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Classic wooden boat plans is a growing collection of established plans Wooden Sailing Yachts For Sale Uk Open that are ready to be printed and then laid out for full size building. Popular plans include Riva Aquarama, Palm Beach, Custom Barrelback, Gar Wood speedster, Baby Bootlegger, Chris . We are custom boatbuilders who build and restore wooden yachts designed and built by Nathanael Herreshoff, L. Francis Herreshoff, William Fife, Starling Burgess, K. Aage Nielsen, B. B. Crowninshield, John Alden, Sparkman & Stephens, Joel White, Henry B. Nevins Inc., Walsted Baadevaert Shipyard, and some of the premier Maine boatyards and Maine boatbuilders of the last century like Rice. Ideal for overnight cruising and day sailing these Antique and Classic (Sail) boats vary in length from 16ft to ft and can carry 4 to 50 passengers. There are a wide range of Antique and Classic (Sail) boats for sale from popular brands like Herreshoff, Custom and Concordia with 22 new and used and an average price of $, with boats. Check this:

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