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Mphasis HyderabadBangalore Interview Questions Best ??
Python Interview Questions & Answers Part SDET - QA Automation Techie. �����������. �� ���������. This Python Interview Questions blog will prepare you for Python interviews with the most likely questions you are going to be asked in � How to add values to a python array? Ans: Elements can be added to an array using the append(), extend() and the insert (i,x) functions. Example: a=myboat340 boatplans('d', [, ,]) myboat340 boatplans() print(a) myboat340 boatplans([,,]) print(a) myboat340 boatplans(2,) print(a). Output: array(�d�, [, , , ]). array(�d�, [, , , , , , ]). array(�d�, [, , , , , , , ]). Top Python interview questions to acquaint you with the essential programming concepts and skills required for sure success in � Python has support for formatting any value into a string. It may contain quite complex expressions. One of the common usages is to push values into a string with the %s format specifier.

We hope this motivates others too to share their interview Experience With us and also prepare a dedicated platform for testers. Mphasis enables customers to reimagine their digital future by applying a unique formula of integrated cloud and cognitive technology. Mphasis applies advancements in cognitive and cloud to traditional application and infrastructure Services to bring much-needed efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Nitin has a proven track record of delivering profitable growth at industry-leading operating margins.

Mphasis interview questions: � 1. What is Contextswitch? What is the purpose of build and compile? Suppose I have test scripts and I want to run only few then what change I have to do in my xml file?

Shall it throw any error? Life cycle of Maven 6. Explain ur framework. Explain parallel testing. Java 1st Round questions Aug 1. Why String is not a datatype and why it is a separate class for Strings? Explain difference between primitive data types and String Class in terms of memory allocations etc? How do you handle Exceptions in Java? Explain the hierarchy of Java Exceptions?

Explain Unchecked and Checked Exceptions with examples? Explain StringBuffer with example code? Selenium 1st round questions 1. Explain the code to validate whether the element is enabled or not on a web page? Explain the code to explicitly wait until a webelement is enabled on the webpage? Explain the groups concept in TestNG and syntax on how to run the groups using testng. BDD Framework Interview questions 1. Explain advantages of BDD framework over other frameworks?

Explain the StepDefinition code for automating Any feature eg: login? Explain the stepdefinition code for automating a webservice? Explain advantages of RestAssured? As a manual tester with zero coding knowledge, if am given API automation scripts to handle.

Explain where to start and how to add test cases, update, run and generate reports? Explain BDD framework in detail, folder structure, dependencies, reporting, managing test cases etc? What are exceptions? And usage? Different types of selenium exceptions? What is stale element exception? Explain where did you use Hashmap? What is Factory in Test NG 7. Give one example. Explain your framework 9. What is PageFactory? How to use parameters in testNG? How to rerun only the failed test cases in testNG?

Explain about Singleton design pattern In cucmber, why do we use cucumber hooks How to do parallel execution in cucumber. Define the attributes like dryrun, monochrome, strict in cucumber. Your email address will not be published. Search this website. Mphasis Overview website www. About Mphasis Mphasis enables customers to reimagine their digital future by applying a unique formula of integrated cloud and cognitive technology. Comments Mphasis interview questions: � 1.

Explain parallel testing These are few questions please update it. I have attended the interview recently. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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