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NZ General Knowledge Quiz | 10 Questions The General Boat Driving Licence Knowledge Quiz consists of 50 questions divided into Part A and Part B. Once you have selected the test you wish to complete click on the Right Arrow to move into the quiz. In Part A of the General Boat Quiz all 20 questions must be answered correctly. Mar 17, �� The Prestige s is the sedan express version of the much-applauded flybridge motor yacht that was the darling of Europe�s boating press. March 17, March 17, Maritimo at . General Boat Knowledge Quiz The questions in this online quiz are taken from the pool of questions used in the actual boat driving licence knowledge test. There will be 20 questions taken randomly from Pool A. All of these must be answered correctly to pass. 30 questions are taken from Pool B and you must correctly answer 24 of these to pass.
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Learn more. View on YouTube. Find the requirements, information and application details for planning a boat race, rally or regatta. Collision Prevention. Navigational Safety Rules. Regional safety. Safety show subtopics for recreational safety Lifejackets show subtopics for lifejackets Types of lifejackets Surviving in cold water Our lifejacket campaign Communications show subtopics for communications Distress beacons EPIRBs VHF radio show subtopics for v h f radio Are you VHF ready Buying a VHF radio VHF radio limits VHF courses and resources Flares Check your gear Weather show subtopics for weather Understanding forecasts Alcohol show subtopics for alcohol Alcohol related case studies Crossing the bar Regional safety information Our safety campaigns show subtopics for safety campaigns Recreational boating research Applying for a temporary maritime event The basics show subtopics for basic safety information You and your boat Skipper responsibilities Before you head out Environment Taking your boat overseas Rules on the water Boating courses Information for: Paddle craft Sailing Fishing Jetskis Powerboats.

Rules on the water It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before heading out. On this page: 1. Listen and look ahead 2. Keep a safe speed 3.

Overtaking 5. Keep clear of big ships More information. Listen and look ahead You must keep a good lookout at all times. Keep a safe speed Travel at a safe speed, taking into account the boat traffic in the area, weather conditions and when visibility is limited. Operate at a speed that allows for the time and distance necessary to avoid a collision.

Respect the give way rules When two boats are approaching each other, one has the right of way. If power meets power. If power meets sail, paddle or rowing craft. If sail meets sail. About collision prevention. Keep clear of big ships Keep clear from the bows and paths of larger vessels. Recreational boats near big ships. Related information:. Know the rules. Get a sticker guide illustrating the give-way rules for all vessels.

Accidents can and do happen with terrifying speed on the water. As the boat operator, you are responsible for the safety of your passengers. Coast Guard challenges you and your passengers to wear your life jacket all the time while underway. Not sure what you need aboard your boat to comply with the law? You can schedule a vessel safety check through the USCG. Find a location near you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Receive our Newsletter. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Atlantic U. Gulf U. Are you a safe boater?

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