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Guo Fu Cny Steamboat Set Steamboat has been on my must try list for the longest time, and my gaaawwwddd it�s the perfect first post lockdown hotpot buffet. The lunch buffet is reasonable enough at $++, and you get free flow EVERYTHING for two hours straight. Yes, even the xiao long myboat183 boatplanss: For most of us, having a steamboat buffet is already an indulgence. Guo Fu Steamboat takes this to another level by offering a whole lot of cooked dishes in their buffet, as well as freshly steamed xiao long bao. Located at Cross Street, this steamboat restaurant lets you order a set meal and have a small hot pot all to yourself. At Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat, diners will enjoy three hotpot dining options - Set Meal, A La Carte and A La Carte Buffet (most popular). With ten different types of soup base, over hundreds of fresh and high quality foods, and a wide range of in-house special dipping sauces for your selections.

How can we improve? All these will make your broth even sweeter and more palatable. Affordable prices for the whole experience: The steamboat experience at Guo Fu is a pleasing mix of having fresh and good quality foods with a decent variety in a comfortable environment and paying very reasonable guo fu steamboat set meal. All rights reserved Site Operator: Trip. There is a small button console at every table that you can use to ask for service or call for the. Reviews from Tripadvisor. Motherwell's Steven Lawless meall Hearts' cup shock will act as Steamboat Raffles Place International warning.

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