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Goodreads "Best Books for Reluctant Readers" Oct 17, �� The Best Books for Reluctant Readers Prepare for that glorious moment when you spot your child glued to a great read. By Scholastic Parents Staff. Feb 16, Ages. Share this article Send. To. From. Subject. Message Feb 16, We all want our kids to be bookworms, but sometimes getting them to finish a book can feel more like a. How to Train Your Dragon: The Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Book 1. age 8+. Engaging story is great for reluctant readers. By Cressida Cowell. () () Continue reading. Get it now. Searching for streaming and purchasing options. 10 rows�� If you are looking for stories for reluctant readers, books like The Adventures of Captain.

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Yee Genie Lo is working her hardest to get into Harvard. The only problem is, her hometown is sort of under attack from hellspawn straight out of Chinese folklore, which is not exactly conducive to studying.

Bless F. Yee for providing us with this beautiful book involving Chinese mythology and folklore! What if she interviewed her family, friends, enemies, and exes, putting together an oral history of her dating life?

Maybe that will finally help her figure out why all her relationships end! Jonathan Wick, an anthropologist, who used the Caribbean magic for hiw own nefarious means. And Shadowshaper can draw people in just with that. Warcross , by Marie Lu Emika Chen is a bounty hunter, working on finding players who bet illegally on virtual reality game Warcross. But Hideo Tanaka has a different offer in mind: Warcross has a security problem, and Hideo needs someone on the inside of the tournament to uncover the truth.

But Griffin still believed that when the time was right, Theo would return to him. But in order to find hope in the future, Griffin has to piece together his past.

Silvera is a master storyteller, and after reading this, readers will want to pick up everything else he has written. Sandra and her family were in a refugee camp, and when rebels attacked, she had to watch as her mother and six-year-old sister were shot. Eventually, a United Nations refugee program helped their family move to America, but in this new land, they were met with a cultural disconnect. Sandra has gone on to become a human rights activist, speaker, and the founder of the Jimbere Fund.

Plus, for any teen reader who has been trying to understand what it means to be a refugee, this is a great first stepping stone into further research. She is determined to be the favorite�the Belle selected by the queen to serve the nobility at the palace�and to be recognized as the best of all the Belles. Invictus , by Ryan Graudin Farway was born out of time.

The son of a time traveler and a Roman gladiator, all he wants to do is pass his final exams to become a Recorder, traveling through time like his mother. But when he fails his final test, he takes up a post as a commander of a ship, traveling throughout time to steal artifacts from places like the Titanic before they are lost. There are high stakes for sure, but it avoids the hopelessness and dreariness that future-set sci-fi books can fall into.

Geekerella , by Ashley Poston Elle grew up watching the sci-fi show Starfield with her late father, and when she sees a cosplay contest in advance of the release of the new movie, she has to enter. The winner will receive an invitation to a cosplay ball and will meet the actor Good Books For 10 Year Olds To Read playing fan favorite character Prince Carmindor in the reboot. Darien is a teen actor who just scored his most exciting role ever�Prince Carmindor. With the help of a food truck fairy godmother, can these two find each other?

Want , by Cindy Pon In futuristic Taiwan, the pollution is so bad that special suits are worn to protect citizens from its effects. Problem is, the rich are the only ones who can afford the suits. Jason Zhou is frustrated by the lack of protection for the poor, and is determined to change things. To do so, he infiltrates the Jin Corporation�responsible for manufacturing the suits and possibly the pollution. The only thing that could complicate his mission?

My So-Called Bollywood Life , by Nisha Sharma A pandit predicted Winnie would find the love of her life before her 18th birthday�but it turns out Raj, her boyfriend of three years, was hooking up with another girl while Winnie was at film camp. To make the situation worse, the chair of the student film festival, a spot Winnie coveted, is given to Raj.

But fellow film geek Dev is there to help Winnie look beyond the life predicted for her, and fight for her cinematic dreams. But if he succeeds, Nix could be erased from existence. Some words and phrases appear in bright colors and interesting fonts that can help to grab the attention of reluctant readers. Queen of the World is the first in a series of Babymouse graphic novels.

Graphic novels are a lot like comic books. In one of them she tangles with a giant squid! The books in this series are fun Good Books For Business Students and funny and emphasize the importance of staying true to yourself. Sports Illustrated for Kids is filled with interesting articles, interviews and eye-popping photos.

Is your child not into sports? You can find magazines for just about any area of interest online or at your local library or bookstore. Magazines package short bits of information in glossy and appealing ways. Sports Illustrated for Kids and other magazines have the power to hook reluctant readers and keep them reading from cover to cover.

Some spiders in Nepal have gross but effective camouflage � they look like bird poop! This and the 4, other facts in this truly awesome book will appeal to kids who are fascinated by animals, people and the world around them. This may be one of them. It can be challenging to find appealing books if your fifth grader is reading at second-grade level.

Dog on Trial is one of 18 HIP Junior novels that tap into topics of high interest to kids who are in grades three through five but who read at a lower level. In Dog on Trial , Owen only has three days to convince his father not to take his new dog Hero back to the animal shelter. There are a lot of amusing mishaps, but eventually Hero saves the day. Find more great books for your young reader. Search the Book Finder tool from our founding partner, Reading Rockets. Matched is both a romance and an adventure.

At just under 60 pages long, Bully is another great hi-lo option from Story Shares for reluctant readers. Short chapters and many photographs help make it even more approachable. Bully may be especially appealing to teenage girls because it provides a realistic and unique look into a theme that most of them know well.

The story follows Holly, a high school bully who spends her days angry and isolated. When she stumbles across a strange ring in her front yard, she ends up forming an unlikely relationship � and her perspective begins to shift. A Matter of Trust is part of the Bluford Series , which is set in the inner city and follows the lives and problems of the students at Bluford High. Calamities is part of the best-selling Critical Reading Series.

These nonfiction texts are a good option for readers who prefer fact over fiction. The books are visually catchy, and they cover real-life topics that are intriguing. These books include critical-thinking questions that serve as a guide for interacting more deeply with the text.

A classic first published in , The Outsiders stands the test of time with high school students. It follows the life of Ponyboy, a teenager growing up in the Midwest.

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