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New Lantau Bus ticket (Ngong Ping to Tai O roundtrip) Tai O Boat excursion; Snack Coupon (HK$20) Exclusions. All personal expenses and expenses not mentioned in the inclusions; Change & Refund Policies. This booking can be canceled free of charge at any time provided you have not used it. They can be spotted all-year round in the west of Hong Kong. From Tai O, you can take a distinctive boat excursion that takes you through the waterways of the oldest fishing village in Hong Kong to explore the iconic stilt house and to track Chinese Pink Dolphins at the same time. The Tai O Fishing Village is a quaint and picturesque village in the Western side of Lantau. Highlights here are the few remaining houses on stilts, the lively and colorful market, and the fun boat rides around the stilt village Island Boat Excursions Orange Beach Volley and harbour, with a chance of maybe catching a glimpse of the rare pink dolphins.

Back Chinese Pink Dolphin. November Events. Sid oo a review Jul The boat ride begins when a boat has more than its capacity filled. RS wrote a review May Tai o boat excursion limited 2019 order to accommodate the on-site queuing arrangement, the maximum number of passengers per cable car will be increased to 6 - 8 people.

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