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The inherent safety of the unique aluminium chamber design offers superior stability and makes all Profile Boats virtually unsinkable. Profile Boats are manufactured in Napier, New Zealand. In Profile Boats (Procell Boats in USA) will also be manufactured in the USA under license by Excel Boats USA. New Zealand boats built to NZ safety standards. The perfect fishing boat and family boat. View fullsize. Alloy boats - rugged and built to last. View fullsize. Built with world class recognition. View fullsize. Osprey Plus - hardtop aluminium boats, perfect for fishing. View fullsize. Herley Boats is a premium aluminium boat builder based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Our product has been designed from the hull up as a comfortable luxury fishing and family vessel for the discerning buyer. We offer quality over quantity and full customisation to suit our client�s needs.
As New Zealand�s leading and largest manufacturer of plate aluminium boats we supply Ramco aluminium boats ranging from metres to metres in length. Our award winning Ramco aluminium boat designs are by leading boat designer Scott Robson. Ramco aluminium boats are renowned for being the highest quality and best performing aluminium boats available. Our Ramco aluminium boats are ideal for all boating conditions and are among the best performing aluminium boat hulls in rough seas. Each and every Ramco aluminium boat is individually hand welded with the care and precision needed to bring y. A New Zealand marine pioneer, AMF was founded on a philosophy to build the best Aluminium boat money could buy - be it a workhorse or a high speed sports craft. The strategy was to mould every vessel to individual needs and desires. Each is custom designed and built by hand - unique. Such foresight has made AMF New Zealand's longest running aluminium boat building company still operating under the same management today. AMF delves deeper to reach the unobtainable. It has both the design and factory capabilities to tailor unique ideas into one-off, hand crafted Aluminium vessels anywhere f. Circa Marine are specialist aluminium boat builders and fabricators. If it�s a workboat, pleasure boat, fishing boat, ferry, pilot boat, rescue or barge. For over 40 years, Circa Marine has excelled in high quality aluminium fabrication. At our dedicated workshops in Whangarei, New Zealand, offer a full design and build package of your new yacht, motor yacht, ferry, rescue, pilot vessel, workboat, fishing boat/barge to a maximum length of 40m. All work is completed in house by our highly experienced NZMITO trained and skilled staff. Learn More.


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