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New ones are introduced regularly as. They may have the same construction material or composition, but manufacturers continue to claim features and upgrades that make their boats appealing. This is the reason why I have prepared an article on the best inflatable boats for every need. Pouring all my knowledge and experience into this article, you get a chance to read reviews of the best inflatable boats and, of course, things you have to consider before buying one, as there is no 1 size fits all.

Brand: Intex. The Mariner 4 is an inflatable raft that sizes up to The sides and the bottom of the boat are encased with a 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of of wrap guard that offers added protection in case the boat bumps into or runs over stones or sharp objects in the water. The best feature of the Mariner 4 is its hard-plastic flooring. This offers more stability compared to other boats that have a standard inflatable flooring. It is also far more affordable than other rafts with solid flooring : it costs two or three times less!

The boat 14 Ft Flat Bottom Boat Motor Unit also has an inflatable keel for better maneuverability, which is important in case you put a trolling motor on the raft. It is the only raft I know of that features an inflatable keel. The Mariner 4 has five separate air chambers : 4 in the main body and 1 in the keel. Even with the separate chambers, the Mariner 4 is easily inflated and deflated, especially with the high output manual air pump included upon purchase; it can inflate each chamber in a few minutes.

You can also opt to detach the seats to make room for more gear and equipment. The Mariner 4 also offers an easy paddling experience with its degree swivel oar handles and inch oars. It also possesses motor mount fittings should you choose to pair it up with a trolling or outboard motor.

The Mariner 4 is a unique SIB in 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of ways. It is the only one that comes with a hard floor to make it more stable, as well as an inflatable keel to improve maneuverability. It just bounces off of rocks, which makes it great for river expeditions without worries. It is large enough for 4 people and has a capacity of lbs. That is a lot for a boat of this size, more than lbs more than the Mariner 4 which is roughly the same size. The SE9 has a semi-hard floor which is stable enough to stand in.

No other inflatable raft is this stable, not even the Mariner 4. The stable floor is very comfortable, and even makes the boat suitable as-is for fishing. The SE9 is made up of 4 chambers, which makes it virtually unsinkable.

These are the main chamber, the backup chamber, the motor mount chamber, and the air floor. Even if a tube punctures, 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of air in the rest of the tubes will keep you above water.

The boat comes with everything you need to get out on the water, including a pump, oars, carrying bag, and a patch kit. It has 4 welded oar handlestwo on each. These can be used to carry the boat, and to install a bimini top to protect you against the sun.

You can also buy a separate motor mount, in case you want to attach an 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of trolling motor or an outboard. The Sea Eagle SE9 is a versatile inflatable raft. The portability, rugged construction, and 3-year warranty of this boat certainly help 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of stand.

It has all the necessary features which you might look for in an inflatable raft for fishing, river trips, family fun, and even Class III rapids. The sum of its features and quality make the SE9 unparalleled as an inflatable raft.

It is constructed with extremely durable gauge PVCmaking it puncture-resistant. It is spacious and has a humungous load capacity. It is a spacious 5-person raft that has a weight capacity of 1, lbs. In fact, many budget-minded fisherman get the Excursion 5 as the base raft, build a hard floor for it, slap on a motor, and the boat becomes a fully capable fishing boat. The Excursion 5 is made up of 3 inflatable chambers : 2 in its main body and 1 in the floor. It also features inflatable seats with backrests ; these are detachable seats that can be clipped on inside the raft.

These seats are actually very comfortable when compared to the seats of other inflatable rafts. It also features 4 welded oar handles and fishing rod holderstwo on each. It also has a motor mount fitting should you choose to use a motor to power up your raft. The set also includes two inch paddles and a high output air pump, so basically everything you need to get on the water. The only drawback is that there is no quick air release valve on the floor.

This means you have to squeeze the air out of the floor tubes, which makes deflation a bit slower. However, if you buy a good air pump with the deflation feature, you can use it to suck the air. This boat is a comfortable SIB for a weekend getaway on the lake. It has plenty of room for families looking for a relaxing time, as well as hobby fisherman. The Excursion 5 has several modding possibilities, like attaching a motor, a canopy, or even building a hard floor.

It is a large boat, yet it is very light. The Seahawk 4 has three chambers: two in the main hull and one in the floor, which can be inflated in 5 to 6 minutes using the high output air pump included in the package.

It also has unattached inflatable seats that can be placed anywhere in the inner hull. The seats are made out of PVC as well, but are not of the same construction material as the raft. The distinctive feature of the Seahawk 4 is its yellow rash guards located near the oar locks.

This gives it added protection against paddling friction that can usually wear out the surface of most inflatable rafts. The boat comes with two inch paddles. They are perfect for rowing on a calm lake, but not long enough to get good speed or control in wind. As most Intex rafts, the Seahawk has a motor mount fitting that you can use to attach a motor mount and a trolling motor. The low price means that compromises had to be made. One negative of the boat is the included oars I already mentioned.

Another is the fact that it does not come with a carry bag, so you will probably want to get something to 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of it around in and store it. Also, the boat is not as rigid as other more expensive inflatable rafts. It is aimed at recreational boaters, mostly families. It is comfortable for 2 adults and 2 kids. If you are 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of for an entry-level inflatable boat for quiet days at the lake, the Seahawk 4 should be on your radar.

The Angler Bay is manufactured by Airhead in China. It is constructed from 32 gauge PVC with electronically welded seams. All 3 sizes differ in dimensions but offer the same features and accessories. The Angler Bay 6 is a rather large boat, but at the same time, it is very light. This is why it is a suitable candidate for family recreational 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of, as well as for fishing.

These rafts have built-in features that make for a great fishing adventure. They have 2 fishing rod holders located near the end of the boat. These SIBs also feature 4 swiveling oar-locks to make paddling easier, as well as side-mounted oar holders. These rafts also have transom mount fixtures, where you can attach a motor mount kit. Airhead uses patented speed safety valves that enable the boat to inflate and deflate quickly.

This is a good boat, but I do have some complaints. For starters, the package does not include oars or an air pump. You have to get those separately. Second, it is not really for 6 people as stated by the company. It will inflate or deflate in a matter of minutes. It is great for lakes and low paced streams and comes with enough capacity to carry your family about 5 peopleor people plus fishing gear.

Brand: Sea Eagle. It is a serious, sea-worthy boat with many unique features, that set it apart from other boats. You can get them with plastic floors, but I prefer the high pressure drop-stitched inflatable floors.

The hard-floors are heavier as well, about 2. The long answer is in this article on inflatable boat floor types. The quick answer is that it depends on what you need. Air floors are firm, you 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of stand on them just like a hard floor. They are lighter as well, and easier to set up than 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of floors. The Sea Eagle SR is the lightest in its class, which makes it ultra-portable.

You can easily launch it off a beach since it is easy to carry and not as heavy as you would expect. It has 5!!! The material is Decitex reinforced PVC, which is basically puncture proof.

This boat is also NMMA certified, so you know it was designed and made with the highest quality standards. Using the SR with an outboard motor is a thrill.

The rounded tubes get 14 ft flat bottom boat capacity of boat on plane faster, and the unique keel makes steering precise regardless of what speed you are at.

Barge design, age, current condition, and individual characteristics will determine final barge capabilities. Reserve a pre-packaged boat online, featuring our most popular colors and options, and pick it up at your local dealer in as little as one week pending dealer inventory! Make Unknown. Equally, utility flat-bottomed boats can serve as workhorses of the water. So if you do this, be very careful, do not move suddenly and don't move to one side of the boat or the other. To recap, what is the Jon boat weight capacity? Boats from different manufacturers are different.


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