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Paddle Wheel Aerator Motor - Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Discussion in ' Surface Drives ' started by whselDec 13, s Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Is there making a paddle wheel 10 a thing as a more efficient paddlewheel? How about shape--rather than a flat wood board? Forgot, this wyeel be a small application about 22". GuestDec 13, Paddlewheels Rick, thank you for your reply.

I drew out a 20" circle and divided it into 60 degree radiuse's and came out with 6 paddles. Question-- if the paddles were, say, 18" x 6" out of steel and mounted on a steel ring all very wheep could they turn at 3, RPM? And if so, could power and speed be an expected outcome? Thanks very much, and I know I'm over my head on. I'm over my head on this subject.

However Makking suspect that padele paddle wheel turning at or anywhere near that speed, the result will be a lot of splashy foam and very little propulsion. Balance, too, will become problematic.

Examination of the geometry of the wheel and its interface with the water, easily leads paddlw to the conclusion that bigger is better. Lay out a path tracing of a single blade as it moves through the water. You will see that there is much down force and subsequent up force generated. All that is useless expenditure of energy. The force that you want to generate is in the horizontal plane.

A big wheel is far more efficient in that regard, and a giant sized wheel is even more efficient. A wheel in the size that you are contemplating is better suited for mixing daquiris or margaritas for a large party.

GuestDec 14, Thanks very much for the input and your knowledge. I thought I might be chasing a wild hare and you just proved it. It might make a big blender I'll drop my idea. Thanks again, Stan. Rick, You seem to know a lot about paddlewheels. Have there been any successful articulated paddles that had paddl vertical paddles? How about tip fences on the edges making a paddle wheel 10 paddles? I've spent a number of hours watching paddlewheels thrash through the water on a riverboat and wondered about these things.

Tom I have not built a wheel but making a paddle wheel 10 looked at design information and validated it against various examples I have found and some basic test information from human powered wheels. If the wheels are sized correctly and positioned properly then things like blade shape and articulation have less benefit.

There are certainly articulated paddles in wheeel making a paddle wheel 10 they are regarded as successful. Even the best of the paddlewheelers has under pwddle wheels making a paddle wheel 10 my view. However it still performs well against the competition but I doubt that many of the boats have well engineered props. A good canoe could do 7km makibg about 35 minutes so none making a paddle wheel 10 these boats are very impressive.

Look through the video a few times and pick out all the wheels. It is interesting to watch Hydrodynamosaurus at the start. You will see it kicks up a lot of water until it gathers speed and as the making a paddle wheel 10 reduces there is less wasted power. A bigger wheel would cause even less spray. Also notice that the paddlewheel gives the best acceleration. I really enjoyed watching.

Also assuming the same boat of course. By efficiency I primarily mean fuel making a paddle wheel 10power inputfor a given arbitrary speed. Thank you Rick. Quite impressive. Thanks Rick, a very interesting video. I do know that the maintenance on the paddlewheels making a paddle wheel 10 way beyond any propeller boat I have ever experienced. Having driven both, I find it difficult to believe that a paddlewheel can be as efficient as a propeller.

A propeller can operate at its weel efficiency all degrees of rotation while making a paddle wheel 10 paddle wheel blade only reaches max thrust at one point, dead bottom center. The rest of the time it is immersed, it is fighting gravity and using energy to do it. A simple view, I'm sure, but it seems reasonable. Guest whsel, Dec 15, I'm not sure if this video has been pdadle. But it shows a rather fast paddlewheeler! Ramius41Dec 16, Just curious what if any andvantage a tread instead of a wheel might be?

Paddlw something like a tank tread I whel see it would allow a lot more horisontle force to be applied with relatively low vertical force.

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My hermit used to cruise around a Auckland waters continually however hasn't had a probability in new times? How To Have The Quick Prosaic Backside Boat Welcome to Gator Vessel Co.

After removing walked dividedas well as shall be lightweight fiberglass or aluminum with an outboard engine?

This seems far less effort than engineering a waterproof enclosure for the chain. Joe-Bob Industries]. Reply 6 years ago on Step 4. It's 70" wide, 24" deep and is built so that there are channels for the flotation barrels to naturally fit within. It extends from the handlebar and front forks about 12", to create some space between the flotation under the rack and the flotation under the pedal seat.

This creates room for the pivot to work. Maybe modify to use a belt instead of a chain? Not sure if it would get slippery or not but it would solve your rusty chain issue.

Looks great I may have to make one. Reply 6 years ago. The paddle blades in the picture at the top seem to be mounted on a single triangle, whereas the instructions show centralized blades with two triangles.

What's the trick to making the single-triangle wheels? Those look like they would work better for my intended project. I love this idea, by the way, I've been trying to work out something like this for ages with no success.

Well done. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand your comment. The top picture shows the two halves of the paddle wheel see how the one side has the chain ring?

Are you trying to figure out how to build a paddle wheel that attaches in the same way as a bike wheel? Such a thing would have a central axis and have mounting points at each end of the axle. I'll bet together we can brainstorm something that would work for you! Introduction: The Whittaker Paddle Wheel. By Captain Robert Follow. More by the author:. About: I just want to rock and roll all night and part of every day Facebook can't keep track of how many friends I have.

More About Captain Robert �. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! How to Bike-A-Line! CogelsC 6 years ago on Step 4. Reply Upvote. Hi sir, may I know what is the dimension of the multi purpose rack? Captain Robert mrandle Reply 6 years ago. Hmmm, maybe!

One of those toothed belts might do the job really well. Captain Robert lschaaf2 Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Captain Robert iminthebathroom Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Now click on Sketch in the second marker Sketch in CommandManager and select the top plane of the creating body. Start with Circle and give its diameter mm.

Now click on the cirle and tick For construction in box Options in PropertyManager. After that create two Centerlines, which are 15 degrees from each other. By using Offset Entities create lines on both sides of the second Centerline according to the picture. Now close the created lines to the rectangle. Trim with Trim Entities overlapping ends of lines.

When your Sketch is the same as mine on the picture, click on Exit Sketch. And now click on Sketch in the second marker Sketch in CommandManager and select the bottom plane of the creating body. After that create one Centerline and click on the ending point according to the picture with pushing the CTRL button and click on the opposite point in the previous Sketch. When your Sketch is the same as on the picture, click on Exit Sketch.

Click on Spline and join points and push Esc. Now click on point next to the arrow and pull with it according to the picture. Exit Sketch by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Now click on Loft in the first marker called Features in CommandManager. Click on OK to confirm the Loft. Use Fillet which is in the same marker as Loft. Set Radius 5mm and select edges according to the picture and confirm by clicking on OK. Choose some cylindrical area to identify axis.

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