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10 Best Pontoon Fishing Boats of [Buying Guide] Overview In , SUN TRACKER� introduced the industry�s first fishing-featured pontoon boat�the BASS BUGGY��providing families a stable and safe platform to .
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So performance is a non-issue. Many modern pontoon boats, especially tri-toons, eat up a small chop. That means running through waves of one foot or so it quite comfortable. But� see below. The decks can get washed over, the flat underside of the boat smacks waves, and they may throw an absurd amount of spray in certain conditions. Rodholders on pontoon boats are usually though not always limited to clamp-ons, or add-on modules.

While this is just fine for smallish species like bass, crappie, or flounder, they may not be able to hold up to larger, more powerful gamefish. Raw water washdowns are a rarity on pontoon boats � and every serious fishing boat need a raw water washdown. In many cases, you may be reduced to using a bucket and a brush. Coho Salmon. Get A Fishing License Get started fishing today, purchase your fishing license online, check regulations and more.

Register A Boat Register your boat today. Learn how to register your vessel, boating laws and more. Special considerations of most importance include rod holders, a livewell or baitwell, and a bow-mounted electric motor.

Rod holders are probably the biggest concern to address. That includes upright holders for the rods while in transit, but especially rail-mounted holders for bait and bottom-fishing. Clamp-on models are okay for catching smaller species, but you need sturdy bolt-on versions if you expect to catch large fish like stripers or catfish.

Track-mounted holders are another installation option. Pontoon boats are best in calm waters, worst in big-wave environments. Most are fine in a chop or moderate waves, but in big seas the decks can get washed over, bang waves, and produce a lot of spray. As a general rule, calmer waters, back bays, and fishing in moderate winds are best for pontoons. Be aware of the susceptibility of pontoons to wind, in part because of their overall size, boxiness, and freeboard, but also because of canopies and tops, which many have.

Drift fishing in a pontoon is very popular, but control and positioning are hampered by wind, which may require you to anchor.

If you add a livewell you have to think about how to get water Fishing Boat With Trolling Motor For Sale At in and out of it, if the boat does not come equipped for that. Using a bucket to fill a livewell gets old fast. Add-on modules with items like rodholders or tackle centers help turn a pleasure pontoon into a fishing machine. Tri-toon pontoon boats can offer performance that's close to that of a V-hull, in terms of speed, handling, and efficiency. Back Explore View All.

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