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NCERT Class 10 Economics - PDF Drive CAT Preparation involves devising a complete strategy for atleast 50 topics spread across three sections of CAT question paper- VARC, DILR and Quantitative Aptitude. Topics like Reading Compreension and Para-jumbles in VARC, Graphs and Charts in DILR, and Number System and Geometry in Quant carry maximum weightage. Therefore it is necessary for CAT aspirants to be thorough with the CAT Free anonymous URL redirection service. Turns an unsecure link into an anonymous one! Jan 04, �� SSC yearly releases SSC exam calendar for the exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC MTS, SSC JE, and SSC GD Constable. The exam application for these exams is filled up by lakhs of aspirants which make competition to rise to another level. However, to cut off these competitions SSC conducts selection in various phases to let the deserving win the seat.
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We must know the paper pattern as it gives us an insight on how much weightage and importance each section holds in the examination. The syllabus for General Awareness could be very lengthy but it holds the maximum score hence, aspirants need to pay attention to the details that are important with the competitive exam perspective. Candidates can assimilate these tips along with their preparation strategy to enhance their productivity, performance and potential:.

It is advised to practice from the latest edition books as they include the changes done in syllabus or exam pattern. Solve Free Practice Questions on Testbook. Sign Up for Free Create free Account? Sign In. Open in App Create free Account. CAT test the accuracy and speed of candidates. Hence time management is the key required to excel in the exam. Remember, not to spend too much time on one question, start working on the section you are comfortable with, spare some time for revision.

While preparing, time management skills can be acquired by giving Mock Test. Is there a limit on the number of attempts for the CAT exam? No, there are no limits on the number of attempts for CAT. The only restriction is the educational qualification, candidates have to be. Is it required to have 5 to 7 books to study from when you sit to prepare for CAT? Having a pile of books and a bunch of notes in addition to it will not help you. You can decide which book suits you best as a complete guide to all the sections will be enough.

You can also have a book separately for each section but try to keep the number low as to 2 or 3 books to prepare. The benefit of joining a coaching institute is they provide proper study schedule and material, candidates just have to follow them. Coachings are suitable for candidates who can spare time for the classes.

In case of working professionals online coaching websites or weekend classes are an option. Candidates can also opt for crash courses full time caching is not required. Is the Study Material provided by the coaching center reliable? Coaching institutes provide updated study Material which is prepared on the basis of past data and can be very useful although there is no harm in referring to a new book if you have time.

But candidates should not lose focus on self study despite coaching guidance. The key to excel in verbal ability and reading comprehension is to read a lot of books, newspaper editorials and improve your vocabulary and grammar. PI sessions. Test series are an essential part to score good percentile in CAT. It should be a weekly ritual while preparing.

Writing at least 30 tests before giving the final exam will give you an idea of the level of questions and the way to solve them. Also, subscribing to a series of Mock Tests is helpful as it provides you an edge over the actual exam. K might not be part of the exam but is still useful to be updated on recent national and international political and economic developments.

Also, good G. Candidates can also refer to magazines like Frontline, Business Standard and The Week to prepare for current affairs. Does having a full-time job affects preparing for CAT exam? With proper strategy in place having a full-time job will not affect your preparation but not to a great extent.

CAT preparation can be done parallel to your work. But, you must build a schedule and stick to it to devote the required time for the preparation. Prior experience added in your CV can only benefit from getting the admission. Can preparing 2 sections of the exam thoroughly give an edge over the paper? It is not advisable to leave any section while preparing. If you want to score well in your CAT exam, you need to prepare well enough for all the three sections of the paper.

How many hours of study is enough for a candidate to prepare for CAT? Candidates are advised to study for at least 2 to 3 hours daily for good preparation.

This schedule will suit in cases where a candidate has enough time to prepare for CAT. How do problem-solving methods help to prepare for the exam? Candidates should make a note of the fact that they should constantly try solving the questions through more than one method with accuracy. Depending on their method of solving and mastering is more helpful than following tips from outside.

What preparation pattern should a candidate follow to score well in the exam? Starting by understanding the syllabus and exam pattern, candidates must pay more attention to concept building. Afterward, mock test and practice papers can be considered to analyse the preparation level. It is also advised that a candidate should try to study 2 topics simultaneously with 1 easy topic and the other difficult which will save a lot of time for other topics.

Does CAT preparation for candidates who are in their final year of graduation a difficult task? Candidates can divide their study time and utilize them in the best possible way.

It is advised to prepare for the CAT exam while completing the graduation simultaneously. Though graduation marks should never be compromised as they are considered in the final selection bt B Schools. How long should a candidate study in a day to get good grades in the entrance exam? Regularity is important while preparing for CAT. Preparing a schedule that is convenient for you and helps you score better should be implemented Candidates should not over pressurize themselves by studying for many hours, but regularly studying should be in practice.

Maths is important for Quantitative Aptitude section. Candidates in such case are advised to polish their 10th-grade mathematics as the basic concepts asked in CAT are up to 10th grade only. With a thorough revision of previous math questions can help them prepare well for the paper.

CAT is not difficult, it is just competitive. Start with the basic concepts and refer to Arun Sharma for initial preparation. Develop a habit of solving questions regularly and prepare alternate solving techniques to them.

If well practiced through Mocks and previous year question papers candidates can score a good percentile in Quant. CAT requires one to have a decent level of command on English. You can strengthen your English skills by reading books and watching grammar lectures on youtube and such sources. Firstly you have to set the target of 3 to 4 hours of regular preparation daily. You should focus more on improving the areas in which you struggle rather than strengthening the topics that you are already good at.

Attempt as many as sectional and full length mock tests that have different ranges of difficulty. CAT quantitative aptitude section that comprises of 34 questions that are only numerical based questions from different maths topics.

Yes, It is possible to do self study and score good in CAT by relying on self preparation. You should start by gaining a good knowledge of syllabus and exam pattern, gather the relevant study material, prepare a time table, utilise the online sources available and test your preparation by giving mock tests every week. No, there isn't any reservations for the childrens of defence personnel including ex-service men in selection proces of any IIM.

CAT 6 Month Preparation Plan includes practicing a mock test every days, and carefully analysing each section while preparing. In the online mode, CAT coaching systems offer many advantages over traditional classroom systems.

It is a single day test which is of 3 hours with a sectional time limit of 60 minutes. As per the analysis base don last exam conducted, the difficulty level was moderate. VARC was moderate to difficult. Find details at CAT exam analysis There are section wise preparation books by different authors for CAT exam and some of them are listed below:.

To get more books by different authors visit CAT Preparation books This includes various topics like:. Your CAT score remains valid only for one year after giving the exam. This means after clearing the CAT exam, you must take admission in the same year in any of the management colleges in India. If it doesn't happen, then you must give the exam again if you want to take admission in the next session.

There will be total 3 sections including quantitative ability that carries a total of 96 marks. There will be 32 questions from the same. There will be no negative marking for subjective questions. During exam preparation, solving question papers is one of the best-suggested methods for scoring more marks. Your email address will not be published.

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