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Speed of the boat downstream = x + 5 Speed of the boat upstream = x - 5 Speed = Distance / time So time = Distance / speed Time taken by boat to travel 30 km upstream = 30/ (x � 5) Time taken by boat to travel 50 km downstream = 50/ (x + 5) Since time taken by the boat in both cases is the same. Upstream Speed = 15 + x. Downstream Speed = 15 � x. So, {30 / (15+x)} + Upstream Downstream Algebra Word Problems Quota {30 / (x)} = 4 ? (4 hours 30 minutes) ? { / (x2)} = 9/2. ? 9x2 = ?x2 = ?x = 5. Q 5. A boat is moving 2 km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and moves 1 km in the direction of the current in 10 minutes. Karin from Algebra Class Says: If a person can travel 20 miles upstream in 10 hours and the same distance downstream in hours, find the rate of the current. This problem is a little tricky. First we want to use the distance formula to find his overall rate for both . Car's time. Lessons Lessons. Related E-mail: Upstream Downstream Algebra Word Problems Pdf themathpage yandex. Since xor its reciprocalis already isolated on the left, simply add the fractions on the right:.


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