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Boat Building: Basic Construction of Resin, Fiberglass, and Cores - myboat329 boatplans Mar 27, �� Get some insight into how core works inside a fiberglass part by watching our Understanding Foam Cored Boat Construction video. Advanced Boat Building Techniques Along with these new materials, methods of laying them up into what will eventually become a boat have also advanced in recent years. Jul 15, �� The following video was posted by Cerny Yacht Design and features their foam core boatbuilding method. This method appears to result in hulls that are both lightweight and stiff. Another advertised benefit is the ability to create nicely shaped, rounded hulls, if desired. Jun 09, �� The foam shell needed to be lighted sanded and sheathed in carbon. We sanded the inside first since our frames were female. The excess foam was trimmed flush to our building jig and a shiplap add-on was installed on the deck half building jig. This allowed the inner carbon skin to extend past the join line and form a doubler at the hull myboat329 boatplansted Reading Time: 7 mins.
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Instead we glued the beams on. That decision proved correct as it led to a very stiff platform. Torsional stiffness was only limited by the beams themselves, and they were more than adequate. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we purchased carbon beams from Ben Hall and then added a carbon dolphin striker to the front beam and a traveler track attachment flat to the rear beam. Installing the beams started with a hull alignment jig that was nothing more than a couple sheets of ply-wood CNC cut to give the seven degree hull cant and to keep the hulls in line and at proper Fiberglass Boat Construction Pdf Txt legal width.

With the hulls fixed in the alignment jig the beams could be locked in place. First we had to hollow out the hulls where the beams would sit. We then laid a wet piece of 5. Strips of bias cut cloth were then wrapped into the junction of hull and beam. After cure and minor fairing, unidirectional carbon was wrapped over each beam in and out and onto the hull. Carbon was laminated from the inside of the beam onto the hull as well.

Low-Density filler and epoxy were used to fair all four joints. A foam cap sealed the end of each beam. A final wrap of 5. With the beams attached, tramp hooks, gudgeons, and chain plates installed the platform could be finish-primed and sanded.

The foils are an excellent shape, and we kept the board weight under three pounds each. Beams and mast came from Ben Hall. Local suppliers were used for hardware, rudder heads and paint. Three boats have been built this way. The first two were 3�5 lb under when weighed at the Worlds. In the modern age, building a boat begins with a mold.

These will be used to create Bavaria powerboats. Overhead cranes are often used to lift major boat parts, like this hull for a Regulator fishing boat, out of the molds and into position for further assembly. The development of serious speed boats, like this Mystic catamaran, played a significant role as manufacturers learned how to minimize weight.

It was the cost of construction, however, that spurred on this trend among boat-builders of all types. Two examples of fiberglass cloth: the fiberglass at the left is significantly thinner and lighter, but provides less stiffness. You can see the core with checkered appearance in this part, about to be vacuum-bagged at Sabre Yachts. Photo Credit: Sabre Yachts.

Although many modern boatbuilders eschew the use of wood, on high-end custom yachts like this Jarrett Bay, methods like cold molding are often considered superior to more modern techniques. Back Explore View All. Back Types View All. Unpowered Boats Kayaks Dinghies. Personal Watercraft Fiberglass Boat Construction Methods Pdf Table Personal Watercraft. Back Research. The core for the bottom is better at 12mm. And you will experience less delam if you vac bag. The motor also dictates things; the one I am building is rated for 3hp.

I plan oars. I redid your sheet with some changes. You did not correctly calculate the core weights and were a bit high. My weights are a bit light because you need to add 12 oz tapes at all seams.. Jolly Mon , Feb 17, Carbon can be pretty cheap these days. Factor in that you'll need less weight and less epoxy.

If you calculate 1' deck, 1' side, 2,5' wide bortom, each side. Times 10' length. Times 2 inside and outside you get about 16sqm of fabric Times So i'm not sure what the fuss about expensive carbon is all about.

More that carbon is slightly more difficult to wet out and to bend in sharp corners. Niclas Vestman , Feb 17, Jolly Mon likes this. Last edited: Feb 17, RMA , Feb 17, Epoxy primers and two part paints are somewhat easy to apply and very durable. You can do better, but the core needs some resin. Familiarize yourself with a squeegee and learn how to apply resin beneath the glass to simplify wetting out. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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