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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. What horsepower motor to use on light weight 14' aluminum boat? Thread starter 77buzzer Start date May 3, Joined May 3, Messages I was wondering what size outboard motor to use on my 14' harbercraft aluminum boat?

The boat is pretty light, probably lblb range and I bought it off a guy who used to put on top of his canopy on his truck. My boat has a 15" transom and like I said it is pretty 14 ft jon boat 20 hp weight and probably comparable to a 14' starcraft.

I has some back issues so I was thinking of a 9. I will mainly be fishing with 3 people maybe 4 in lakes and dropping off crab nets. My 14 ft jon boat 20 hp will be stored indoors but the boat out doors so I wanted something light that I can take on and off. I' also considering a 15hp but the lightest I can find are the late model yamaha's which weigh 79lbs. I have been thinking off a 9.

Anybody know what motor I should get and what name brand? Any info would be great as I'm pretty much a newbee and haven't had a boat sinced I was a kid. Joined Sep 17, Messages 6, Re: What horsepower motor to use on light weight 14' aluminum boat? HI Welcome to iboats. I think anything between 9. I run a '66 20 hp Johnson on my 14 tin boat and love it. Here's the official USCG hp rating guidelines.

Joined Apr 29, Messages 1, I had a 10 HP johnson on the back of 14 ft jon boat 20 hp 14' Valco. That boat couldn't weigh more than Lbs because I could carry it by. I wasn't really happy at how it ran. It wouldn't plane the boat out with just me on it. Of course, I used to weight about Lbs, and would carry a trolling motor with a humongous deep cycle battery, so I could've probably had the boat overloaded.

Also, the 10 HP was a Johnson Seahorse, so it might've been a little tired. I upgraded to a 20 HP, and that was really the best of both worlds. The 20 HP Johnson was light enough for me to carry one-handed, but would move the boat pretty quick almost too quick if you had the wind at your backat about 25 MPH by GPS.

Notwithstanding a proper capacity plate on the boat, I wouldn't go any higher than a 20 HP. If I remember correctly, the Valco was rated for a 25 HP max. Good luck Rgds. RonJon24 Seaman. Joined Apr 17, Messages I recently bought a 14 v-hull for fishing with my family. It came with a 7. I'd highly recommend at least a 15, but that is probably large. I am the same Store the motor in the garage and 14 ft jon boat 20 hp aluminum boat outdoors.

You can make a boat motor rack with wheels fairly easy, that would decrease the distance you had to carry the motor to a couple feet, thus saving your. I'd highly recommend it no matter what size motor you choose. It looks like I should be looking for a 15hp 2 stroke. A friend at work told me a 9. I didn't buy it because of the price and I thought it was a bit heavy. Anyone know any 15hp 2 strokes that are light weight and better bang for your buck.

Or maybe 9. Here, you see older 9. Looks like an awesome motor. What brand is it. And condition of course. Sometimes the unused motors with low hours are worse than the used ones. Make sure you run it before you buy it. I'd also look at the compression, foot oil color as.

Alot harder to find 15hp up here in Vancouver, BC Canada. Home Cookin' Fleet Admiral. Joined May 26, Messages 9, 14 ft jon boat 20 hp for a whole rig. We have a 14' jon at a hunt club, and found 14 ft jon boat 20 hp 25 was too fast for the younger or inexperienced operators, so when it died, we dropped to a Since the 14' is the boat most children grow up with, who is using it is a consideration.

It's good to 14 ft jon boat 20 hp something you can just turn a 13 year old loose in when they are big enough to pull start it, they are big enough to drive.

RonJon24 said:. Last edited: May 4, Yes they are eavega I've been watching that ATL market Especially being a 2 stroke. Idealy, I'd love to have a couple different sizes for different lakes and purposes, but not at these prices.

Joined Jan 20, Messages My 14' Valco has a 9. I weigh almost lbs and it will plane and run about 20 mph according to my gps. If I add another pounder it struggles to get on plane. If the guy is lbs or less it will plane no problem. I 14ft Jon Boat For Sale Near Me Wifi think I will be looking for a hp 14 ft jon boat 20 hp stroke motor. It had a fresh tuneup and Welded Aluminum Jon Boat Manufacturers English carb clean and was completely gone through, just really ugly.

I know the nissan weighs 83lbs but anyone know what the 20hp yamaha weighs? Davem3 Chief Petty Officer. Joined May 15, Messages My boat is rated for 20hp. I don't see much use in electric for a motor under 25 HP. I agree. You can pull start anything less than 25 hp with ease. A starter and battery add a lot of weight and are just another potential source of problems. Less is. My old '66 20 hp starts in pulls every time and I've left many a fancy e-start motor at the dock.


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These boats don�t mind getting their hands dirty. For high-quality, high-value, and rugged-utility, you won�t find a better jon boat for the task than a Lowe Riveted Jon. Today, we build the most rugged, hardest working line-up of Jons using the best materials available. HP Range. 20' Length. $15, Roughnecks have been widely considered some of the toughest boats on the water for over 20 years, a reputation earned by features like the all aluminum transoms with reinforced knee braces and the heavy duty cleats. An all-welded Roughneck aluminum jon boat is designed for the best combination of at-rest. 14 Diy Jon Boat Trailer Zone Foot Jon Boat Speed You can expect mph out of your footer. This boat length will generally allow for a hp engine, with some permitting up to 25hp motors.

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