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NCERT Book for Class 10th Mathematics

Solutions are available in Hindi and English Medium digital contents with videos related to all exercises. Visit to Class 10 Maths Solutions to see the solutions of other chapters. Important questions and CBSE board exam questions, practice papers with answers and solutions are available repory download as well as study online.

The modern society is essentially data oriented. These data may relate to population, mortality rate and literacy rate, run rates of batsman in cricket, rainfall of different cities and countries, temperatures of different towns and expenditures in various organisations and so on. This extraction of useful or meaningful information is studied in the branch of mathematics called statistics.

In ncerf chapter Statistics, the students will be introduced to cumulative frequency tables, graphical representations of data in the form of bar charts graphshistograms and frequency polygons. Sometimes, we are required to describe the data arithmetically, like describing mean age of a class of students, naths height of a group of students, median score or model shoe size of a group. In lesson on statistics, students will be introduced to three measures of central tendency i.

Contents on Tiwari Academy is free to use without any formal or hidden conditions. These are also available to download in PDF file format. We are here to help you.

Students can contact us for help without any hesitation. We will help as soon as possible. We always try to help at our level best. Karl Pearson, British statistician, is a leading founder ncert 10th maths book online report modern field of statistics. He established the discipline of mathematical statistics. InPierre de Laplace established many fundamental result in statistics. Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande born on October 19, is an Indian mathematician with distinguished and well recognized achievements in combinatorial mathematics.

He is notable for his breakthrough work along with R. Bose and E. Shrikhande graph is used in statistical designs. According to H. Wells, statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship, as the ability to read and write. Important Questions on Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 Why is the mid-point consider as the representing observation falling in the class? It is assumed that the frequency of each classinterval is centred around ncert 10th maths book online report mid-point.

So the mid-point or class mark of each class can be chosen to represent the observations falling in the class. How do we choose a modal class? A onlije with the maximum frequency, called the modal ncert 10th maths book online report. How is the mean an important tool in getting information about a data?

The mean is the repirt frequently used measure of central tendency because it takes into account all the observations, and lies between the extremes, i. It also enables us to compare two or more distributions. For example, by comparing the average mean results of students ncert 10th maths book online report different schools of a particular examination, we can conclude which school has a bookk performance.

What is the empirical relationship between the three measures of central tendency? How can we find the median of a data graphically? The median of grouped data can be obtained graphically as the x-coordinate of the point of intersection of the two ogives for this data. What is cumulative frequency? The cumulative frequency of a class is the frequency obtained by adding the frequencies of all the classes preceding the given class.

Chapter Probability �.

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Irrelevant The Question is not relevant to User. Areas Surface Area and Volumes. Statistics Probability. Schools in Karnataka. Schools in Maharashtra. Schools in Uttar Pradesh. Schools in Delhi. Schools in Haryana. Schools in New Delhi. Schools in Pune. Schools in Mumbai. Schools in Chennai. Schools in Bangalore. Boys Schools in India. Girls Schools in India. Co-ed Schools in India. Day Schools in India. Boarding Schools in India.

Day-cum-Boarding Schools in India. Marathi Medium Schools in India. Telugu Medium Schools in India. I am a student in 9th grade. I achieve good marks but am weak in mathematics. My total aggregate comes down due to this.

Your question is like: how can I reach the destination without doing effort? So it is not possible. To love Maths, you need to know Maths first. Once you learn the basics, then you have to practice, in order to get great marks.

Remember, Practice with Understanding is the only way to get Success in every field. So, the problem is your handwriting. The solution is simple, you need to improve your handwriting. Practice is the only key to solve your problem. Wow sir you are great you help us lot I pray to God that you live long and help us motivate us that we make our future bright by following your points.

These golden points helps me lot and I secured good marks by following these points. Thanks sir for helping us. Hi sir At times students get tensed to go outing with cousins thinking they r in 12th So is it necessary for them to remain at home without outing even in the begining of 12th? But what matter is your regular study. If you are in 12th std then you have to fix your time table and study regularly.

Sir i am student of class 12 cbse and as u know that pattern of � 20 exam is changed now. So should i still go for previous year or i should solve question bank sample paper based on current pattern??? After completing the syllabus, you can practice the previous year question papers because syllabus can be changed but the question remains the same.

Before reading it I was scared but it makes me confident and gives Vry nice advices so thanks a lot more than anything. And thank you so much for the tips�. I will really try to follow it.

Here are some general mantras to study any subject in which you have difficulty. First is Regular study, second, clear the basic concepts.

And the third most important is to keep in touch with your textbook. If you are a CBSE 12th students then you can buy it. Your every day should be your preparation day for the board exam. I used your all Tips and it helps me for getting best result in 12th preboard exams.. I got I dont want to get lesser than Thanks for ur tips..

And u knw my comment for u waste my 1 minute�. Dear Sir, I am a upcoming student of class 12and I loved ur article. I usually find that it is difficult to study chemistry especially organic chemistry please tell me how can I overcome this chemistry obstacle and can u please give me some tips on how to prepare for cet and jee i.

First, clear your basic concepts of Chemistry. And get in touch with Chemistry regularly. Regular practice and study will lead you to score great marks. For the competitive exam, you should prepare according to the syllabus of the exam. First, complete your textbook and then go for the reference book. Also, solve the previous year papers of the competitive exams to check your potential. Thank you for your advice.

I have just entered class Sir , is there any link where you can give us class 12 commerce study materials as well? This post was very detailed and informative and gave me a boost of motivation ,thank you. My class 12 is going to start in a month. Here are the helpful links for class 12 commerce study material check here: 12th Commerce Sample papers and 12th Commerce Previous year papers.

I have one doubt that what we are studying how to remember properly please help me and according to my concept Chemisty and maths is difficult subjects in my whole studying carrier what u will say that how will these both easier to me. These subjects are difficult for you that means your basics concepts are not clear. If you regularly study these subjects then it will be easier for you.

And increase your memory, you need for concentration in your studies. So increase your time for study. Hi, I loved your story. Please reply? So, yes textbook is enough but when you complete your textbooks then you may go for reference books for deep study. I have covered all the chap from ncert, along with some chapters from refresher. Currently I am solving previous year papers. Yes, It is more than enough. But once you should revise your textbook according to your previous year papers practice.

Sir solving previous year question papers or solving latest sample papers which is more helpful for boards. Previous year question papers and sample papers are effective. But first, give preference to previous year question papers and then after if you have time you can practice the latest sample papers. Here you will find latest and well-researched sample papers. Sir, I am a student of class 11th with PCB stream.

I am about to qualify in my class 11th very soon. So I have certain queries for you and I would be pleased if you answer them to me in points- 1 I have faced a lot of trouble with physics during the entire session.

What should be my strategy since the beginning of the session towards the subject? But studying late night ruins my sleep schedule, and I feel tired the next day.

How can I manage this? What book can I refer for questions just for board preparation? Any good books for the 3 subjects?

What kind of planner of strategy do I require? I really want to achieve them for true. Are there any special tips I could practice? Please answer my doubts, sir. Hope you reply to them in a sequential manner. I shall be very obliged. Thank you! First, Choose the subjects in which you have difficulty and give them regular attention. Regular attention is enough. Second, we talk about studying in the morning because in the morning time our mind is blank and the morning study has a greater impact then night.

But you can manage to study at both times regularly. Build this habit on a regular basis. You should read the whole chapter of all subjects deeply. And when you complete your textbooks then only you should go for any reference books recommended by your teachers. Fourth is: your schedule can be anything. But you should study regularly and practice regularly this is the most important.

And all the special tips are there in this article. All the best for the upcoming board session. Sir� I have revised most of the chapters.. But still I am getting 60 out of Due to this I am losing my hopes..

Sometimes I feel that I can score more than 85� Can u pls help to feel overcome this situation�. You need to solve the latest sample papers or previous year papers, by solving, you will get know which topics are not revised properly so that you can revise them.

Hope comes from preparation. So, just focus on your preparation. And then the whole day gets wasted. One of my major problems is silly mistakes. Small and dumb mistakes would ruin my scores when I do previous year board papers.

And I would not want to lose marks in boards because of these mistakes. Hi Malika, Take a proper break while studying. And when you solve the sample or previous year papers, review your whole answer sheet. Also, when you solve any question, review your answer after completing it. And try to study for longer hours and take small breaks.

Hello sir , I am Diya. I am icse board student. I am quite good in science subjects and I have scored 90 percent in each science subjects. But I get too bad marks in history and economics exam in my mock test.

Please sir suggest something. I am losing my self confidence. And there is a great confusion can score good marks in board?? Yes, you can score good marks in your board exam. History and economics are theory based subjects so you need to understand that reading is the only way to get good marks in these subjects.

Read as well as write notes of every subject. Just focus on your preparation and practice. All the best for the board exam. Hi Parul, If you have covered all the topics given from the textbook including examples, miscellaneous examples and exercises then you can practice more from reference book otherwise first you need to cover your textbook deeply.

Hello Tanmay, Read this article carefully. We have given the article link here related to your query. Hi Vidhi, you should make a proper pattern and notes on dates and events in a pattern and then revise them. If you revise dates in an unorganized manner, you will get confused. Hi Vidhi, you can practice sample papers in one week. So first, you need to complete your course and 1 month is enough.

First, you need to prepare your time table and notes of important topics of science. And start your preparation accordingly. So, make sure your focus should be very deep and high while studying. Heyyy my boards are starting in 18 days.

Im in isc science. Im v stressed and even though ive been preparing, i am low on confidence. What do i do? Hi Kriya, first of all, good luck for the exam and do your best in the exam. So prepare hard for the exams and just stick with your books, solve previous year papers and sample papers.

Select Important topics and difficult topics first and solve and learn them. Make a preparation chart and write all the topics of every subject that you have covered and not covered so that you can organize your preparation. If you have any doubt you can ask here. And the most important is be positive and be happy. Hello Irum, Best practice you can do in chemistry is to select the major topics from each chapter and revise them.

Also, practice important numerical, chemical reactions and derivation. And stay in touch with your textbook. Hello my name is Hridya ,I presently graduated my 11th class and now i am entering 12th. From my past i have understood that the way i write my answers do not satisify the teachers i am not able to write fully or the right way teachers wish me to do. Hi Hridya, The only way is by learning and writing.

By reading newspapers you will have a larger vocabulary in your mind and you will get the sense you giving answers. And also, practice writing answers in your own words. This method will help you. All the best for the board exams. Sir i have one month in my hand and i decided to do latest sample paper is it ok � And when i complete one subject i get worried that is it completed or not why is..

Hi Surnidhi, yes sample papers are very helpful, we have given the latest sample guess papers according to the pattern you can solve them. And NCERT is sufficient but you should practice examples, miscellaneous exercises and read whole chapters and make notes. We have sent you a Time table for Board exam preparation in your email id.

Please check your email. I am feeling very stressed nd fear about my boards. Solve 10 years papers or prepare subjects. Hi Pratiksha, Solving previous year papers is very helpful. But you should stick with your textbook and prepare in-depth and revise your whole syllabus of every subject.

Prepare Hard and read your textbooks deeply and make proper notes so that you can revise them again. I have completed more than half syllabus of it. How to score that 3 marks? And also how can I improve my Tamil? Hi Parmesh, you should strictly prepare according to the syllabus of Tamil and practice writing in Tamil then only you can score good marks.

Practice Previous year papers that will help you to score full marks in Maths. All the best! I have only 15 days left. I took pcmb. We can suggest or help you by giving the direction but in the end, you have to do yourself. Make a time table and follow these helpful tips. And more important is to be positive. I get very stressed thinking about my exams. I have just 28 days left for my exams.

Hi Nitika, Getting stresses is the problem. This will give you confidence. So,it true that it is necessary to write pages for each answer to score good in 10 boards. Please give advices.

Hello Ananya, this information is false. If you know the answer then write it in the appropriate word limits. You can go beyond the word limit in long type questions.

Sir I am from class 12 want to ask is the crash course contains materials for cbse board and plus samples papers follows syllabus. I am a cbse student. I score 10 cgpa in class 10th nd took PCM.. Also, practice example questions, and Miscellaneous exercise. Read all the chapter very deeply this will clear all your concepts. And side by side also practice sample papers according to the latest CBSE pattern and solve previous year papers.

Hello sir, i am from isc board and i have completed half of my syllabus but still i am struggling with english literature and maths.

I am from humanities. Sir please any tips or suggestions please sir. Hello Anugya, there is enough time to complete your syllabus. Simultaneously, solve practice papers for all subjects. Make a proper time table for exam preparation and follow it. Give 2 hours daily for maths and in the free time read English literature chapters. All the best for the exam.

Hey my weak point is when i remembered my syllabus after 10 mints or 20 mints i lose everything about my syllabus or i am. Weak on these subjects like chemistry physics bio. Hello Ghulam, you need to practice more and more. More you practice, much you will remember. Give proper time to each subject and study regularly.

Hi Irum, you should read in-depth your textbook of all subjects. Practice sample papers and important questions for physics and chemistry. Sir I am really poor in chem and maths there are only 30days remaining and I am totally blank abt chem so plz suggest me some books or lessons.

Hello Hrishikesh, we have given important questions for class 12 chemistry you can practice them. I have finished studying all topic so now I want to do revision. Can u help me to make a proper time table for everyday studying which will revise all the topic. Pls reply asap. All best for the future. Hi Ashish, your sister is telling you the best method. One thing you need to understand is you have to loose your nervousness in order to prepare your best for the board exam.

All the best for your exams. Hi Priyanshi, Economics is an interesting subject if you give full attention. Try to increase your study time, for continuously hr.

This will make your concentration level higher. Give a proper to sleep and make your habit of studying early in the morning. I hope this will help you. Hi Anisha, It is very difficult but possible to complete the whole syllabus, what you need to do is to follow the question paper pattern given by CBSE official site.

And choose important topics first and topics in which you are weak. Give at least hours regularly. Utilize your free time to study theories. Sir Im literally stuck with physics and there is not much time left Please suggest a study plan so that I could revise everything within 10 days. Hello Anamika, you need to check cbse blueprints sample paper and marking scheme from which you will get the idea of numerical, derivation and types of questions.

Within 10 days you should study hours regularly totally you will get hrs for your preparation and divide time for numerical, important derivation, and theories.

I have done more than half but I doubt if I remember all of them. I have also taken all the questions from 10 years after completing one chapter. After completing your syllabus, practice previous year papers.

And Always stick with your textbook and revise all subjects deeply. Hello Nirupama, yes it is enough. But it depends on your preparation, how deeply you have prepared for the exam. And also solve latest sample papers provided by cbse.

Hello Anisha, we have prepared Important questions for physics and chemistry with solutions. Check these given links: 12th Physics important Questions. Hello sir�. There is still time to revise your whole syllabus. You just need to give more time about hours regularly. And in the meantime, you can practice previous year papers of all subject which will help you a lot.

All the best!!. Hello sir i m afraid from maths what should I prepare for maths i meant what to prepare at this moment and from where and for economics should i prefer NCERT. Hello Divya, for Maths you need to practice previous year papers and Important Questions.

Hello sir. Today its 30 December And I am very sad to say that still my course to be prepared is pending. I get upset and depressed whenever I take all my studies in flow due to huge pressure of completing my course within one month.

Kindly help me out please. Please tell me how to prepare within one month and score very nice marks because still I have lots to prepare for my exams so forget about revision right now! I request you sir to reply and help me soon! Hello Amnah, Depression is your enemy, So throw it away from your mind by simply remembering that everything going to be alright.

First thing first, just focus on your board exam. Use hours daily for all subjects. And give more time to those subjects in which you need more time. But to do all these your mind should be positive of thoughts. I just have one nd a half month left for my isc board exam. How should i make a timetable to finish all my syllabus. According to u i should study one full sub then another or i should start all sub simultaneously???

Hello Muskan, Yes you can start all sub simultaneously if you have enough time. But you need to practice regularly. And give more time to Chemistry.

Hello Divya, first you need to increase your time. You should study hr continuously and then take a break then again hr study then break and so on. By this practice, you can improve your concentration on studies. Given equal time to all subjects regularly and spend more time in those subjects in which you are poor. Hello Anisha, first thing first, you need to cover your textbooks first.

Sir i study for 8 hours but i m not able to concentrate on my studies and i watse too much time Sir how can i increase my concentration level Plz. Rply sir. Hello Vansh, you cannot increase your concentration level without effort and dedication.

Hence, Make the effort and dedicate yourself towards study Also, increase your study time. Hello Sumit, If your Schools are close then hours daily you give to your studies, otherwise, find out the time for studies.

The best thing is to get up early for study but if you feel comfortable at night study then there is no problem because the focus should be your studies. But the reason behind getting up early is your mind is very fresh after a good sleep and whatever you do in the early morning its impact is very much in your brain. So that is why it is said that get up early in the morning for studies so that whatever you will study it will remain longer in your brain.

Hello Vikas, that is not hard work. All the best!!! Hello Shailendra, you need to practice meditation. That will help you. Also, first you need to bring motivation and passion for study. And most important is give your regular time to chemistry. Hello Anushka, This is good practice to go in the deeper level.

There is a lot of time so you can make your practice. Instead of being worry, clear your doubts and basic concepts so that next time you will not go to the deep level. All the best for exam�. All my family members. My father is always telling me u r looser ,will do nothing in ur lyf. So start from the beginning and complete your syllabus.

Also, Get 10 years previous year papers and Start solving them they will help you a lot. Haii sir! Thanks for help. Now I am in 12th grade and seems like everything is tough.

Also chemistry is being a weak point what should I do? Hello Abi, Motivation comes from dedication, dedicate yourself towards your study. Since chemistry is a weak point then study chemistry regularly this will helps you 10th Ncert Maths Book Price 20 a lot.

Hello Rimpi, you should conscious about what are you writing. Calm yourself while giving the exam. I read everything but i forget them during writing in exam�..

And i also face prblms in remembering. You need to change you method of reading. First you have understand the concept you are studying then learn the concept and then try to write it in your own words.

Try to express the answer in your own words. You have to give more time i. Hello Mini, In the morning time you should study subjects having theories. You have enough time to study class 11th lessons simultaneously with 12th lessons.

The timetable means to cover all the subjects with a regular time of interval. So you have to make your own timetable, it should be flexible, creative. And this is very good that you are not dependent on tuition. But you need to clear your doubts by yourself or you can ask your teachers in your school.

Hello Akshita, yes you should worry about accounts but feel free and positive first. If you are attending coaching classes then you have to clear your doubts there, But if you can do it by yourself then obviously you should do self-study.

Also, you can prepare by practicing the previous year paper of accounts. Hello Rishika, you need to make a timetable for your study and give a proper time for your study. But you should aware of your thoughts. Observe your thought patterns.

You have enough time to cover the syllabus. Make your study timetable and change it once in a month and study hours regularly. Given equal attention to all the subjects. Give more time to difficult subjects or concepts. Just wanted to ask that how to cope up with self study when there is a lot of burden of school homework. Hello Shreoshi, How about making homework your self-study. What I am saying is you can study the same which is given to you as your homework.

Also, you should increase your mental ability to work more on different tasks. Hello Sundaram, you make mistakes because you are not conscious about writing and your handwriting is not good because you do not write letters in a proper manner and the distance between the words are not same that is why. You should think and work on these points. Hi, I m a student of commerce and want to know that we should write the bookcase lang.

In boards or we can write of our own because i have a habit of writing my own language in the question paper so i just want to know that in boards exam we should write the bookcase language or they will check our own language too in which will give the same meaning as of the bookcase language.

Yes, you can use your own language in the board exam and make sure that the examiner could understand your language. Hello Srishty, yes it is enough if you understand all the concept. Hello Divya, In the Organic Chemistry, first you need to learn basic concepts of the equation, how to balance equation, the concept of chemical reaction, organics chemistry is all about Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.

Hlo sir! I want to know that how to solve derivations in physics exam can u tell me this with an example. Hello Tarushi, This is not possible to give an example here, But we can guide you, first most important part of solving any problem is to clearly identify the problem and read the question very carefully.

Once you understand the question then you need to check whether you are able to solve it or not Practice is the most important thing. Hello Niranjan, any problem is difficult until you know it completely. You find derivation difficult because your basic concepts are not clear. You should first clear your basic concepts. Sir ,i was very upset with my physics marks in unit test.

Hello Bhavani, you need to develop the degree of concentration or focus. And confusion comes with lack of knowledge so you need to understand the fundamental or basic concepts of physics.

Hello sir I am student of 12 up board i find difficult my studies iam learn things but after some time i forgot what iam study due to this i got bad marks in my first test un college. Hi Swaraj, Yes Time management is one of the major factor. But if your central goal and focus are just studying then forget about time management because Time management is necessary for those whose centers do not study.

First, you need to understand this fact. Hello Haris, These are not the distraction but you are. These things are the things you want to play or read so you must understand that your desires are the distraction from your goal.

The strong determination is required. My school test marks are really bad. I tried making time tables and stuff but it really did not make such difference.

What should I practice? So put your all energy to achieve your goal. Hello sir, Sir my name is eshfaq n i am living in kashmiri. Sir our final exams of class 12th r coming in October. Sir am too worried about my exam especially in economics subject. That all, thanks. Hello Eshfaq, you can score better marks in economics.

You can practice from previous year paper here is the link: Economics Previous year paper. Sir i am a arts student of cbse board and this year is my 12th board exams. Hi Digamber, first you should learn the basic concepts then only you can go through the numerical. Hello Nisha, first of all, you must understand this that you have to be truthful with yourself.

Be Natural and be yourself. You have to organize what you are doing in your studies. Just focus on your study and clear your syllabus and all your concept.

Make your flexible and simple time-table and follow it. Hello sir! I am studying in 12th grade now from HSC board. I am not started with preparations of 12th board yet.

Please guide me. You just need to give your focus to the rest of the subjects such as English, Mathematics if you have etc. Observe your thoughts and analyze them, you will see how your thoughts make your mood better or worse.

Sports outdoor games , Yoga, Meditation, morning, evening walk, etc are some of the practices you should apply in your daily life. Hello sir, i scored 10 CGPA in my 10th boards. I have not started studying yet and i regret wasting the past 5 months. Please give me some tips on how I should use the rest of the time about 8 months wisely and also please give me tips on how to remember what I study for a long time.

Hello Kirthiha, first thing first, Make your flexible timetable for regular school days as well as holidays. Your sleep time and wake up time matters, develop your interest in reading and give time to all subjects. Hello Abhishek, to improve handwriting, you have to be conscious while writing.

There are some steps you should follow. And third, at the beginning you need to write slowly this will improve your handwriting. Sir, i m a class 10th student.

This is month of JUNE and i want to finish my board syllabus till august. So please give me some tips so that i can do so. Hello Akshat, well you set your goal, now go for it, make planning and time-table and study regularly. Nothing else you need. Sir, i am a cbse 12 science pcmb student. I wish to complete the syllabus as much as i can before 31st July, as my summer vacation is from 27th June to 31st July.

I wish to complete at least half of my syllabus till 31st July. What should i do? What should be my strategy? First, you should prepare time-table for summer vacation in which you can to give equal time to each subject. But remember, your motive is not just to complete the syllabus but to learn and understand the topic and concepts.

So, take time and study regularly. Is this a good idea?? Give me some tips to not to feel sleepy while studying�.. Hello Nitish, you are under control of sleep, you must understand this.

Sleep on time and wake up early on time at sunrise. This could help you. Hello Chinmay, Yes, you can do very much better in class 11th and class 12th. Hard work and regular study is the only key to great success. I am in class 12 science stream. I am from PCB and I have taken maths as optional subject. According to you , which is better? Studying both biology and maths or either of the two? Can you please tell me what is the the strategy of studying the subjects without forgetting them?

What is the best way to remember physics derivations and chemistry formulas? As we have classes from early morning to late afternoon, it is not possible to study in the morning or afternoon. Which is better, Touching all the 3 subjects or studying a single subject in a particular day? Hello Rianna, taking maths and biology will consume your regular study time. But if your interest is in biology then you should give more time and attention to biology.

If you learn any concept very attentively and times then you will not forget it very soon. So study regularly and revise the concept times, it is important in order to remember those concepts for the longest time. Morning and evening self-study is very important, for that you can quit your morning class or evening class and do self-study.

Hello air I am in 12 th Bihar board pcm stream. Hello Vicky, Hard work will lead you to complete your goal. First thing first regular study is the only key to achieve your goal. Give equal time to each subject and those subject which is difficult give them more time and attention.

Sir,i had got 59 percent in class 11 in pcmc in cbsewihout doing much hardwork,so how much percent should i expect in class 12 with doing some hardwork,and i feel very confused that where should i start from.

Hello Abhinav, you must understand that 12th class is the reflection for your higher studies. So you should learn to do hard work and regular study. Regular study is most important. Give your equal attention to all subjects and start from the beginning of your syllabus and try to make efforts for deep learning to make your concepts clear.

So you can get high marks only when you completely know all your concepts within your syllabus. Work hard regularly is the key and give equal attention to all your subjects but subjects in which you are weak give them more time and attention. I soon forget the products. Hello Tanya, you forget because you try to remember equation. There are methods and rules if you follow them then you can easily get the product of any equation.

Weakest the subject more the attention needed. Give your regular time to chemistry and start studying from the basic. I have problem with chemistry� please tell me important points on chemistry.. Hello Inderpal, Every topic and each concept is important. You cannot ignore any of them. To learn anything from any subject first you should give dedication and make your interest in that subject.

Hello sir, please help me. In class 10 and 11th my chemistry teacher give me important quetions for exam so I was learning only these quetions for scoreing marks. But in 12th class I realise that I am very weak in chemistry mujhse to chemistry ki ABCD bhi nhi bannati so please instruct me what I do for it. Hello Shaan, you have enough time to learn chemistry from basic. Give hr regularly to chemistry.

Within 1 month your basic concepts will be clear and you will be able to understand the higher level concept. And start from class 9 and 10th chemistry syllabus. Hello sir , I am studying in 10th std. Now 10th syllabus is changed.

There are some questions in our textbook under the topics like can you tell? Use your brain power etc. These questions are descriptive and 1mark questions. According to ur opinion, is there a possibility to ask such questions in board exam?

Hello Samruddhi, Yes, you should give importance to each kind of questions. Also, sidebook is helpful you can read them too. Sir, I was a topper in tenth with centum in social science, math and a very high percentile in English. How do you learn conversions in organic? Chemistry is my weakest subject. I have tuitions till 7 everyday. Do reply,sir. My humble request. Hello Shruta, the subject in which you are weaker, you have to give more attention to that subject.

Once you know them then they become easy. Be confident, tuition will not help you always so, you should do self-study instead of tuitions then you will build self-confidence. Once you know the basics concept and give some time to that particular topic then you will understand it. Hello sir, pls suggest me, I can scored good marks in discriptive questions but not enough in objectives that 1 marks questions decreases my score what can I do to score good marks in objectives?

The first thing is to understand the question completely when you understand question than you are able to find the answer. And you have to study the basic concepts of every topic because objective questions come from the basics of the topic.

Sir I am in class 12 PCM stream. I want to ask how should I do my revision method. Especially in chemistry. Hello Maithili, Revise the notes chapter wise. Make your Timetable and follow it. NOW i am read in class MY concentrate on studies and my memory power is very low. Please tell me some suggestions for my problems and tell me some tips for my study in class Hello Karan, to increase your memory power, you have to study regularly.

You should make your timetable flexible and creative. Choose difficult subjects and give them more time. Hello sir Please consider this, As my percentage shows me average but I want to change this , I learn from past and try to do better in present.

I have seen a percentage drop as compared from my 10th but I have improved very much in my 11th than in 10th. My 12th class school started from 15 April and I have not started my board preparations yet. So will I be able to secure? And when I should start to solve question papers and so how many papers should I solve in a day?

My subjects are �. Another Question is that � I have Now 35 or 38 days leave because of summer vacation.

For about past 5 or 6 days , I was doing research on internet and now I come up with a study plan for school syllabus and for my personality, habitual developments and it is completely based on polyphasic sleep Uberman technique which is applicable in both school days and holidays.

So is this a good idea for recovery of the lost 2 months and to speed up my level with focus, discipline and determination.

You have last year of your school life. Participate in all the activities you have given by the school whether it is study, sports or any other thing. Now add study in your regular habit. At least hr regularly you need to study. Hlo sir, Now I m in class11 commerce. Now I m in cbse school from hbse. Study regularly is the key. Make your flexible and creative timetable. You have to complete all the topics and concepts. And subjects which are difficult, give them more focus.

Hlo sir i am student of class12 with PCB sir i feel very weak in physics plsssss give me few tips for physics. Hello Pranjal, Physics is the branch of science which deals with the study of energy and matter and its language is mathematics.

This must be understood that physics is the study of nature and physical worlds, therefore, you can see various laws and rules in physics. You have to study physics regularly and get deeper.

How to get good mark in Hello Kunal, If you check your syllabus it looks similar to 10th standard. You have to clear your concepts from your syllabus. There are 2 points in which i always do mistake. No matter how much i try. The first one is prepositions.

Plz help me how to work out with them. Secondly essay writings. Apart from this , i always loose my confidence.

May be unit test , coaching test or mid term examinations. If u can help me out with this then please help. Hello Ankita, If you go for coaching, then may the reason is you are dependent on coaching. When exam comes, students lose their self-confidence because of their preparation. It is simply that, you have to clear all the concepts and understand each topic.

Study regularly hrs. Your issue with preposition and writing essay is because of Ncert 10th Maths Book Online 60 lack of practice. Hello sir..

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