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Hippot Singapore Most Hip Hotpot Buffet Place At Bugis - SingaporeBeauty

In a country with so much good food, all strete we want sometimes is an endless stream of it. This is why buffet-style meals are so highly raved after. When paired with a steamboat, something beloved by many in Singapore, the free flow of meat, seafood and other hotpot steamboat buffet at liang seah street culminate to form an amazingly awesome experience. For your convenience, we have compiled a sah of the best 15 restaurants streeet offer steamboat buffets in Singapore.

With this list, you will never be left wondering where to visit to sate your next steamboat buffet craving. Ranking 1 st on our list is La Jiang Shan Hotpot. Offering a quality steamboat buffet in a uniquely fun manner, La Jiang Shan Sea deserves to be the top-ranked steamboat buffet place on our list.

As you constantly fish out items from the conveyor belt, this means that you will never have to stand up to get buffst food. If you have a soup base that only you in your friend group enjoy, you will be able to dine to your own preferences at La Jiang Shan Hotpot. As everyone gets their own individual pot, there is no need to walk on eggshells as you enjoy your personalized experience.

Offering quality ingredients in a fun and convenient way, La Jiang Shan Hotpot comes in first on our list of best restaurants for steamboat buffets in Singapore. For more information, steamboat buffet at liang seah street their website or Facebook. Offering good quality bjffet at affordable prices, Goro Goro is an excellent steamboat buffet option. There are also other soup base varieties like Mala or Ginseng. There are also many local and Korean side dishes that are available to cater to different steamboat buffet at liang seah street and preferences.

Furthermore, with dedicated pricing for children, students and seniors, Goro Goro steamboat buffet at liang seah street a great steamboat buffet choice for the whole family. Shabu Sai offers Japanese-styled hotpots which are slightly staemboat from traditional steamboats that we are used to.

Offering both Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu in the same pot, you get the enjoy the best of both worlds. Shabu Sai is also a convenience buffet steamboat option with 7 different outlets located islandwide. Overall, one of the best restaurants for steamboat buffets in Singapore! Offering 10 different soup base flavours and over steeet of fresh produces, you are steamboat buffet at liang seah street a personalised experience. Understanding this, Guo Fu Steamboat offers a wide variety of special in-house dipping sauces to accompany your meal.

Being in the steamboat business for 15 years, Guo Fu Steamboat knows how to do steamboat buffets right. With Hao Lai Wu, you will never have to be torn between steamboat and barbeque dining options ever.

With abundant seafood and meat options, you will be leaving Hao Lai Wu stuffed and satisfied. For many steamboat buffets, steamboat buffet at liang seah street range of seafood always seems limited.

This is not the case at Hao Lai Wu as the seafood range includes luxurious produce like crab claws, prawns and clams. The wide variety of marinated meats alongside the extensive seafood range will steamboat buffet at liang seah street you feasting like royalty. Furthermore, you can order a special oyster omelette cooked teppanyaki style at Hao Lai Wu.

If you love seafood, we highly recommend Hao Lai Wu as your next steamboat buffet option. For more information, visit their Facebook. Located in Eastpoint mall, Easties looking for a convenient hotpot buffet near them should definitely check this joint. Each of srah 5 different soup bases at Jin Shang Yi Pin is brewed using a mix of herbs and spices for good flavour. If you are craving some barbeque while having a hotpot, Jin Shang Yi Pin comes through for you by offering a barbeque grill add-on.

With a large variety of meats, vegetables, and other hotpot goodies, your favourite hotpot ingredients can definitely be found. All in all, one of the best restaurants for steamboat buffets in Singapore! For more information, visit their website. Next on our list of the best restaurants for steamboat buffets in Singapore is another steamboat buffet restaurant with a free flow of Xiao Long Bao.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye has 10 different soup bases on the menu for you to choose. Steamboat buffet at liang seah street also embrace a conveyor belt style food delivery system, making for a fun and convenience buffet experience.

Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye goes the extra mile and provides a dessert section for a complete meal. There are classic dessert options like soft-serve ice cream as well as Chinese-styled desserts like red bean soup and white fungus soup.

At the restaurant, you can choose from 2 options of cooking style with tempting add ons such as a side of cheese and premium meat. Enjoy a wide range of soup from Tonkotsu to Laksa base and a popular favourite, Mala.

You will also be able to enjoy a delicious spread of meat and vegetables. Their selection of sauces are also available for you to mix and match your favourite sauces to come up with your very own signature sauce. Pot Addiction is truly an international buffet for all ages. For those with young children, you would be glad to know that children below 1m get to enter for free! Its signature Shabu-shabu dish is a must-try, and goes extremely well with the quality meats served.

Other popular soup choices include Sukiyaki and Tokyu Miso broth. Hungry diners will truly enjoy the Sukiya experience, as they can order unlimited servings of delicious sliced beef, pork, and chicken. Another highlight of Suki-Ya is its vegetable bar featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch.

Their buffet menu includes items such as luncheon meat, prawn paste chicken, spring rolls, as well as an assortment of meat, seafood, as well as vegetables. Besides their signature laksa a, the brand also offers soup bases such as Chicken Soup, Herbal Soup, as well as Mala Soup. Judging from the number of good reviews from customers, you definitely do not want to give this stall a miss!

Be sure to book a table to avoid strdet For those who are living around the Bugis area, you may be familiar with this hotpot buffet brand. Ting Yuan Hotpot Buffet has been situated at Bugis for more than 20 years. The brand offers their signature homemade soup that has no added preservatives as well as chemical additives.

Their loyal and returning customers that they have amassed over the years often praise the brand for its great service, wide variety of food, as well as affordable price.

The next time you are in town, be sure to give Ting Yuan Hotpot Buffet a try! This is definitely an ultimate sumptuous mins all-you-can-eat Hotpot spread which will leave you spoilt for choice!

The brand offers a wide variety of soup, with their signature broth being their Mala soup broth. It is fiery and spicy! If you are not able to handle your spice, Xiao Cao Xiang Steamboat buffet also offers nourishing soup bases such as herbal soup with Goji berries and dates. Their selection of seafood is also impressive with squid rings, prawns, clams and mussels! Yi Zi Wei is a brand that offers a 6-in-1 buffet that comes with free-flow steamboat, barbecue, Korean army stew, lok lok, mala xiang guo as well as mala steamboat buffet at liang seah street. The mala xiang guo and mala soup steamboat buffet at liang seah street with a fixed set of ingredients.

When you step into the restaurant you will be impressed by the wide variety of meats, vegetables, as well as ingredients that are available for your choosing. The restaurant also does not scrimp on their ingredients. You will find plump mussels, large prawns, and huge cuts of meats. The selection of sauces and condiments are also extremely great.

You can create your own sauce and come up with bufeft very own signature sauce to go with your ingredients! At the steamboat buffet at liang seah street, you can indulge in a Chongqing-style steamboat and a wide array of Sichuan a la carte delicacies.

If you choose to go for their a la carte buffet, you will get a personal pot with a choice of two soup bases. Aside from their special Sichuan spicy soup that delivers a fiery kick, their green chilli soup is also a very popular option among their customers. This hotpot buffet is suitable for large groups with individualised hotpot for each diner.

In addition, the portions of ingredients bufet also extremely generous. You will also get to try unique dishes such as spicy beef tripe slices and spicy dry chilli chicken. Steamboat buffets are one of the eating experiences in Singapore that everyone looks forward to. With this list of the 15 best steamboat buffets in Xt, you will know where to go the next time you have a steamboat buffet craving. Strset you want to have your steamboat cravings satisfied but too lazy to leave the comfort of your home, you may check out our article on our steamboat delivery Singapore!

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La Jiang Shan Hotpot. Goro Goro Steamboat and Korean Buffet. Shabu Sai. Guo Fu Steamboat. Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye.

Pot Addiction.


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The featured food here is based on their premium buffet menu B. If you choose the basic buffet menu A, some of the food here is not available. Hippot hotpot buffet menu B have a variety of mixed dishes that is free flow including smoothie, boba milk tea, selected drinks, barbecued skewers, braised bowls and all meats, seafood inside their menu.

The chef recommendation for soup is the Matsutake chicken soup base and the Sichuan spicy soup base with butter. The soup base for chicken is thick and rich enough to just enjoy it on its own. The addition of meat and seafood just makes it even richer. For the premium set, you get these Hippot premium meat roll which is great for shabu shabu. The mixed ratio of fats and lean meat makes it tender after hotpotting.

Their premium selection includes a buffet of black pork, lamb, snowflake beef, beef tripe, handmade meat balls, mashed shrimp wah, shrimp balls, tiger prawns and scallops. These barbecued to order skewers are also part of buffet menu B. The bbq menu includes mutton, beef, chicken, wings, pork sausage, enoki with bacon and prawns. The saline spiked spiced sticks make it a delight to eat. For pork brain lovers, you will be delighted to know this exotic parts are free flow in this Hippot menu b buffet.

Best eaten with their dry dip that consists of sesame seeds, chilli spiced flakes, peanuts and parsley. Check out their mixed seafood choices. They have prawns, squid, scallops, fish sliced and handmade seafood paste.

The buffet menu B includes unlimited smoothie that is topped with cheese mousse. The available flavours are strawberry, pineapple, mango and grapes.

Milk tea with boba, grass jelly and citrus drinks are also available. End your meal on a sweet note with their pumpkin cake and mantou with condensed milk. Crunchy and chewy desserts that is sure to please most sweet tooth seekers. Hip food with Hippot, what is not to like about this trendy restaurant?

The colours and flavour in this restaurant is enough to blow your minds. Head over to Hippot hotpot buffet near Bugis now! Is it the gimmicks we keep returning back for; the free manicures and noodle-dancing? Ultimately it has to be the seven savory soup bases, including the popular yuan-yang double flavor that splits a trough of mala and herbal chicken stocks; and the comprehensive and tasty list of hotpot items like their famous mashed shrimp and homemade tofu.

Who says hotpots are all about eating cheap? Come here for a more premium experience where you get to dine in the comfort of plush leather chairs while waiting for your ingredients to cook.

A wide array of the usual is available, but you'll definitely want to get the pork belly, wagyu beef and the various mushrooms. With a name like that, you know the seafood dishes are a good choice. Try the fresh oysters, fish skin and scallops, or go all out and get a whole Alaskan king crab.

The first thing they do when you're seated is plonk down a condiment rack so you can create your own dips. Here, you can also get double soup options with broths like Imperial drunken chicken and pork bone. The menu is equally dizzying with ingredients like homemade cuttlefish noodles, Kurobuta pork belly, beef prime rib, sweet prawns and an assortment of meatballs. Offal lovers will appreciate the pork liver and kidney options on offer too.

So order away as an ala carte buffet is your only option here; definitely choose the laksa noodles to pair with the spicy soup base as well as sliced beef, sliced pork belly and fresh prawns as those will bode well in the flavourful broth too.

While you wait for your ingredients to cook, also feel free to indulge in finger foods like spring rolls, fried mantous and even prawn paste wings. With a substantial variety of nourishing broths made without the use of MSG on its menu, LongQing Steamboat is truly an underrated hotpot joint.

Notorious for its free pirated soft toy-with purchase policy, this hotpot chain from Beijing has quickly sprouted outlets across the island. Choose from a selection of soup bases that include tomato, chicken stock and mala our personal favorite ; the ingredients too are plentiful with marinated pork, marbled pork, tender beef and more. For Japanese hotpot lovers, this shabu shabu table-service buffet restaurant offers a range of meat, seafood and vegetables there are around 60 different items on the menu to be cooked in seven soup bases that include tomato and sukiyaki flavors.

Suki-Ya is that reliable hotpot chain you can turn to when in doubt and in a mall. Doling out authentic Szechuan and Cantonese hot pot soups and ingredients is the brand-new Taikoo Lane, brainchild of Szechuan Chinese eatery, Chengdu Restaurant.

Taikoo offers both large pots as well as small, individual pots for solo diners, so all will feel welcomed and comfortable when dining here. Credit: Burpple. Part chicken rice stall, part steamboat place, this Golden Mile Tower stalwart offers the best of both worlds. It's a Hainanese steamboat concept, a rarity, offering simple ingredients like pork slices, cockles and fish balls in platefuls for your easy cooking in a pot of chicken soup that only becomes flavourful when you put ingredients in.

They've got no website and no social media handles, and don't come expecting great service, but rather, a laidback vibe as if you're in Singapore in the '80s. Probably the best hotpot restaurant in town and we don't say this lightly , Tong Xin Ru Yi easily stands out from the pack by offering premium items you won't find anywhere else. Soup bases are homemade, not your usual, and come packed with ingredients.

Try the Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup if you love your sichuan spice, or the thick Golden Chicken Soup that comes in frog and sour-and-spicy variants. Even their veggies are interesting and delicious, especially the Chinese Lettuce, Gracilaria and Pea Sprout.

A cozy seater specialising in bijin nabe , or "beauty pot" in Japanese, this place prides itself on the provenance of its high-quality chicken. The hotpot comes with white, collagen-rich pudding pieces that once heated, create a creamy golden broth. Additions include chicken meatballs, zucchini, prawns and enoki mushrooms.

Upin Hot Pot is the best spot for sweet and tangy tomato broth that transforms beef and pork slices into little pieces of heaven. Just like most other hotpot places in Singapore, select your preferred dipping sauces from a wide array of condiments available upon request.

Skip to main content. Coca Steamboat. LongQing Steamboat. Hai Xian Lao. Tsukada Nojo. The 21 best steamboat and hotpot restaurants in Singapore Rain or shine, it's always hotpot time.

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