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First Alert Fire Extinguisher | Marine Fire Extinguisher, White, ", FE1A10GR and First Alert BRACKET2 Replacement Fire Extinguisher Bracket, 1 out of 5 stars 5 $ Boat Fire Extinguisher Requirements. It's time to introduce the next important piece of safety equipment on your boat: the fire extinguisher. You are required by law to have a fire extinguisher on board if your boat has an engine and meets any of the following conditions: Your boat has closed compartments where portable fuel tanks may be stored. Classic Utility Small Fishing Boats Lowe Utility models are synonymous with high-quality, value-packed and rugged boats with a heritage dating back to From car topper fish boats to the perfect lake cabin accessory, our versatile Utility line-up offers a full range of sizes and choices. Make points:

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You also need to maintain it or keep it in good working order. This website uses cookies to enhance and improve your browsing experience. It can be used to chop into a wall that is concealing open roumds or to cut a towline in an emergency. It can be used to fight fires and dispel water from your boat. Re-Boarding Equipment. Get your Official Canadian Boating License.

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