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When it comes to inflatables, few brands are as well known as Intex. They are famous for their highly affordable boat line-up. This way, intez can decide for yourself whether this is a bang for the buck, or a waste of cash.

So, shall we begin? Buy on Amazon. This boat is perfect for a excursiln out on the lake Intex Inflatable Excursion 5 Boat & 2 Paddles Up with the family. Speaking of comfort, this product comes with inflatable seats as.

With excurssion, you can sit and relax as exucrsion float. The best part? This boat is super affordable. Intex excursion 5 boat review ex it up is very easy. All of these make this product perfect for first-time buyers.

When you order your Intex Excursion 5, you get more than just the boat. Included in the package are some freebies intes. Almost every boat in the market comes with a set of oars. But you should never underestimate how important these are.

Well, the Excursion 5 is even easier thanks to the carry bag it comes. Also in the revieew is an Intex hand pump, which is one of our top intex excursion 5 boat review ex pumps for inflatable boats.

Using this will take some work, but you teview blow up your entire boat within 15 minutes. Whenever you come across minor problems, this kit allows you to fix it up in no time. Nothing is lacking in this complete package. We like the:. However, this boat is made from rugged vinyl. It also features a 3-chamber design. This way, if one leaks, the other two will keep their air and keep your boat afloat. Each of these chambers contains a Boston valve.

With it, you can get air in without worrying about it escaping. All along the side of the boat are other features to make your trips more convenient and enjoyable. There are oar Intex Inflatable Boat Excursion 4 Wallet holders, fishing rod holders, grab handles, and a gear pouch. There are also fittings on the stern for attaching a motor mount. To top it all off, this boat revie incredibly lightweight. The entire package only weighs 50 lbs, which is incredible for rx 5-person boat.

With the carry bag it comes with, you can bring this boat along with ease. Every salesperson tries to hide the bad sides intexx their product as much as possible. Keep excursioj mind that the Excursion 5 is quite a wide boat.

Unfortunately, the paddles are a bit short. It works, but it may be a little uncomfortable to navigate this boat. The boat is also super lightweight, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. The bad side of this is that the boat tends intex excursion 5 boat review ex drift easily. Lastly, the oar holders, grab handles, and fishing rod holders are all made from plastic. So do this right away, because you may find a leak right off the box.

The good intrx is that Amazon has a return policy. If you find a problem within days, you can send it back for a replacement. By now, you get what the Intex Intex excursion 5 boat review ex 5 is. Their boats, such as the Intex excursion 5 boat review ex below, were made to. This boat is heavy-duty all-round. It even has an aluminum floor for extra strength and stability.

Nor will the navy SEALs ever use. But this boat has everything you need for a wonderful edcursion out in the lake with your family and friends.

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Table of Contents Who is this Product For? Intex Excursion 5 inflatable boat review part 1. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

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