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Members List. Mark Forums Read. Vendor Directory. Welcome to the updated THT! If you are having trouble signing in, please email feedback thehulltruth. We thank you for your patience as we help you access the new site! The Boating Forum. Slightly overloading a 12 foot aluminium boat. Thread Tools. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. I just bought a 12 foot aluminum boat with a max weight capacity of I calculated with all the gear motor and 2 guys to be about lbs.

If i stay over weight will it be a safety issue or should i just sell it and buy a bigger boat? Anyone have any experience around this scenario? View Public Profile. Send a private message to Kbd Find More Posts by Kbd Popular ReplyAM. Likes: Received Likes on Posts. You should check out the tinboats. They are the pro's when it comes to jon boats. The only answer you will get here will involve buying a 30' plus CC, triple Yamaha's, 10 man lift raft, 12 epirbs in varying colors, a sat phone.

Received 2, Aluminum V Bottom Fishing Boats 01 Likes on 1, Lorem lpsum 277 boatplans/boat-excursion/boat-excursions-montego-bay-ko Boat excursions montego ko. Kind of like being slightly dead, or slightly pregnant.

Send a private message to noelm. Find More Posts by noelm. Bayou DulargeBeehawdaveFlybullHighTechRedneckjohndoemr 88pangarobpjsmithiiisolarfry and 5 others liked this post. Show less Send a private message to Chimpo. Find More Posts by Chimpo. Senior Member. Received 1, Likes on Posts. Exceeding the boat's ratings would indeed be a safety issue. Buy a bigger boat. Send a private message to Brad1. Find More Posts by Brad1. Received 58 Likes on 35 Posts.

Loose weight, gear or buddy. Boat will handle perform like a dog. If none are options then bigger boat I needed. Send a private Lorem lpsum 277 boatplans/small-boats/bass-tracker-pro-165-specs-apple please click for source to Grumpy1. Find More Posts by Grumpy1. Received 5, Likes on 3, Posts. Those Used Xpress Aluminum Boats 5g things are unstable even lightly loaded. Ebuck1NedLloyd. Send a private message to billinstuart. Find More Posts by billinstuart. Toothpick Likes: 8. Looks like you have to buy a bigger boat.

Your freeboard will be reduced. If you are going to 12 foot aluminum v-bottom boat error it, you better use it in small shallow ponds or streams with no waves or wakes. Send a private message to Toothpick Find More Posts by Toothpick Admirals Club. Originally Posted by Grumpy1. Send a private message to SquidsDusky.

Find More Posts by SquidsDusky. BeehawChimpoFlybullmikee Send a private message to kennyboy. Find More Posts by kennyboy. Received 57 Likes on 12 foot aluminum v-bottom boat error Posts. You can put lb into it, but you would have to balance everything very carefully. I'd get a 14'. Lorem lpsum 277 boatplans/plans/diy-canoe-spray-deck-800 Http://myboat277 boatplans/plans/diy-canoe-spray-deck-800.html safer. Send Aluminum Boats Lightning Kit a private message to jim.

Find More Posts by jim. More 12 foot aluminum v-bottom boat error, get a 14 footer at least 48 in wide if not I've had 14x36's and they were almost as bad as my old 12 footer. You just have to know what you are dealing. Patrick Gent. Send a private message to tommyjones.

Find More Posts by tommyjones. As said, whether pounds or pounds, neither is going to be comfortable, and arguably unsafe depending on the conditions. If you already have it, go give it a shot. You'll know soon.

Best 12 foot aluminum v-bottom boat error luck! Send a private 12 foot aluminum v-bottom boat error to Brokenline. Find More Posts by Brokenline. Originally Posted by SquidsDusky. The problem with a slightly overloaded 12' aluminum boat is encountering wind and waves.

If it gets serious,you will wish you had a deep 16 footer instead. I had a close friend that drowned along with his father and his dog because a 14 foot aluminum wasn't quite big enough to cross the St Clair river on a windy November day. Don't tempt fate. Send a private message to muskamoot.

Find More Posts by muskamoot. Irrespective of the boat's capacity I wouldn't want to fish two big guys in a 12 foot boat or even two small guys come to. Send a private message to Clinker. Find More Posts by Clinker.

I grew up in jon boats from little 10 footers up to 18 footers. Little boats feel more tippy than they are. They rock when you move around but it would take a lot of work to actually roll one. You're more likely to fall out of one than to have one actually roll.

Am I going to tell you it's okay to overload a boat? But I have done it almost every time I've been in one.

I alone am 6FT 5in and pds. Favorites include, loads of storage lockers for all your gear forward and aft, rod storage built into the gunnels, and two live wells.! Thanks for your help CATransplant. Ford big block fe motor , dual quads Holley's with ford factory aluminum manifold , almost new basset headers nice chrome. El Dorado, AR. Dyno Sheets to prove the horse power, and the foot pounds of torque. Boat has a newer 12 v MinnKota Edge 45 lb.

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