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Matching the boat�s unique design are its unusual proportions; even though length is 35�0�, beam is a mere 8�6�. Putting all of these factors together you end up with an affordable 10 Most Expensive Boats Store trawler � MSRP starts at a mere $, well-equipped � that is easy to maintain and can make long, The Most Expensive Boats Brand Zip long hauls at a very efficient fuel burn of one. 3. Bass Boats: Ranger RTP While we�ll stipulate that there are some extremely expensive bass boats on the market, there are also plenty of lower-cost bass boats out there that are very competent fishing machines. They may not have the bling of models that are triple the cost, but boats like the Ranger RTP have The Most Expensive Boats Brand Names it where it counts: in the bass fishing department. The Top 10 Companies Making Powerboats - Money Inc.
1Sea Ray Sundancer � $ million. The most expensive speed boat you�ll ever find on the market is the Sundancer. The foot long luxury boat features a Cummins MerCruiser QSM with maximum HP of This boat can take you in places in just a couple of minutes. It�s as luxurious as it gets. The Sea Ray Sundancer has a galley filled with a freezer, oven, stove, refrigerator, coffeemaker and other kitchen appliances. The speed boat can accommodate up to 6 people. We know, to bad it can�t be 15, like #9. Among other features are included electric sun roof, flat screen TV, helm. Speed boats can offer a level of thrill that cannot be rivaled. The adrenaline rush when you�re maneuvering the speedboat is unparalleled. We used websites such as myboat283 boatplans, myboat283 boatplans, Top Gear and Business Insider in order to rank the 11 most expensive speedboats in the world, which are as follows: Formula. Purchase price: Varies between $, Less Expensive Boats Inc � $, This stunning speedboat is 31 feet long and the picture of elegance. The Corian countertop adds to its perfect look in spades, its U shaped lounge seating is excellent for a modest gathering. With a top speed of nearly. Are you interested in buying an affordable jet boat or sport boat? Do you want to know the current retail prices of some of the best jet boat brands in the.

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