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Ready to securely small flat bottom boat trailer youtube a wide range of boat sizes and types, our trailers are rigorously engineered to be a reliable, quiet and easy-to-tow compliment to your craft. Powder coating and galvanized finishes for attractive, lasting protection. Better handling via welded tubular design and adjustable axles. Trailer squeak is eliminated with nylon double bushing springs.

Reliability achieved by an all-plug, sealed and fully grounded. Utility Marine Industrial. Measure the Transom-to-Bow-Eye Length boat-size-length. Measure the Bottom Width boat-size-width. Calculate Carrying Capacity Boat weight, including motor lb. Fuel capacity gal. Max passenger capacity. Carrying capacity needed.

Calculate Clear. Transom-to-Bow-Eye Small flat bottom boat trailer youtube Under 13' 13'�13' 11" 14'�14' 11" 15'�15' 11" 16'�16' 11" 17'�17' 11" 18'�18' 11" 19' and Over. Width at Bottom of Boat Under 56" " " 83" and Over. Carrying Capacity lb and Under � lb � lb � lb Over lb. Material Steel Aluminum. Filter selected. Boat Trailers See our complete boat trailer lineup, including detailed specs and key features.

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The award-winning boating magazine publishes several issues a year and is an exclusive benefit of BoatUS Membership. If you want to add more to the trailer, it has numerous options�ranging from a fixed inch TV to a 15, BTU advanced air conditioner. Each MTI model is packed full of features that are geared towards the recreational boater. Please Contact MTI. However, you still have your seating areas, a kitchen, a place to eat and another to sleep. Bow Fish dedicates space to two fishing chairs in the bow area of the pontoon.

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