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The technique consists of stitching together plywood panels with some sort of wire or other suitable device, such boaf cable ties stitch and glue boat plans fly duct tape. Copper wire is popular because the wires can be twisted tighter or looser to precisely adjust fit, and because it is easy to sand after gluing, and it is suitable in a stitch and glue boat plans fly environment if left in place.

To join, the cut panels are drilled with small stithc along the snd edges and stitched. Once together, the join is gluedusually with thickened epoxy and fiberglass on the inside of the hull.

On the outside of the hull, the wire is ane and the joints filled and sanded. The outside of the joint, or entire hull, glie be fiberglassed and glued as well, providing additional strength. The combination of fiberglass tape and epoxy glue results in a composite material providing an extremely strong joint.

With the wires removed, you can go back and apply planx fillet of thickened epoxy over the entire length of the join. Yet another technique is to use heat to remove the wires after the epoxy is cured. True stitch and glue designs generally have few bulkheadsrelying instead on the geometry of the panels to provide shape, and forming a monocoque or semi-monocoque structure. Stitch and glue has become one of the dominant techniques in amateur boatbuilding.

While the use of relatively few plywood panels which minimizes the joints and makes the construction stitch and glue boat plans fly and faster limits the shapes possible, the simplicity and low cost of the stitch and glue technique makes it the method of choice among most amateur boatbuilders. Simple software CAD packages are available for designing stitch and glue boats, and there are plns Internet bulletin boardsstirchand mailing lists dedicated to the subject of stitch and glue boats and various popular stitch and glue designs.

Stitch and glue is not inherently limited to small designs though, as demonstrated by the boats made by Plqns Devlin, who has applied the technique to making boats as long as 45 feet.

The one sheet boator OSBis an outgrowth of the stitch and glue technique. The OSB is a boat that can be built using a single sheet of 4 foot by 8 foot plywood 1. Some additional wood is often used, for supports, chinesor as a transomthough some can be built entirely with the sheet of plywood.

OSBs tend to be very small, since the displacement is limited to a theoretical maximum of Stitch And Glue Boat Building Videos And about lb kgbased on the largest hemispherical shape that could be formed with the stitch and glue boat plans fly surface area as the sheet of plywood.

Though forming a hemisphere is possible see geodesic domeit is not practical, and most designs have maximum displacements of under lb kgand practical displacements only large enough for a single person.

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Stitch and glue is a simple boat building method which uses plywood, epoxy glue, and �stitches� and eliminates the need for stems and chines. Plywood panels are cut to detailed profiles and stitched together to form an accurate hull shape, without the need for forms or special tools. This technique is also called �tack Free Boat Plans Stitch And Glue Zip and tape�, and �stitch and tape�. The Stitch and Glue method uses wire sutures to hold panels together until they can be joined permanently with epoxy and fiberglass tape. The outside of the hull is completely coated with fiberglass or Dynel cloth sheathing.

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