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Steamboat Buffet @ Gourmet Definition, Kota Damansara Gogigo Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet Kota Damansara. likes � 7 talking about this � 6 were here. Korean Cuisine BBQ & Steamboat Buffet serves at Rm29 per paxLocation: JALAN PJU 5/11 DATARAN SUNWAY KOTA DAMANSARA, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Apr 12, �� Steamboat Buffet @ Gourmet Definition, Kota Damansara. By. vkeong-April 12, 0. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Due to the challenging economic situation, more and more restaurants are offering buffets to increase sales. These restaurants are usually Japanese cuisine steamboat, known to rake up the bill if you over order from. Jun 12, �� Damansara Village is another one of the many Pulau Ketam style steamboat restaurants in Klang Valley. For some, it is worth trying simply because of the star attraction � the famous actor and radio personality Patrick Teoh is the owner of this steamboat restaurant.

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I am going to compare Damansara Village with Happy City at Kepong , which I think is still the steamboat restaurant to beat thus far in terms of taste and value.

We had a standard steamboat set for two, with a choice of chicken meat or crabs. We chose the latter because it felt like the better deal. Besides the prawns, a plate of clams, two mussels and some abalone slices are the other seafood that are also included in the steamboat set. Then you have the usual processed food like fish balls, fish noodles, quail eggs, tofu, bean curd skin etc..

These taste pretty standard like what you would get at any other steamboat restaurants so nothing fancy here. Damansara Village also serves some ala carte dishes to complement their steamboat where the more popular ones would be their signature bamboo clams and free range steamed chicken.

I really wanted to try the bamboo clams but too bad Flaming Steamboat Buffet Danau Kota James it was not available on the day of our visit. The chicken on the other hand would make our meal too heavy.

So we had some Ji Bao Gai instead, which was not bad at all. The texture is mushy to the bite and tastes oily so it is quite bad actually. You have the option to upgrade the MSG free soup to their signature Herbal Pot Soup , which is done by simply adding a few extra Chinese herbs and ingredients like wolfberries, dong quai, wood ear, cilantro and Chinese rice wine. I think the upgrade is worthwhile and definitely recommended, not only for the added health benefits but also for the added flavors.

In total we spent more than RM for this meal and I think you would agree with me it is not cheap for 2 pax, even with all the side dishes we had. This is the bad side. On the good side, at least the seafood tastes fresh and the soup is much better than what the average steaboat restaurants could offer.

But of course if you ask me, Happy City is still on the top of my list for steamboat. Instead of delivering your orders served on individual dishes, they come in a huge bowl on a bed of ice.

While waiting, you could see the chef and his assistants painstakingly arranging the ingredients through the open kitchen. As mentioned earlier, every paying adult gets a piece of their King Prawn , which is essentially a huge freshwater prawn.

After being cooked, it oozes with orange juice from the roe in the head. The flesh is thick, sweet and succulent too, simply delicious.

The sea prawn, wanton, handmade fish and meat balls, fish slices and scallops were some of the things we highly enjoyed. The lack of crabs might be the only downside of this buffet, while the meat slices are unfortunately slightly below expectations especially the beef slices that had an excessive baking soda to tenderize it taste. For drinks, we were actually treated to their smoky iced sour plum drink. Service is friendly and enthusiastic and we were impressed by the level of care they provide to their customers.

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