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Best One Man Pontoon Boat - Mooring Marine
Pontoon boats are one of the most popular designs on the water and are used for family outings, water skiing, and fishing. Unfortunately, their large size and weight makes them impractical for a single user and extremely difficult to transport without a larger vehicle. However, there is an alternative�the inflatable pontoon boat. Let us show you why this may just be the perfect fishing boat for you, what to look for when shopping, and even our recommendations. Contents. The 7 Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats of Outdoor Empire Reviews. 1. Sea Eagle FC Inflatable Fold Cat Fishing Boat. 2. 3. Classic Accessories Colorado Fishing Pontoon Boat. This fishing boat has an efficient rod holder which helps circumnavigate your fishing rod in three different directions. It is mountable in three separate positions on each oar stand provided. The anchoring guides your fishing boat in the right direction. Moreover, a fillable mesh bag protects the fishing boat against obstacles.� A rigid inflatable floor system allows you to experience fishing to the fullest both seated and standing. This fishing boat is lightweight, so it reduces the risk of sinking and guarantees a high level of buoyancy and floatation. This fishing boat is portable, so you can carry it wherever you desire. Find your pontoon boat easily amongst the products from the leading brands (Bayliner, Crestliner, Ranger Boats, ) on NauticExpo, the boating and maritime industry specialist for your professional purchases.� A pontoon is the perfect solution for boating on lakes and sheltered myboat110 boatplans of space is available to move around and luxurious lounge chairs for chilling out and Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. outboard pontoon boat. electric tri-tube sport-fishing. outboard pontoon boat. Length: m - 10 m.� Lund LX pontoon boats offer five different layouts for either cruising or fishing or a combination of both at a great value. Our cruise models are perfect for skiing, wake boarding, swimming or just Compare this product Remove from comparison tool.

The flat shape of the body makes a Pontoon Boat unique. The hull is held up with some type of floats at either side for buoyancy. It can be assembled in minutes as it has no frame, other than the chair. It has mounts for everything you could possibly need, ie motor, rod holders and raised oarlocks. What makes this pontoon boat stand out from the crowd is the removable floor so you can stand up. This is often difficult in an inflatable, but not in this one.

Plus, you get a raised chair on a pedestal that also swivels completely around at Lots of storage areas and other extras, such as a pump, stripping apron, oars, and even repair kit.

The whole package folds up into a large storage bag for easy transportation. You can buy this model with or without a motor, but make sure you get the right motor for fresh or saltwater. Not only will the Pitt Boss 3-in-one Pontoon boat fit in the back of a car, but it does not need inflating. Whilst it is a small craft, even the tallest of people can use it because of its width. The price is good but you will need to buy the oars separately.

Even with this additional cost, the price remains reasonable. You can fix a trolling motor to this pontoon if you want better control and a little more speed. This pontoon boat can be split in half if you want an even smaller craft, making it very versatile. The hard shell is very robust so it should last for many years of exciting outdoor trips.

Pitt Boss The 3 Boats-in-One. Not only is this an excellent price, but it comes with many extras too. How amazing is that? Keep the sun from your head as you paddle around a lake or calm river.

Easy to transport, quick to inflate, comfortable to sit in and easy to use. For one person you need to be looking at a smaller craft, or it may prove difficult to navigate.

Our reviewed pontoons vary from 5. Keep it small and light so you can concentrate on having a great trip. If you want a little more speed than simple rowing, then look for a boat that has a trolling motor mount fitted. Trolling motors can get up to around 5mph in speed. Generally, the lower the HP, then the slower the motor. Seek advice on power and sizes of motors, according to the length and weight of your watercraft.

And consider a marine battery charger or marine solar panels. What are you using your pontoon boat for? If your hobby is fishing or photography, then look for a craft that has plenty of storage space. You could also do with a few fitted mounts, such as for fishing rods. Ask yourself questions such as, how tough is the material. Look for inflatables with more than one bladder. If one gets punctured then the craft stays afloat to get back again. The more features you have, then you can most likely expect to pay more, such as having a trolling motor.

Though many budget models can still come with extra fittings too, so shop around. Will there be extra cost in buying a trailer and boat trailer tires? There are plenty of one-man pontoons that you can fit in the back of a car with no need for additional trailers. You can have great outdoor fun with a one-man pontoon boat.

Some you can stand up in, others you can fit motors onto, and many even have swivel seats. The second most important issue is to take care of your pontoon boat. Good maintenance means it should last years. These single crafts are great for hobbies, or if your job is to maintain the water systems. Pontoon boats can often get into smaller places that other watercraft cannot reach.

All in all, as with most outdoor hobbies, use your common sense. Classic Accessories have been around since the s. It makes sense that they also sell superior inflatables. This toughened material resists abrasion on the bottom. Plus an anchor system, in the form of a fillable large mesh bag with pulley controls.

The pontoon is in 3 parts and takes about an hour to put together and inflate. Part 1: make up the powder-coated steel frame.

Part 2: put the seat in place. Inflation should only take a couple of minutes, using an electric pump. What makes this pontoon a great fishing craft is the storage facilities and mounts.

The wire basket can also hold a large battery. Along with bronze lock mounts for the oars, there are extra fittings if you want to add fishing rod mounts. Use the side pockets as much as you can, for all your fishing tackle. The chair is quite big, for ease of movement. Take an extra waterproof cushion along with you for added comfort.

It does have a little thin padding. Many users get around this through DIY. You could either fit a swivel seat or move the motor bar to the front for easier access. The latter does mean that you would be steering the boat backward though, so these are personal choices only.

Even the seat folds down. It can be used for shoreline fishing too if you have the experience for that, though not recommended for beginners. There are a couple of other models of this boat with some significant tweaks. If you can afford to pay a little extra, the XT model comes with the same features and more. With the addition of a removable transportation wheel for launching, this can make all the difference. Added to this is a large gear bag that also attaches to the craft as side pockets.

Weighs a little more, at 77lbs, and has a little more height at 2. It has even more height at 2. The Classic Accessories Colorado series of Pontoon Boats is a good choice for an inflatable pontoon boat.

With a wide variety of options to choose from, a sturdy build, and loads of options, the Colorado is an excellent way to get into pontoon boating. This single person pontoon is a seamless, roto-molded craft. It is a 3-in-1 pontoon boat. Two of these options are to row with oars or troll with a motor. The third option is to use your legs and kick. It comes in two parts and the bottom end slots onto the top end. When both parts of the pontoon boat are together, the back is where you can add a trolling motor.

Or, use it for more storage if you wish to row the boat with oars. The oars are not supplied with this model, but you can buy them separately, along with the fittings:. Use these as a pair of 48inch oars, or connect them to make one 96inch oar. It comes with a 16inch rail that you fix to the boat.

It can then be used to add other mounts for further accessories, such as rod mounts. Should you only want to use the top half, the Kicker Boat, there are large storage areas at either side of the seating. At both sides of the seat, you can fit tackle boxes up to 12x6inch. With more storage areas behind the seat where you could fit a cooler and further gear.

The front end of the boat has more storage at either side of your feet. Close at hand are 4 molded cup wells, two of which will hold bottles. There are also plenty of tray inlets at your arms and legs, so you can have tackle within easy reach. This is a sturdy pontoon and very unlikely to flip. This pontoon boat is ideal for a fishing trip because, with practice, you should be able to stand up.

Though you can only do this if you use the full pontoon. If you only use the Kick-Boat half, your feet are left dangling so you can literally kick around to move the craft.

This adds plenty of room for ease of movement. The fact that this boat comes apart is what makes it easier to transport. It fits into the back of a truck, no problem.


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