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The trust upstream none command disables the priority mapping on an interface. The value is a string of 1 to 31 case-insensitive characters without spaces. The value cannot be nnononor. To map priorities of the packets sent from the upstream device to PHBs according to the mappings defined in a DiffServ domain, run the trust upstream command to bind the DiffServ domain to the inbound interface of the packets.

The system then maps priorities of packets to PHBs according to the mappings defined in the DiffServ domain. To map PHBs of the packets sent to the downstream device to priorities according to the mappings defined in a DiffServ domain, run the trust upstream command to bind the DiffServ spectrum upstream speed number to the outbound interface of the packets. The system then maps PHBs of packets to the priorities according to the mappings defined in spectrum upstream speed number DiffServ domain.

For default mappings from If you run the trust upstream command multiple times in the same interface view, only the latest configuration takes effect. To spectrum upstream speed number a DiffServ domain to multiple interfaces, you can perform the configuration on the port group to reduce the workload.

The undo trust upstream command restores the default settings. By default, no DiffServ domain is bound to an interface. Default Level 2: Configuration level. Usage Guidelines Scenario To map priorities of the packets sent from the upstream device to PHBs according to the mappings defined in a DiffServ spectrum upstream speed number, run the trust upstream command to bind the DiffServ spectrum upstream speed number to the inbound interface of the packets.

Prerequisites A DiffServ domain has been created. Precautions After the trust upstream command is executed on an interface, the system maps the priorities of packets on the interface to the following values according to the mappings defined in the DiffServ domain: PHB Packet color.

Indicates the default DiffServ domain preset in the. Specifies the name of a DiffServ domain. Indicates that no priority of packets is trusted.

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However, we recommend that customers check with this list spectrum compliant routers before deciding what to buy. Ans: Even though Spectrum offered routers are not the worst in the market, they might still not be the best router for their network. A good rule of thumb is to decide on the speeds and other requirements for your internet connection.

Doing so should help a good spectrum router. Ans: After the launch, the For that reason, we recommend the Ans: Yes. While Spectrum uses DHCP, customers are supposed to check their network settings to make sure that computer network settings have the right configuration.

Taking time to find your own Spectrum compatible router will ensure you have a device that can accommodate the performance you need. While Spectrum Internet provides basic rental routers, they do not take into account individual network needs for performance.

Purchasing your own spectrum compatible routers lets you find the best speeds stretching beyond one Gig, which enables you to do all you want online. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Check Price. Easy to set up Offers parental controls Provides excellent performance.

Incompatible with cable voice services. Buy from Amazon. Synology Mesh Router MRac. Dedicated Tri-band 2. The 2. On the pricey side. Tenda Wi-Fi Dual Band range extender. Ultimate 11ac speed of up to Mbps, delivering both Mbps Broadcom dual-core processor with DDR3 memory for multi-client with responsive performance and fast speed. High powered amplifiers and three external antennas for whole-home coverage.

Limits Ethernet ports to three. Excellent speed and performance USB 3. Incompatible with IPV6. Netgear Nighthawk R AC Recommended for up to 25 devices: Reliably stream videos, play games, surf the internet, and connect smart home devices Wired Ethernet ports: Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other nearby wired devices with 4 x 1 gigabit Ethernet ports Loaded with advanced technology: Designed with a 1GHz dual core processor, 3 amplified antennas, Beamforming plus, Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect, and more USB connections: Share a storage drive or printer with any connected device or create a personal cloud storage to access from anywhere, using the 1 x 3.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. NetGear R AC USB Connections; Share a storage drive or printer with any network connected device using the 1 x 2. Does not have USB 3. Jeff, you are correct page has been fixed � thank you. So, either version of the CM will technically work, but Spectrum recommends against using modems on the Minimally Qualified Modems List.

Huge download files from work and uploads various devices on the network at 1 time! So need to be able to work flawlessly and the spectrum hardware drops out! You may want to purchase a modem that appears on the Spectrum approved modem list to reach your full internet speed.

Also, avoid Intel Puma chipset modems. On netgear cm modem box claims it can be used with spectrums gigabit internet plan. I would like to use it for my gig plan. On different web sites some say spectrum will only let u use spectrums modem. I would like to have the answer to this before purchasing one of them. Spectrum allows customers to purchase their own equipment. It may be months or years before Spectrum fully approves the CM Spectrum is notoriously slow for approving modems.

Hello, Alan. No, the Motorola MT is not approved for Spectrum. Currently, Spectrum has no certified voice modems on their Spectrum approved modems list. They do list these phone devices for use on their network. You should contact Spectrum to know what options you have for your local region. You may need to rent a device from Spectrum if you require phone service. Hi Alan.

I have gigabit service through Spectrum currently, and am looking to switch my spectrum provided modem Ubee e31u2v1. Which is recommended with confirmed gigabit speeds? Thanks for the question. Spectrum Internet Gig is only available in select markets. You need to contact Spectrum and verify with them if it is available in your local area with the modem you want to use to be sure you can achieve the speed you want.

I need a Cable Modem for download speeds up to Mhz with Voice supported. Unfortunately, Michael, Spectrum does not have a voice modem certified on their approved modem list. Spectrum offers information on their voice modems page. Spectrum may provide one of these devices to you. You should contact Spectrum to see if this option is available in your location. Good luck, Michael. Spectrum Website now has the list below for 1G.

My questions are regarding the Arris. Any idea how to reconcile this conflicting information? It may be a small change like a component inside the modem has switched brands. Revisions are just small changes. A sticker on the modem or an info card included with the device should indicate what revision you have received.

When you order from a retailer, you will not know which revision you will receive. But again, revision changes are minor things. Spectrum just started listing 1G devices in February , so the listing on Amazon is old. Trust your ISP for device speed since it is their network that determines how fast your modem is capable of data transferring and the ISP is more up to date than an old Amazon product page.

Hopefully that answers all your questions, Paul. Update: The Amazon picture has been updated. Spectrum was too quick to approve the modem most likely. Why did Spectrum approve the Motorola MB in November for up to mbps but not the gig plan? Do expect to have it as an approved modem in the near future for the gig plan? Spectrum just started approving 1G modems in February , so eventually the MB should be approved for the faster 1G service.

The sales rep and supervisor may have told you incorrect information about the need for a Spectrum provided device for 1G service. RCN, Grande, and Wave have a stated restriction on their approved modem pages that fiber-to-the-home customers must use an ISP provided device.

Spectrum makes no such claim on their approved modems page for 1G service. The next time a sale rep tells you that you need a Spectrum provided device, refer them to their own approved modems page.

If you have any other questions, Timps, reply back. Just to update. They state it is not approved. It is currently in the approved list and they see that as well. I contacted Arris to find out how you can tell which Rev you are buying. They also told me there is no way to tell when you buy it because there is nothing different in the modem. Spectrum will likely remove the SB from their approved modem list again.

Pretty fed up with Spectrum. I bought the Arris because it was on their Approved list. The upstream throughput possible is The upstream throughput possible is 0. Maximum raw throughput including overhead maximum payload throughput after overhead.

Higher data rates are possible but require higher order QAM schemes which require higher downstream modulation error ratio MER. Note that the number of channels a cable system can support is dependent on how the cable system is set up. For example, the amount of available bandwidth in each direction, the width of the channels selected in the upstream direction, and hardware constraints limit the maximum amount of channels in each direction.

Also note that, since in many cases, DOCSIS capacity is shared among multiple users, most cable companies do not sell the maximum technical capacity available as a commercial product, to reduce congestion in case of heavy usage. Cable systems supporting on-demand programming use a hybrid fiber-coaxial system.

Fiber optic lines bring digital signals to nodes in the system where they are converted into RF channels and modem signals on coaxial trunk lines. While downstream and upstream communications travel on a shared coax line in the customer premises, and connect to a single F connector on the cable modem, it is typical for the CMTS to have separate F connectors for downstream and for upstream communication.

This allows flexibility for the cable operator. Because of the noise in the return upstream path, an upstream port is usually connected to a single neighborhood fiber node , whereas a downstream port is usually shared across a small number of neighborhoods. Thus, there are generally more upstream ports than downstream ports on a CMTS.

A typical CMTS has four or six upstream ports per downstream port. Using the CMTS, the cable operator or Multiple Service Operators � MSO exercises full control over the cable modem's configuration; the CM configuration is changed to adjust for varying line conditions and customer service requirements.

Each customer has a dedicated link but the transmitter mast must be in line of sight most sites are hilltop.

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