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Yacht and Boat Building | Maritime Training Academy

We round up five of the best. Students on this three-year course yacht builders academy job the engineering science behind great yacht design as well as the fundamental principles of naval architecture. A foundation year is available, as well as opportunities to study abroad.

Notable successes include the class ofwho built the foiling catamaran Solent Builxers pictured. Based yacht builders academy job the American town yacht builders academy job Arundel, Yacht builders academy job, the Landing School offers a wide uacht of courses in marine technology. Taught in both English and Italian, this one-year course culminates in an industry placement, and guest speakers include Mario Pedol who designed the metre Azzam � picturedand Yachht Vallicelli.

The Westlawn Institute has been teaching yacht design for more than 80 years, and currently offers an online distance-learning programme.

This one-year diploma features modules on construction, acwdemy and CAD. Famous alumni include Douglas ZurnTom Fexas and Yacht builders academy job Van Allerwho is responsible for the design of many of the top 50 largest US-built yachtssuch as the 73 metre Cocoa Bean pictured.

A slightly left field option perhaps, but automotive design is one of the key fields that influences yacht design. This three to four-year undergraduate course at Coventry University is held in particularly high regard for its strong industry connections.

Former students who have gone on to make a name for themselves in the superyacht world include Jonny Horsfield whose H2 Yacht Design studio created the exteriors for the metre Project Jupiter � pictured aboveand Steve Gresham. In recent years, there has been a trend towards students kob naval architecture courses as a route into yacht design, as James Roy from BMT Nigel Gee explains: "It used to be that if you attended a traditional naval architecture degree then you would spend most of your time learning things about big merchant ships, but that is not the case anymore.

This four-year course at the Ojb of Strathclyde in Glasgow is a case in point � providing a broad basis for understanding how a wide variety of vessels work, from luxury yachts to commercial ships. Read. Young Designers Young designer award is "career shortcut", says winner. Motor Yacht. Yahct - Builderx Italian Sea Group Burger Boat


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Full transparency is also the order of the day. Clients will never have to worry about how many hours have been spent on their boats. We offer full accounting for every dollar and every man-hour spent on the boat and are committed to maintaining an equitable balance of work versus progress payments.

We believe that transparency is key to a happy and successful building experience for our clients and their project management team. These principles guide a never-ending drive to improve both the quality of Christensen's products as well as its construction processes.

The company has become a world leader in FRP vacuum-bag constriction, a process that saves time and money, and results in lighter and stronger hulls, decks and superstructures. For example, every new hull is thoroughly tested with heat guns to locate spaces where additional insulation can be added.

Christensen's use of four small full synchronized and auto-managed generators-- rather than two or three large gensets-- keeps electricity from being wasted in load banks and minimized wear and tear.

The newest innovations include building our own comprehensive HVAC systems, replacing copper nickel salt water piping with composite piping and incorporating easy to repair or replace compressors.

Christensen's next launch, Hull 38, will feature Christensen's first truly integrated "glass bridge" a development the company believes will vastly improve the functionality and beauty of the bridge while at the same time dramatically lowering the cost and raising the reliability of the entire navigation package.

These craftsmen create handrails, stairways, anchor pockets and myriad other stainless steel parts that are fit to precision and polished to a mirror finish. Christensen prides itself in the use of only the highest-grade stainless steel stock, resulting in exceptional finishes that will last for the life of the vessel.

Slabs of stone are brought right to our facilities for fabrication. Elegant woodwork, exquisite and elaborate stonework, impeccable stainless steel, and custom upholstery are all done onsite by our master craftsman in modern facilities, using state-of-the-art tools and machinery.

By keeping as many trades as possible in-house, Christensen can maintain it's high finish standards as well as control it's production process. Using computer-driven CNC machines, Christensen can very quickly build custom components for its boats, including such built in features as exterior settees, bars, cabinets, hot tub surrounds, and Bimini tops. While other yards outsource trades such as cabinetry, painting, piping and electrical installation, Christensen is proud to offer all of the skills and trades necessary to build a world-class yacht under one roof.

Christensen has two 50M yachts now under construction and available for purchase. Christensen also offers the immediate availability to begin an additional hull. The yard consists of , square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space and a seven-acre marina.

A dozen large shipbuilding bays located directly across from all major craft shops allowing the companies workforce to build with extremely high levels of efficiency. Christensen's facility houses each supporting craft and trade including state-of-the-art stone shop and a world-class upholstery and finish studio.

Christensen's existing shipyard allows it to build world-class yachts up to 50 meters feet in length. Nestled in beautiful eastern Tennessee, Christensen's future shipyard located in Tellico Lake, Tennessee, will consist of acres with , square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space and will offer 13 large manufacturing and assembly bays. This much larger yard will allow the Christensen's portfolio to expand to include yachts up to ft, while still manufacturing yachts up to 50M at the Vancouver, Washington facility.

This new yard will maximize Christensen's strong stance in the global yacht market by allowing both an east coast and west coast presence for the world renowned brand. Right Jim Gilbert on behalf of Don Burns. Please attach your resume and any supporting documents by clicking the "choose file" button below.

If uploading multiple files, hold Ctrl or Cmd key while selecting files from your computer. The Christensen Difference. Marine architects work in offices, workshops, on board vessels and at shipbuilding sites. They usually work regular hours, but as they are often self-employed their hours can also be flexible. They may work independently in front of a computer or at a drawing board, but generally work in teams with clients, boat builders, their design teams and suppliers.

Boat builders work mainly with wood, firstly selecting the material required for the job e. They then cut and assemble the various parts to conform to the drawings using tools such as rulers, centre punches, scribes, and squares. When all the parts have been shaped, they assemble them by making use of various kinds of joints such as dovetailed, dowelled, lapped, and tongued and grooved joints.

Steam is used to bend the wood, the parts are then glued together and strengthened using nails, bolts, cleats and screws. Boat builders need to ensure that boats are waterproof. They apply filters, sealants, and fibreglass and when the construction work is complete, all parts are varnished or painted.

They also repair and replace worn-out wooden parts such as steps and masts. Boat builders and shipwrights can work outdoors on boats that are afloat or in dry-dock, or indoors in a workshop. Boat builders and shipwrights may work on different types of boats and ships or they may specialise in one type such as fishing boats, motorboats or battleships.

They may also specialise in the type of material used such as wood, metal or fibreglass. Many people who become marine architects undertake a degree in engineering, followed by further training, either overseas or by correspondence from an overseas university or training institute.

Many employers prefer marine architects to have a boat building qualification. This can be obtained at the Boatbuilding Academy at False Bay. Marine architects gain many skills on the job.

They may also study while working to increase their skills. Boat Builder. An apprenticeship is a fixed contract between company and apprentice, ranging in duration from between 18 months and 4 years. At the end of the contract, the apprentice writes a trade test leading to professional certification.

A learnership is a structured learning programme ranging from about a year to 3 years. A learnership comprises theoretical and practical training. Practical training is conducted on site on the premises of the organisation. This has the advantage that the learner gets experience whilst training. They are also exposed to a practical workshop component.

All learners are required to complete a practical internship under the supervision of an experienced artisan. Skills programmes are short practical hands-on courses. Marine Architect any experience with boats, boat building, draughting or using design and CAD software is useful architectural experience, engineering experience, and experience working as a mechanic or in a shipyard is also useful make an appointment to speak to a marine architect about this type of career Boat Builder.

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