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GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet - Kingdom Food Group
�������� Tackle House Buffet S ������ �����. From hot pot to barbecue buffets and even Japanese buffets that see endless servings of fresh sashimi, here is our list to 10 student-priced buffets that are perfect for the occasional treat. Ban heng (harbourfront centre).� Located conveniently at Orchard�s *SCAPE, I�m Kim Junior is a casual Korean BBQ restaurant that is popular amongst the young crowd. At a fairly reasonable price point, you get to enjoy unlimited amounts of marinated meats, cooked items such as japchae (Korean stir-fried glass noodles), and Korean fried chicken and Korean army stew.� Serving up straightforward and healthy Chinese steamboat and porridge at affordable prices, iSteamboat Chinese Restaurant, located at Marina Square, is bound to impress. Buffets in Orchard at half price. It�s no secret that Singaporeans love food, and of course, discounts. Great news � your two favourite things are coming together to please your tummy and wallet. With these all-you-can-eat buffet deals in town going at up to 50% off with Eatigo, here�s your ticket to a guilt-free stuffing your face session. � International buffet �.� Chinese New Year may have passed, but that doesn�t mean the season for steamboat is over! Coca Restaurant serves Thai-style buffet steamboat ($14++, U.P $28++ for lunch) with a wide variety of meats such as their thinly sliced beef and pork and their house special shrimp paste. Don�t miss out on their specially concocted Coca sauce to complement your meals � you won�t be able to get it anywhere else!.

From hotel buffets to fried chicken, Singaporeans just love buffets. What I love most about buffets is the freedom to savour as much good food as I can, without that much judgement from others. Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore features seven open kitchens where master chefs whip up an array of Asian and Pacific Rim cuisine. The restaurant provides a culinary experience like no other, and promises diners a theatrical gastronomic tour. You can also enjoy Thai and Korean dishes throughout the week, adding some spice to the wide selection on offer.

Triple Three is simply named after the address of Mandarin Orchard. Setting itself apart from other hotel buffets, the buffet menu here largely focuses on Japanese cuisine. The spread of dishes is very extensive, with a premium roast section, fresh seafood on ice, as well as mouth-watering desserts which are sure to satisfy all your cravings.

Regularly hailed as one of the best, The Line at Shangri-La offers a selection of stylish bites conjured by a team of creative chefs. Featuring 16 theatrical kitchens, this hotel buffet showcases an array of culinary delights that reflect the best of international cuisine. Diners are spoilt for choice, with the availability of Chinese delicacies, exquisite Japanese, fresh seafood, hearty Western, healthy salads and savoury desserts.

Not forgetting the local dishes of course, which is what The Line is well-known for. Get ready to indulge in a plethora of local delights including laksa and succulent sticks of satay.

Located within Novotel Clarke Quay , The Square Restaurant serves up the usual international buffet fare, with the addition of Singaporean favourites too. You can have a more interactive buffet experience here, since guests get to talk to the chefs directly and enjoy dishes prepared in an open kitchen. For smaller nibbles, try the satay. This popular hawker classic comes in a dozen, and you can choose either chicken or mutton.

Expected Damage: Lunch On top of being an international buffet restaurant, what sets Lime apart from other buffet restaurants is its Peranakan kitchen. Hearty, home-cooked classics are elevated with quality ingredients. The seafood spread at Lime is also pretty difficult to beat; I always head back for the fresh oysters and prawns!

End your meal on a high with their special matcha chocolate fondue which is a nice change from the usual fondue stations in other buffets. Melt � The World Cafe indeed lives up to the reputation of its name. Featuring a multi-cultural culinary feast with an open kitchen concept, dining at this restaurant is an amazing experience. Diners get to watch the chefs at work, as they whip up a huge variety of cuisines.

Another highlight is the North Indian cuisine section; a large array of rich and appetising curries are available on a rotational basis, with everything made in-house from scratch. The Indian dishes offered here beat out several other hotel buffets Steamboat Buffet Jurong Point 82 and have earned a thumbs up from us. Apart from being spoilt for choice with their staple breakfast buffet line-up of waffles, assorted cheeses, fresh juices, egg station cooked to order! The highlight of the feast is definitely the live carving stations, where you can savour cuts of roast beef, pork, roast chicken and more.

The pork, in particular, was particularly delightful�the pork crackling gave an audible crunch as I bit into it, and the meat was equal parts tender and fatty. Pick from a dizzying selection, including cakes, pudding cups, and my favourite, Pineapple Crumble. This tropical counterpart to the usual apple crumble is delightfully sweet and tart, with fresh pineapple chunks hidden within the crumbly top crust. Psst, ChopeDeals is running a one-for-one lunch and dinner buffet promotion!

Bright and modern, the well-lit and spacious restaurant offers all-day dining�for those of you who can chow down on food any time of the day.

Want to indulge in the buffet without breaking the bank? Expected Damage: Lunch 12pm � 2. Take a gastronomic trip around the world, with the international fare featured at Food Capital in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore.

If you prefer al fresco dining, take a seat by the Singapore River. Make it a date! Most buffet-goers will know that the spread at J65 Hotel Jen Tanglin by Shangri-La is pretty dependable, especially when it comes to seafood. Love lobsters? If you prefer hot dishes, then the Laksa station is a must-try for you.

Who can say no to a value-for-money buffet meal? Expected Damage: Dinner 6pm � 9. Featuring an a la carte buffet menu, Shin Minori prides itself on fresh and high-quality food, serving up premium cuts of sashimi at affordable price points.

It serves up premium, quality Japanese dishes that rival those of its hotel buffet counterparts. The sashimi was also really fresh and juicy as well, featuring premium thick cuts of salmon belly , swordfish, tuna, tako , amaebi and more. Another very value-for-money option, Shabu Sai presents plate after plate of quality cuts of meat from all over the world, to be dunked in their delicious shabu shabu soups. The downside is that there is a time limit of 70 minutes for lunch , and 90 minutes for dinner.

Located in Far East Square , this buffet includes starters like fresh sashimi, tempura , sushi and more. The Tanjong Pagar outlet tends to have long queues and reservations are recommended. If that fails, check out the Novena outlet, which is also unfortunately equally tough to get walk-ins.

The restaurant features more than 50 dishes!! Cook offers both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned dining areas. The latter is kept breezy with huge ceiling fans, so you can say goodbye to that burnt stench characteristic of a Korean BBQ dinner.

The spread of food was as good as the restaurant set-up, with quality ingredients that will level up your grilling experience. Dookki , located in Suntec City , has a fun dining concept where you can have two meals at one go, a popular practice in Korea. First up is the tteokbokki buffet that offers up to eight different types of rice cakes flown in from Korea.

These rice cakes will surprise you as some come with flavoured fillings and others come in a cute assortment of shapes. You can also choose from a wide array of ingredients to have alongside your tteokbokki. Options include QQ noodles, fish cake noodles, fish cake oden and a variety of fried food. Next, concoct your own sauce and prepare for part two of the meal.

Add in some rice, kimchi , sweet corn, and seaweed from the buffet station, and mix it in with your sauce to whip up a sumptuous bowl of kimchi fried rice. As a halal-certified restaurant, Carousel houses seven open-concept kitchens which serve a sumptuous variety of international cuisine.

I must highlight that Carousel is a paradise for seafood lovers like me. The seafood counter has up to 12 different types of fresh seafood arranged in an intricate display for diners to choose from.

I was also very impressed with the chocolate fondue section. Located in the lobby of Grand Hyatt Singapore , Straits Kitchen is one of the more unique restaurants in town that offers a vivid portrayal of our local cuisine. Diners get to indulge in a selection of local and halal hawker dishes reflective of the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures in Singapore. How does one ever choose between Hainanese chicken rice and laksa?

Prep your tummies! Free-flow xiao long baos the whole night! Don Quijote on Dempsey Hill sure knows the way to my heart with their weekend tapas buffet. Head down and get yourself unlimited servings of chorizo asado barbecued spicy sausages and croquetas con jamon croquettes with cured Spanish ham. And remember, only invite fellow meat-lovers. This a la carte Chinese buffet comes with 60 dishes to choose from! With Sichuan and Cantonese influences, there are a few notable spicy dishes for those who like it hot.

Each piece of fish was flaky and soft, while the mouth-numbing spicy sauce brought tears of enjoyment to my eyes. While the flavours of the broth were rather delicate and subdued at the start, savouring the soup slowly brings out richer and more complex flavours.

I really liked the spiky sea cucumber, which had a gelatinous and chewy texture and absorbed the essence of the broth. Chicken Up has a Korean fried chicken wing buffet which comes complete with a wicked pairing of unlimited beers and soju.

Along with it is also the Crustacean Corner Live Station which similarly lets you pick between bamboo clams, mussels, soft-shell clams lala , prawns or mud crabs, to be cooked in the sauce of your choice. Ginger also has themed buffets seasonally, like the Ultimate Crab Feast which is extremely popular amongst crab lovers with over 27 crab dishes. Nestled amongst the greenery of Grand Hyatt Singapore on the fifth floor, Oasis is an al fresco poolside dining restaurant with a daily evening buffet.

As its name suggests, Oasis offers a relaxed atmosphere and an escape from the rush of city life outside. The small but delectable buffet at Oasis offers items straight from the grill. From Sundays to Thursdays, buffet-goers can sit back and enjoy all-you-can-eat selections, including slow-roasted short ribs, Spencer Gulf prawns, grass-fed flat iron steak, lamb-rosemary sausages and an appetising variety of salads and more, all served direct to the table upon order. On Fridays and Saturdays, the buffet spread is extended to include a seafood bar on ice, and tasty sizzling vegetable dishes from the Mongolian grill.

The variety is not exactly huge like some of the other buffets featured here, but the quality is great. With free-flow beers and wines, the price tag is pretty worthwhile for diners looking to chill by the poolside. Most hotel buffets in Singapore have themed buffets that happen occasionally, so you definitely want to call ahead and check for any special dishes and promotions�the relevant hotel websites should also indicate any upcoming special themes.

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