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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Literature Reader English Jun 03, �� NCERT English Book Class 10 is divided into two, namely First Flight and Foot Prints without Feet. With English gaining popularity as a language, students need to be well-versed with its understanding as well as comprehension. The compilation of these two books guides a student towards gaining excellence in the subject. Welcome to the Online Textbooks Section. This online service offers easy access to the NCERT textbooks. The service covers textbooks of all subjects published by NCERT for classes I to XII in Hindi, English and Urdu. The NCERT books PDF Class 10 English Foot Prints without Feet Supplementary Reader is a way through which you can improve your English by merely reading the chapters as stories. Additionally, you can avail these books online, without registration and any payment, making them easily accessible. Also, since they are available in PDF form, you can.
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NCERT books are compiled and written by experienced and notable authors who have a deeper understanding of topics. A: There are 3 English books in Class Q: What is the name of English book of Class 10? Q: How many chapters are there in English Class 10? Download Here. Chapter 1- A Letter to God. Chapter 3- Two Stories about Flying.

Chapter 4- From the Diary of Anne Frank. Chapter 5- The Hundred Dresses�I. Chapter 7- Glimpses of India. Chapter 8- Mijbil the Otter. Chapter 9- Madam Rides the Bus.

Chapter 5- Footprints without Feet. The tale eventually unfolds to show whether the man uses or misuses his gift of invisibility. The exercise at the end of this chapter has a list of questions as well as some reading suggestions. Follow them to make sure you are well prepared for your board exams.

Chapter 6- The Making of a Scientist. Chapter 6 is a story that deals with themes of whether only bookish knowledge is enough to achieve great things. After reading this neat story, you need to go through the exercises given at the end of this chapter in NCERT books online to understand it better. Chapter 7- The Necklace:. The Necklace is a story of Matilda and how her thirst for materialistic things changed her life forever. The exercise at the end of the chapter will help you to evaluate the moral of this story and learn new words and phrases.

Chapter 8- The Hack Driver. The eighth chapter is a mystery where a young lawyer sets out in search of a man named Oliver Lutkins. The story will eventually help you uncover who Lutkins is and whether our narrator finally finds him. The list of poems is mentioned below. Strengthen your vocabulary by learning words from its glossary section and find out the questions given in your free PDF download.

This chapter starts with two questions that you may keep in mind while reading it. With a carefully chalked out study plan for the entire book, our subject experts have created exercises for this chapter that you must go through to prepare for your exam. The 6th chapter brings with it questions to help you understand and remember this chapter better. Revolving around borrowing and losing a necklace and the consequences that follow, the chapter also brings with it a set of questions and other activities on grammar.

The comprehensive questions given at the end of this chapter make you think deeply over the story, thus leaving you with a long-lasting impression that will help answer your exam questions. Revolving around a child called Bholi � the innocent one, the 9th chapter of this NCERT English book Class 10 comes with detailed questions that force the mind to ponder deep into the subject matter.

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