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Important Questions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 Statistics - Learn CBSE

Class 10 Science Chapter 16 Extra Questions contains all long and short questions with answers and explanations. Very short answer questions, short answer questions and long answer questions are given with suitable answers. These questions are useful for the examination point of view. Class 10 Science Chapter 16 Important Questions with answers are given.

These sets of important contains the class 10 Science Chapter 16 all extra questions with answers which are helpful for the preparation of Board 10th ncert important questions using. UP Board 10th ncert important questions using also take the benefits of these questions for there school exams or final exams.

Natural resources are naturally occurring substance that are considered valuable in their relatively unmodified form. These are raw materials obtained or derived from nature. Our major natural resources are forest, wetlands, mangroves, minerals, wildlife. Natural resources can be of two types: i Renewable example forest, trees, wildlife, solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and ii Non-Renewable can reproduce themselves in nature and we can harvest them continuously through a sustained proper planning and management.

Non-renewable resources are mainly physical resources are mainly physical resources which are mainly physical resources which are available in nature only in limited amounts and cannot be reproduced.

Sustainable developments is the use of components of biological diversity in a way that does not interfere with the natural functioning of ecological processes and benefits the present generation while maintaining its potential to meet the needs and aspiration of the future generation.

For sustainable development conservation and management of the natural resources is very necessary. River Ganga has become polluted due to sewage, industrial, waste. People also dumb human corpses and other material into the river which increases the pollution. Ganga 10th ncert important questions using Plan come about in It is a project to clean the Ganga river. It aims to install sewage treatment plants for 27 cities at the bank of the river to handle millions of liter of sewage daily before its discharge into the river.

Pollution is an undesirable change in physical, chemical or biological characteristic of air, water and soil that may harmfully affect the life or create a potential hazard for any living organism.

Pollutants which cause pollution. Water pollution can be measured by simple factors like pH level. Biological Oxygen Demand is also a measure of water pollution. Biological Oxygen Demand is the amount of oxygen required 10th ncert important questions using biological oxidation by microbes in any unit volume of water.

Biodegradable Pollutants are those pollutants which can be decomposed by microbes over a period of time. The biodegradable substance became pollutants when they are present in large quantities and are not degraded at right time due to any reason. Non-biodegradable substances are those which microbes present in nature are not able to breakdown into simpler forms.

These remain in the environment for a very long period. Ganga is getting polluted by releasing sewage and harmful chemicals and dumping of 10th ncert important questions using corpses. The bathing, washing, also cause 10th ncert important questions using. The industries contribute their chemical in river ganga.

The pollution makes water toxic which is very harmful for health. Ganga Action Plan in is started to prevent pollution.

Reduce: 10th ncert important questions using mean that you use. Save electricity by switching off unnecessary lights and fans. Save water by repairing leaking taps. No waste of food. Use less of your personal vehicle.

Use a vehicle that gives more kilometer per liter of fuel. Use less of paper in office, school and home. Recycle: This means that you collect plastic, paper, glass and metal items and recycle these materials to make required things instead of synthesizing fresh plastic, paper glass, or metal. For this the waste must be separated and what can be recycled should be separated from what cannot be.

We have seen recycled paper of getting cards in card shop. Even wedding invitation cards are now available on recycled paper used water can be recycled. Reuse: This is even better than recycling because it saves the energy which is spent at recycling a product. Things are 10th ncert important questions using over. For example, envelops can be reused by reversing. Plastic and glass bottle in which packed item come can be reused to store many materials in kitchen.

We can reuse the water in which we have rinsed our clothes for cleaning the floor of the house. We can use one side printed paper to 10th ncert important questions using on the reverse. Old newspaper can be used for packing. Magazines and comic books can be given to other people who may 10th ncert important questions using them useful.

Reduce: We can reduce the consumption of electricity by switching off unnecessary lights and fans. We save water by repairing leaking taps. Recycle: By recycling we can obtain fresh plastic or paper from the waste plastic or from the waste paper. Question: What is the need to manage our resources? Answer: The natural resources are not unlimited and due 10th ncert important questions using increasing human population the demand and exploitation of natural resources has increased.

The management of natural resources requires a long term perspective so that the natural resources last for the generations to come. The management should also ensure equitable distribution of resources so that all benefit from the development of these resources.

Burning of fossil fuels gives out all kinds of gases in the atmosphere causing air pollution and greenhouse effect. Various industries release various pollutants into the air, water and soil.

Thus the main damage caused to the environment by the use of natural resources is environmental pollution. It can be said that this is a double Class 10th Ncert 6.5 Public blow that we are inflicting on. Since CO2 is confined to the troposphere its higher concentration acts as a serious pollutant.

This thick layer of CO2 thus functions like a glass panel of greenhouse or glass windows of a car allowing the sunlight to enter but preventing the heat from being re-radiated in outer space. This is called the greenhouse effect. CO2 levels hundred years ago were around ppm which is ppm nowadays and is expected to be ppm by It is expected that global mean temperature would rise by around 2 C by This would result in polar ice melting, sea levels rising, submergence of coastal area and islands, global rainfall pattern change, more floods.

All these are the effects of global warming. Industries consider forests as a resource of raw material. If the raw material in one forest is exhausted, they can get the raw material form another forest.

Therefore, they do have a major stake in the conservation of forests, although they may 10th ncert important questions using responsible for its unsustainable use. We lay stress on conserving biodiversity as a whole but regard the people living in forests as not being part of the forests. These people have learnt to live in the forests and use the resources in a sustainable way as their lifestyle depends upon these forests.

These people should be considered as part of the forest. Many local people Have in their tradition to conserve forests. For example, the Bishnoi community in Rajasthan is known to conserve wildlife with religious zeal. Management of protected areas by keeping the local people out by using force cannot be successful in the long run. This was a mass movement that originated in a village Rani in Garhwal in the Himalayas in which the women folk of the village hugged the trees in order to prevent the logging contractor from cutting them.

The communities living near the forests only pluck leaves and lop the branches 10th ncert important questions using the resource to replenish over time. This movement originated from a village called Reni garhwal in Himalayas during the early s.

Aim: i To stop felling of forest trees and to avoid destruction of them forever. K Benerjee involved villagers in the protection of hectares of badly degraded Sal forest. With the active participation of local community, the sal forest of Arabari forest range in Midnapore district underwent a remarkable recovery and in a previously worthless forest was valued Chipko movement started in a small village to protect trees. The woman used to clasp the tree to prevent them cut by labours of the contractors.

The chipko movement 10th ncert important questions using spread in communities, spread in communities, media and forced the government to take proper steps to conserve forest. Amrita Devi Bishnoi who sacrificed her life along with others for the protection of Khejri trees in Khejrali village near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The resources with are provided by nature to satisfy the needs and demands of human being are called natural resources.

Factors working against an equitable distribution of natural resources. Forest must 10th ncert important questions using conserved: i Forest are the sources of various raw materials for our industries.

Cause of deforestation: i Industrial activities. In West Bengal forest officer A. Banerjee involved people of Arabari forest range in Midnapore district to protect hectares of sal forest. A remarkable recovery of value worth Steps taken by the West Bengal Government to protect Arabari sal forest range of Midnapore district, especially by forest officer A.

Benerjee are: i Involvement of villagers in the protection of 10th ncert important questions using forest. With the active and willing participation of the local community, the sal forests of Arabari underwent a remarkable recovery.

The range of different life forms includes bacteria, fungi, flowering plants, nematodes, insects, reptiles, mammals .

Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Important Questions, short and long answers type extra questions with answers. Two ways in which non-biodegradable substance would affect would affect the environment are: a Would result in accumulation of garbage around in our environment. If the student face any difficulty, during the use of Tiwari Academy website or apps, please contact us for instant help. Mode of the following frequency distribution is 65 and sum of all the frequencies is What do you understand by the Electric current? For the convenience of students, questions are divided into sets of questions. If multiply power sources are connected in parallel the power stay at the same voltage as that of the single power source.

You should know:

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