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By clicking "Send" you confirm that you have read and agree with our Privacy Policy and give consent to process personal data. ItBoat's editorial team has compiled a top list of the most expensive yachts on the planet, based on the Superyachtfan website.

If you don't find the old lady Eclipse the most expensive boats brand zip the list, don't worry - she's fine, but only the freshest boats built before are assembled. However, the owner seems to have already had enough of the exquisite interiors from the renowned Reymond Langton, numerous swimming pools and an open-air fireplace, and last year he put the yacht up for sale.

And very soon, the yacht will be shown on movie screens in an American action movie 6 feet �underground. A simple and quite predictable wish of I Dynasty's customer - Kazakh mining magnate Alidzhan Ibragimov - to travel by boat on a regular basis. In addition, thanks to the Rolls-Royce diesel-electric system, this metre flywheel is very environmentally friendly and also incredibly maneuverable for its size: it can even be turned at 16 knots.

And the Captain's Bridge! Well, just like on the �Startrek Enterprise! De Voogt engineers equipped the 93 metre Feadship Royal Romance the most expensive boats brand zip a 12 by 4 metre pool - the largest in the yard's history.

The pool �falls into� a waterfall and can be fully drained in just three minutes. The luxury of the interiors created by the Seymour Diamond studio can only be guessed - the interior decoration of the boat is still carefully hidden from the eyes of the most expensive boats brand zip people.

The owner of the yacht is Viktor Medvedchukone of the most prominent Ukrainian politicians today, and the Russian President Vladimir Putin is the godfather of his youngest daughter.

The A glass pool with curved bottom overhanging the lounge area with bar! For these and many other trumps, the boat won several awards from Boat International magazine last year, including Best Motor �Yacht of the Year The boat is PYC certified, which allows her to take on board up to 18 people against 12 people allowed by Lloyd's class. Her main pride is the aft spa area, which overlooks the wide swimming platform with sauna, whirlpool, pool and shower.

The Dutch Sinot Yacht Design Most Expensive Sailing Boat 01 has decorated the superstructure with huge areas of glazing and the interiors have been fitted with a sophisticated LED lighting. Knowing the sense of entertainment and relaxation, being the owner of casinos and hotels around the world, the owner of the yacht - Steve Wynn - personally put his hand to the project.

With his hand in hand, the boat got a well-thought-out layout. Also on board was a place for a rich collection of artworks of the gambling magnate. Larger than a football field, she does not look like a bulky superyacht, but rather like a sports boat thanks to the designers from Nuvolari Lenard. Hybrid propulsion systems reduce noise pollution and emissions to the environment. InQuantum Blue was ranked second among Russian billionaires by Forbes magazine.

The vessel is owned by the founder and former owner of the company Magnit �-�Sergey Galitsky. Little is still known about the meter boat from German Lurssen. The design was created by the famous studios of Tim Heywood and Alberto Pintoand accommodates up to 14 people in seven cabins. Owning more than two hundred companies around the the most expensive boats brand zip, the businessman uses the boat as a mobile office.

The boat has a full-size paddle tennis courtas well as a part of the rich art collection of the billionaire. The flagship of the Dutch Feadship shipyard, Annawas commissioned by billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, one of the twenty richest people in Russia. Together with Oceanco Jubilee, this metre superyacht shares the site of the largest yacht built in the Netherlands. The famous Michael Leach worked on her exterior and interiors. The owner is provided with two-level apartments and one of the saloons can easily Small Boats Brands 2020 turn into a nightclub.

The vessel is equipped not only with a platform for the helicopter, but also a hangar for it. She also boasts a metre supertender with five cabins for seven guests. Like his metre brother, the vessel was launched not the most expensive boats brand zip the superyacht yard, but by commercial shipbuilder Kleven.

The boat is considered the largest expedition yacht. It stands out for its rich fleet of tenders and water toys. Among them there is the meter Princess 68, where you can spend a couple of days if you want to get to your destination quickly. The meter Ocean Victory for Russian metallurgical magnate Victor Rashnikov was designed by Espen Oino, and its interiors became one of the latest creations of Alberto Pinto.

Thanks to SOLAS certification, the boat can travel up the most expensive boats brand zip 36 passengers at a time and they will have something to do on board. The seven-deck megayacht has six swimming pools, two helipads and a hangar for a propeller wing cara solid spa, an underwater life observation room the most expensive boats brand zip a flooded garage for a metre tender. The TIS is the largest megayacht built in It is owned by Russian raw materials tycoon and sports investor Alexey Fedorychev.

The meter boat has two complete helipads, the one on the upper deck being used as a sunbathing area during the day and as an open-air cinema in the evening. The Winch Design studio has also designed the interiors of the yacht in a luxurious classic style. The largest Dutch superyacht, the m Jubileewas built specifically for the Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani, the sixth emir of Qatar, who unfortunately did not make it to the launch for about a year.

After his death, the ship was completed and resold at the end of The boat's exterior by Igor Lobanov was awarded by Boat International magazine. It is said that the size of the boat was not chosen by chance: it is exactly one meter smaller than Katara, the father's yacht, so the loving son wanted to express his respect.

The yacht owes its seemingly blurred deck lines to the name H2 Yacht Design, for which Al Lusail was the first joint project with Lurssen. The owner of the meter Golden Odyssey - Prince Khaled bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia - carefully conceals any details about his favorite.

It is only known that the boat was built at the factory Lurssen, has the appearance of Francis Design and interiors from Alberto Pinto, and a diesel-electric unit can accelerate the German giant to 21 knots. One of this year's highlights, the metre Flying Foxhas landed � neatly� in 14th place on the world's largest yacht list.

This boat is the result of the work of the most expensive boats brand zip Espen Oino, who was responsible for the exterior, and Mark Berrymanwho was responsible for the interiors. She has two seating areas for the largest civilian helicopters, a metre swimming pool across the main deck, a giant the most expensive boats brand zip suite with fireplacestorage space for seven tenders, a two-level beach club and a square metre spa.

But all this does not cancel out the elegance and speed of Flying Fox - its cruising speed is 15 knots. Black Pearl of the Russian businessman Oleg Burlakov is one of the most mysterious and innovative sailing superyachts in the world. The uniqueness of the project is in the total use of alternative energy sources: flexible solar panels are integrated directly into the sails, and when the boat is moving the energy can be removed from �the propellers,� which rotate due to the raging water flow.

And the boat's mission is not an easy one - Oceanco's Diesel-electric propulsion system pulls the flywheel at 14, tons with a cruising speed of 18 knots, and help her in this sails with the total area of the football field, stretched on three carbon masts above Big Ben. The German Nobiskrug has provided the yacht with a huge swimming pool, car and tender garage, helipad, submarine storage the most expensive boats brand zip and a the most expensive boats brand zip life observation room with a giant Last year Lurssen delivered one of the world's largest superyachts, the meter Crescentto a Middle Eastern client.

The shipyard has little to say about this project. It is known that Espen Oino designed the boat and that the boat is equipped with a two-level atrium, a helipad with a hangar and a glass bottom pool. Despite its size, the boat accelerates to an impressive 30 knots - thanks to four engines two diesel and two gas turbines with a total power of 94 thousand hp.

The exterior of the yacht was designed in Nauta Yachts, the interiors were designed by French designer Christophe Leoni and the construction was entrusted to the German shipyard Lurssen. Rumour has it that the sheik has made sure the master su ite is bulletproof and that an anti-missile system has been installed on board. The meter Dilbar of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov wiped the nose of the long-lived Azzam in both gross tonnage and cost.

The most spacious yacht in the world, with a gross tonnage of 15, gross tonnes, is a joint creation of designers Espen Oino and Andrew Winchas well as the construction team of the Lurssen shipyard. She has two helipads for the Dilbar H, as well as a cubic metre indoor pool, one of the largest in the history of yacht building.

In addition to the above, the Dilbar is equipped with the most powerful diesel-electric system ever used on a private vessel and can reach The editors of itBoat could see for themselves her speed when in May - a week after the yacht was spotted off the coast of Sardinia - she was moored at the Imeretinsky port of Sochi, having travelled more than nautical miles.

Latest articles about yachts and powerboats, nautical life and sailing. Shipyard founder Sergey Dobroserdov reveals secrets of the golden superyacht Stefania.

The most expensive boats brand zip the past year, guests have the most expensive boats brand zip the site more than 1 million times. The metre Stefania even has a real fireplace. Getting to know the concepts the most expensive boats brand zip current prototypes. To climb the masts of these boats, you'll have to bring climbing equipment. Get to know the biggest World Yachts Trophies nominees.

The Superyacht Eco Association Index will reflect the carbon footprint of boats. Found a mistake in the text? Message sent. Main Magazine Articles Megayachts Top of the world's most expensive superyachts. August 16, Megayachts Top of the world's most expensive superyachts The world's largest, most mysterious, most impressive boats. By Diana Karpovich. Images by Superyacht Times, yachtharbour. Tags the most expensive boats brand zip superyachts money rating Billionaires.

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Design The future of yachting: hydrogen-powered boats Getting to know the concepts and current prototypes. Megayachts From �A� to Badis: Top 10 largest sailing ships in the world To climb the masts of these boats, you'll have to bring climbing equipment. Industry Credit Suisse and the Yacht Club of Monaco offered to evaluate the sustainability of their yachts. Go to the Magazine. We use cookies. Read more?

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This super yacht is one of the largest in the world. The yacht accommodates up to 24 guests and it requires a crew of 52 for operation and daily maintenance. The ship offers amenities such as a piano room, a conference room, a bar, an outdoor cinema hall, an underwater viewing room, domed fireplaces, a beauty center, dance floor an observation room, a sauna and much more.

It is the commissioned craft of Brunei Prince Jefri Bolkiah. The ship was completed in after a decade of work went into it. The Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum acuired the yacht and designed the interior to his liking iwth multiple swimming pools, jacuzzis and handmade interior design elements with lavish luxury. The Dubai an accommodate up to guests and it requires 88 crew members to maintain and operate on a daily basis.

Streets of Monaco is a very unique super yacht that was built by Yacht Island Design. It was made to imitate the literal streets of the country of Monaco. There is room for 16 guests aboard and it takes 70 crew members to keep everything running smoothly aboard the Streets of Monaco.

The ship features six guest rooms, three swimming pools, a disco, multiple mirrored surfaces and a landing area for helicopters. The yacht is loaded with tons of luxury amenities. The Luna is a mega yacht that fetches a half billion dollars in value. It has been at the center of controversy in one of the priciest divorces in the history of Great Britain. There was a fight over who would get the luxury vessel. The ship is feet in length, and the ex-wife is likely very pleased about winning it as a part of the settlement.

The Topaz is a super yacht that was completed in by Lurssen Yachts of Germany. Tim Heywood ws in charge of the exterior design with Terrance Disdale in charge of the interior. The ship measures feet in length and has a top speed of more than The interior is ultra plush and extravagant with unerwater lights, a full gymnasium, a helicopter pad times two, a large conference room, a cinema hall and many more amenities. Azzam was previously the forth most expensive yacht on the seas, but was unseated by the Double Century.

The interior of Azzam is complements of Christophe Leoni in an Empire styling with a turn of the century twist. The yacht an achieve speeds of up to 30 knots. Double Century is valued at nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in our list of the top 20 most expensive yachts. It takes a crew of just to operate and maintain this giant luxury watercraft.

The third highest value yacht in the world for is the Admiral X Force This yacht is an incredible feet in length and exhibits the features of a palace. There are crystal chandeliers in the state rooms which are numerous and the interior is decorated with premium and even exquisite materials including fine marble.

There are two cinemas aboard as well as a bi level swimming pool and two helipads, just to get started on the luxuries that are found aboard this floating palace of luxury. The Eclipse is the second most expensive yacht and it was purchased by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire. It also has a variety of hot tubs, two swimming pools, a disco hall and many other luxury features and amenities.

The most expensive yacht in the world as of is without a doubt, the History Supreme. This floating luxury palace is feet in length and it took the Stuart Hughes shipbuilders three years to complete from inception.

The design team even wrapped the base in a thin sheet of gold. Other unique and rare materials used in the design include authentic T Rex dinosaur bones which are shaved for an extra special decor.

There is even a wall that is made from meteor rock which is also very rare and quite expensive to purchase. Although he preferred to remain anonymous, it is believed that Malaysian Billionaire Robert Kuok was the buyer.

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