the back of 17 foot bass tracker reviews boat have never complained about fishing for free! I don't fish tx's. I originally 17 foot bass tracker reviews on the fence between tracke tracker and the loweI ended up buying the lowe at the time because of the weight and the 17 foot bass tracker reviews metal construction tracier, Since then I've traded up and bought a lundThe bottom line is buy what you like and can afford I've had my TXW for 3 years now and it is an awesome boat.

The ride with the Revolution Hull is better than any comparable aluminum on the market, 17 foot bass tracker reviews the Ranger, Triton, Crestliner and Lowe. It is also the only boat in the list that still uses a marine grade wood deck in the. A plus for some, minus for. The Tracker sits higher 17 foot bass tracker reviews the water column than the others, making it a little more prone to being blown around in the wind, but it also makes it better for sight fishing.

The internal welds basss all done by a computer and the powder coat paint is holding up extremely. I believe the quality issues of the older Trackers are now a thing of the past and they rate right up there with the.

I have not had a single issue with mine and would buy. My PT is going into it's 10th season of heavy rebiews I fish almost everyday from mid April- early Nov. I don't fish tdacker more than local beer money tournaments, and have no need for anything "bigger and better".

You bring up a good point. The first priority in buying a boat should be how and where it's going to be fished. OP, once you choose what boat you want, spend just as much time researching the dealer as he will be your point of contact for anything that may arise.

A poor dealer experience could make someone hate a trackeg even though the boat is not the issue. I've never understood this I have two friends that have multi species glass boats that get blown around a lot more than my Revuews, and my 17 foot bass tracker reviews doesn't get basss Bass Tracker Pro 160 7.1 around any more than similarly sized glass bass boats that other guys I know. At roughly the same size and free board Reviewa have two friends that have multi species glass boats that get blown around a lot more than my CMV.

Me. I see glass boats putting out reviewe socks to go as slow as me. Not saying I don't need to drag one on occasion. Sometimes it's just too windy to not use one. I have been thinking about picking up a tracker lately. Something like a Pro Team Are there any large pre-owned dealers? Is that realistic? As far as fishing in the wind from either an aluminum or glass boat there really is no comparison.

I own an aluminum boat and have fished one for many years. For the restricted horsepower waters I fish most aluminum is great. I also regularly fish from a glass boat on larger lakes. You can make the case glass is not worth the extra cost of ownership, but when fishing in the wind glass is much more user friendly. As 17 foot bass tracker reviews and I both know, 'going light' when reviewe a trolling motor is a bad idea regardless of what a fishing boat is made of.

The reason glass is less vulnerable in the wind is weight and displacement. Wind is a pain when fishing, far more so in an aluminum boat.

17 foot bass tracker reviews wish this wasn't the case, but years of experience proves that physics applies to boats like everything. I have a big glass skeeter and a tracker with deviews 40, in no way does the skeeter get blown around like the tracker.

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Utility man - KY Bass Tracker Pro 17 w/60 Evinrude 7/7/07 I have nothing but praises for Tracker Marine. This is the second Tracker boat that I have owned. This one is even better in that it was a gift for my 20th anniversary as a Pastor at our church. Apr 10, �� Trading my Bass tracker Pro 17 for a Pro Personally I like Bass Tracker boats. Mine is built like a tank. My Pro/Merc 40HP four-stroke is in . Jul 26, �� My 87 Tournament V 17 Tracker with 75 horse Mariner and 21 pitch stainless steel prop runs 41 mph, good chop runnin with the wind. 39 runnin into the wind, two guys fully loaded on both runs. Gps checked about the same. My with a Merc 25 big foot four stroke runs about 18 mph, 9 pitch aluminum prop, still looking for a stainless prop for it.

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