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Chapter 8 Trigonometry - Class 10 - NCERT Solutions (with Video)

All the Introduction to Trigonometry Class 10 NCERT questions come with detailed step-by-step solutions which are explained with the help of diagrams to help students understand easily. All the Introduction to Trigonometry exercise questions 8.

So, students can download tto PDF of Chapter 8 Introduction to Trigonometry and take the printout to keep it handy for your exam preparation. Trigonometry is the solutilns of relationships between the sides and angles of a triangle. Long ago, ancient Greek and Indian astronomers used these handy techniques to measure the distances claes stars and planets from the Earth very precisely.

Even today, most of the technologically advanced methods used in Engineering and Physical Sciences are based on trigonometrical concepts. This branch of Mathematics, called Trigonometry is extremely helpful in dealing with height and distances which are not easy to measure.

In this chapter, you will first study the ratios of sides of a right triangle concerning its acute angles and see how these ratios only depend on the measure of introducion angles involved.

You will then go through the names and definitions of these six trigonometric ratios of an angle. At last, you will also establish some relationships among these trigonometric ratios which are termed as trigonometric identities. Apart from the theoretical and application part, this chapter is very important and will always serve as fundamentals and pre-requisites for nearly all streams of higher studies including reputed national and international competitions.

Ncert solutions class 10th introduction to trigonometry studies the exam point of view, this chapter remains one of the interesting and scoring one with a good number of questions being asked frigonometry in board exams every year. Taking mock tests on the chapter will give you stydies better understanding of trigonometric concepts and where you stand in terms of your preparation. If you have any queries regarding this article, drop your questions in the comment cclass below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned on embibe. Support: support embibe. General: info embibe. Given below are the benefits of using the NCERT solutions by Embibe: With the help of these solutions, you will not only find answers but also the correct methods to solve problems.

If AC is 13 k , AB will be 12 k , where k is a positive integer. If , find the value of. Apply: Solving problems by applying the knowledge, facts, theorems and rules in different ways. Solutions are given in videos format also describing in Ncert Solutions Class 10th History Chapter 4 Sub English and Hindi. If BC is 7k, then AB will be 8k, where k is a positive integer. What is the objective of Class 10 Trigonometry? Understanding: Compare, organize, interpret, translate, describe and stating main ideas.


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