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Quadratic Word Problems Worksheet with Answers Upstream 4 5?c 5?c 4 Downstream 16 5+c 5+c 16 �It takes as long � from the problem means that the two times are equal to each other. So, the equation can be written as: o ? + = ?c 5 c 16 5 4 solve by cross-multiplying ? 4(5 +c)=16(5 ?c) ? c=3 Answer: The speed of the current is 3 miles per hour. Example 5. Upstream/Downstream problem. It takes 3 hours for a boat to travel 27 miles upstream. The same boat can travel 30 miles downstream in Upstream Downstream Algebra Word Problems Quota 2 hours. Find the speeds of the boat and the current. Solution. Let x be the speed of the boat (without a current). Let y be the speed of the current. Speed of the steamer in downstream = x +2 Speed of the steamer in upstream = x � 2 So time = Distance / speed Distance = speed x time D = (x +2) 4 D = (x � 2) 5 As the distance between the port is same. 4(x +2) = 5(x -2) 4x + 8 = 5x x = X = 18 Speed of the the steamer in still water = 18 m/h.
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Forgot Password Register. Already have an account? Login Register. We have received your request successfully. Our counselor will call to confirm your booking. Time for km downstream and 30 km upstream. And it takes 6 hrs to cover downstream and upstream. Let us denote by p and by q. Put in 1 , we get. Solving 3 and 4 , we get. Put in 3 , we get. Hence, the speed of the motor boat in still water is 20 kmph and rate of flow of the stream is 5 kmph.

X Thank you for registering with us. Please login with the same password. Encyclopedia of academic concepts Articles and project ideas Expert opinion on doubts Sample papers, board papers and exam tips Latest updates from education sector. Please choose your registered Email Id. Continue the Learning and Knowledge Sharing journey. Remember me. Login by OTP. Become a member today! The rate of the water flowing in the channel was 2 miles per hour. The total time it Upstream Downstream Word Problems Char took them to kayak up and back was 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Assuming they were padding their kayak at a fairly consistent rate find the rate Evelyn and Meridith were paddling? The downstream rate will have an overall rate faster than the boat in still water since the flow of the water speeds them up:.

The total time ws 3 hours and 40 min. We need this in terms of hours so the minutes become a fraction of an hour to get:. What's left is Upstream Downstream Algebra Word Problems Pdf a system of two equations and two unknowns. I'll start by solving the first equation for t in terms of b:. This is what the question asked for. If we wanted to know the time we could solve for "t" and "T", but we've not been asked to do that, so I'll leave this at that.

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