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Peering, Upstream, Downstream | myboat079 boatplans Class-X. Maths. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables. Sri haripriya Ramesh. Jul 15, Upstream, downstream problem on boats. A motorboat takes 6 hours to cover km down stream and 30km upstream. If the motorboat goes 75km down stream and returns back to its starting point in 8hours, find the speed of the motorboat in still. Oct 06, �� These are classified into two types, upstream and downstream. You'll have some downstream channels and also some upstream channels. Each one has separate power levels and SNR listed for it. Downstream power levels should be between dBmV and 10 dBmV. Ideally, it should be as close to zero as possible. A man rows downstream by covering a certain distance in p1 hours and returns the same distance upstream in p2 hours. If the speed of the stream is s km/hr, then the speed of the man in still water will be: A man takes same number of times say m times to row upstream as to row downstream a river.
You should know:

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Below example will help you to understand better. If in a river running at 2 km an hour, it takes him 40 minutes to row to a place and return back, how far off is the place?

The man rows to a particular place and comes back. You have to calculate the distance of this place. Let this distance be X. See the below diagram to understand clearly. Man starts from A, travels to B and comes back. Therefore, above equation becomes,. Also we have calculated downstream and upstream speeds at the start see values 1 and 2. In question, you can see that the man takes 40 minutes to travel to B and come back to A.

You have to convert this to hours and apply in above Upstream And Downstream Problems Class 10 Answers equation. We are converting from minutes to hours because we are using speed values in km per hour units. It takes him twice as long to row up as to row down the river. Find the rate of the stream. Solution: Step 1: Calculate upstream and downstream speeds. Based on our assumptions, you can easily calculate upstream and downstream speeds as shown below. In this type, you have to form linear equations based on conditions given.

Hence, the speed of the motor boat in still water is 20 kmph and rate of flow of the stream is 5 kmph. X Thank you for registering with us. Please login with the same password. Encyclopedia of academic concepts Articles and project ideas Expert opinion on doubts Sample papers, board papers and exam tips Latest updates from education sector.

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Please enter valid Mobile number. This means information coming down from the internet to your modem. Quite simply, this is a number that represents how much signal there is on the line versus noise.

Signal is what you want: encoded, understandable information from the internet. Noise is bad and can come from electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices and radio signals and thermal noise. Knowing what those two things are isn't too important right Class 10 Upstream And Downstream Questions Class now. Just know that you want a better signal and less noise. Frequency : When you tune your radio or change your TV channel, you are telling the device to listen at a different frequency. Channels are also used to send information destined for the internet over the cable network in pretty much the same way that TVs do.

This is a piece of equipment operated by your ISP that manages all the cable modems and connects them to the internet. From here, network engineers can check the health of your modem as well as reboot it remotely and push configuration changes to it. FEC : Forward error correction.

Data doesn't always transmit through cables perfectly, there are often some errors in the bits 1s and 0s. For instance, a 0 might be flipped to a 1 or vice versa. In order to correct those errors, some extra data has to be attached to every codeword that goes out a codeword is just a fixed chunk of data.

If it can fix the error, then everyone's happy. However, sometimes codewords have too many incorrect bits and the error correction algorithm called Reed-Solomon, if you're interested can't fix it. Find your modem's diagnostics page. Most modern modems do have such a feature to aid people with solving technical problems. For many modems, this is " For others, this may differ so contact your ISP or research it in the owners manual that came with your specific modem.

Many Linksys modems listen at You'll need to enter that into your web browser's address bar. If you're not sure, look up your modem's brand and model number followed by "diagnostics page" to find what address it should be located at.

If your modem does not have a web page, you won't be able to follow this article � contact your ISP for help with diagnosing your connection if you're having issues. If you have more than one Internet connection, to get this local IP address, make sure that you are connected to that particular connection before typing in the address into your browser.

For only some issues, even if your modem is connected to your computer, you can still check your server settings despite the inability to check any other page. However, a more complicated setup may require a visit from a technician. Login to your modem. Login if your modem allows its users to connect to their own server settings page. These modems will have the login settings written in the book. For some Linksys modems especially wireless modems , you can stick pretty much anything in the username box even gibberish and place your current network password into the password box.

Check the status of each of the modem's stages. These are all important and if one does not match up with what you expect you may need to dig deeper to figure out why.

This means your modem found the frequency with which to receive information from the internet. Configuration File : This should show the name of your configuration file.

If not, just see if it says "OK" or similar. This file is downloaded from your ISP and tells the modem how it should behave. Evaluate the power levels. These are classified into two types, upstream and downstream. You'll have some downstream channels and also some upstream channels.

Each one has separate power levels and SNR listed for it. Ideally, it should be as close to zero as possible. As long as it's within these ranges, they should be okay.

Too low means your signal is weak, and too high means the signal is strong - possibly too strong and will need to be corrected with an attenuator or splitter.

Upstream power levels should be between 40 - 50 dBmV.

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