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Norway Ski & Boat � International Alpine Guides
Your options for ski touring adventure in Norway, a country dominated by vast mountain ranges, are seemingly limitless. From glaciated peaks rising directly from the Arctic seas to breathtaking fjordscapes and remote alpine summits, there are off-piste areas to accommodate every taste.� Take your skiing passion further on a sail to ski adventure where a boat will be both your accommodation and your means of transport. Head to the Sunnmore Alps or the Hjorundfjord for crowd-free runs with fresh powder snow, or venture inland to areas like Jotunheimen to put your skills to the test in classic Norwegian mountain terrain with the deepest snow. Ski touring Norwegian fjords from a sailboat. � Mattias Fredriksson. Save.� Norway�s Star Island offers some of the best boat-based ski touring going, and we know just the guy to show you around After a long but rewarding day in the mountains and a cauldron of bacalao, the Portuguese-derived dish of salted Norwegian cod, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and olives, or the local reinskav, a traditional Sami stew of sauteed reindeer meat, we lounge on deck, shirtless in a spell of bluebird warmth unprecedented for late May so far above the Arctic Circle. Fat boys on a boat. � Mattias Fredriksson. Boat & Ski Trips. Best Price Guarantee - Objective Expert Advice - Safe Bookings. On this image.� Try the ultimate ski trip with a boat-based trip to the snow. As if a trip to the powder wasn�t special enough, LUEX offers you travel to the world�s best snow via water. A favourite adventure of ours, you�ll never forget your first �sea to ski� holiday. Boat trips are available with onboard accommodation or lodgings on land, and your choice of vessel lies between yacht, cruise ship or even a floating spa boat. Whatever your style, a boat trip to the snow will be an experience you�ll never forget! Norway. Vulkana Spa Boat Ski-by-Boat. PP/NIGHT. Chile. Heli Boat Trip Patagonia. PP/NIGHT. Norway. Sherpasride �.

Alright then Tell me more. Please send us a mail with your request! Summer trips are open to registration and some groups are almost full, make sure you register on time :. Print the trip details. We've combined ski touring with a boat trip in the Lyngen Alps - one of the wildest and most beautiful mountain ranges in Norway - for an irresistible trip. It's in that 80 km long made of mountains and glaciers, where we'll enjoy ski touring in some of the remotest places, each day from a different place.

Our boat, the "Leone", will take us as we sleep to point of our daily out every morning. Our boat allows for flexibility in our programme, along with enjoyable comfort in between our ski touring sessions. Friends, family or just colleagues at work? You wish to customize one of our trips, among friends and at your own convenience? No problem, contact us so we can adapt a trip to suit you, right down to the last detail! Our trips are tailor-made so giving you what you want is as easy as Whilst our boat takes us around the different islands, in a very alpine setting, a zodiac will take us to land and back to the boat at day's end.

Ski touring in the Lyngen Alps makes skiing important ascents and descents possible as well as landing with skis on the beach. Our floating base camp is comfortable and makes it a pleasant place to spend the evenings recuperating and relaxing or fishing cod.

Day 1 will be spent travelling to the meeting point, Isafjordur airport. You'll arrive in Isafjordur at day's end. Due to price fluctuation flights are not included in the price. However we can book your flights if you wish. Don't hesitate to contact us. Do not purchase your flights before your booking and the trip departure have been confirmed. The slopes may have some short steep passages. You should be at ease with ski touring techniques and skiing on all types of snow.

We may also ski on glacier terrain. You should master uphill kick turns without hesitation. Good physical condition is required, some uphill sections may have to be done on foot. Depending on the chosen itinerary, there may be two outings per day. This allows those who want to pursue to do so and those who are tired to rest and relax.

Beware, you're not playing in the skatepark in your neighbourhood : even though you're extremely keen, are craving to make first tracks in the powder snow, don't forget that this trip is far away overseas, in remote areas and rescue services may be slow and often less well organised than in your home country. So keep cool and take it easy to fully enjoy For your comfort a pair of Crocs is a good investment and is useful in a minibus, hotel rooms and so on. Good to know: If you don't have the level required, the guide will be able to ask you to leave for the well-being of the rest of the group, if necessary.

If any doubt, please do not hesitate to ask us! Azimut qualified mountain guide. All our mountain guides are certified. We choose them for their sympathy, their teaching and organisational skills.

We stay tuned in, work hands in hands, and make sure their working conditions are the best. Meet our guides just around the corner. Bring a small day pack large enough to carry your personal belongings for the day such as extra clothing, a few snacks, your picnic and security equipment.

You will receive a reminder email 35 days prior to departure for the outstanding balance that is due latest 30 days prior to departure. We strongly recommend you to be properly insured for the chosen activity. Repatriation and research insurance are mandatory when booking a trip with Azimut. We have a full range of iinsurances on offer to suit the trip you select and the risks that it may incur.

Tipping is no obligation. However usually participants hand round an envelope for those who wish to tip the guide. Sheets, towels and linnen are not provided. Once we've received your booking, we'll provide you with a list of accommodation in case you need to book a night before or after the trip. All accommodation on the list is close to the meeting points and you may often benefit from preferential rates.

You can change money in Isafjordur. French, Belgian and Swiss citizen: your passport should be valid for 6 months after the final day of travelling in Iceland. All other nationalities, please contact your local embassy or consulate before travelling. If travelling with children, they will need their own passport, regardless of their age. A minor travelling by himself does not need authorisation to leave the country if he has his own passport.

None is required to enter Iceland. Recommended vaccines: same as in Western Europe for adults i. Please inform your friends and family with these details before departure. Mobile coverage is good in our lodge, however this is not necessary the case in surrounding mountains and fjords. Make sure to wear bright colours, it's good for the soul and gives photos a funky edge!

Skiing material all in excellent condition. We recommend you to have freeride type skis wider at waist so you can fully enjoy powdery descents as well as descents in any kind of snow. Prices of rental equipment during the entire trip these competitive prices only take into account the number of days of the trip, also includes excess bagage fare - your rental gear will be handed over on site :.

Full Pack ski, boots, skins, ski-crampons, poles. Skis skis, skins, poles, ski-crampons. Ski Boots. This list of clothes is designed to give you an idea of clothes that it may be a good to have with you. No need to have the latest brands nor the latest gear, but if you need to refresh of refill your wardrobe, this guide would be a good start. Photochromic glasses adapt to light intensity, and have filter index up to category 4, they are very useful.

A tip: merino wool is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties and is therefore less likely to smell as opposed to synthetic fabrics. Take this into consideration if you need to update your wardrobe. Make sure it's lightweight and compact so it doesn't take up too much space in your backpack. Mittens are always a good idea for really cold days of for those of you who feel the cold!

Avoid swimming shorts or bermudas, they are not usually allowed. Think about them if you need to stock up. Toiletries and first aid kit. Just go straight to glisshop. Established in , our partner stands as a leader for online winter sports equipment. Based in the centre of the volcanoes of Auvergne France , they help every passionate skier and powder addict to find the gear they need by offering a huge and unique choice of clothing and gear available throughout Europe.

With close to brands and 10 items for sale, Glisshop simply is the ideal partner to equip you from head to toe whathever activity may be your preference.

Our guides use the following brands for their gear and you'll have the opportunity to test them during the trip:. Black Crows. Fritschi Swiss bindings. Official partner and service provider for Terres d'Aventure.

If you don't follow the latter recommendation, you'll most probably kick yourself when you get back! Stamina : 3 Skill : 3. View this trip. Stamina : 4 Skill : 4. Stamina : 1 Skill : 1. Stamina : 3 Skill : 2. Stamina : 2 Skill : 3. We use cookies for your comfort. Alright then Tell me more Cookies de fonctionnement Pour retenir ton nom d'utilisateur ou la langue que tu as choisie Accepter Refuser. Cookies de statistiques Pour savoir qui nous rend visite Accepter Refuser.

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