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14 Layout boats ideas | duck boat, duck hunting boat, boat building Nov 03, �� Whatever the case, a layout boat is simply a water craft that is used to properly conceal a duck hunter in an open water area without the ravages of wind and water negatively affecting Boat Blind Plans Duck Hunting Project the hunter. The main ingredients for a layout boat are: short Author: Chuck Lichon. "Three Wood" is for sale! This is a chance to own a Cackler 14 Duckboat for fishing, duck hunting, or just as a wonderful tender on a large trawler. The previous owner used it to buzz around Bainbridge Island for fun and fishing. Great for on the water photo shoots! We've lowered the price $3, for the boat . Jan 19, �� Duck Hunting Lyrics: I was looking for someone / If you thought of it you would understand / I've been waiting for so long / And I'm probably .
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Whats Next? The first and only rotomolded layout boat in the world. View Details. Marsh-N layout boat The newest product from Area Th Marsh-N layout boat. Area 51 Layout Apparel The only true apparel designed specifically for layout hunting. Featured Layout Hunting Products. If you are searching for a low profile and stealthy layout boat available then the MLB Classic layout boat is just for you.

This ones a winner and a great boat if your serious about hunting layout style and are a smaller framed hunter. Details The Area 51 Layout hunting Mascot. This window decal measures Aproximately 5 inches squared.

Show your support and start your own flock. Details The Area 51 Fitted hat is a great fitting flexible adjusting hat. These hats are one size fits most. His typical diver spread consists of four to eight dozen long lines, with eight to 12 decoys on each line. He spaces his decoys seven to eight feet apart on the downwind half of his spread and five to six feet apart on the upwind half.

In addition, Rongers sets a foot "pipeline" downwind of the main decoy spread. Brightly painted drake canvasback, redhead, or bluebill decoys are spaced about 15 to 20 feet apart on the pipeline to attract divers trading over open water from great distances.

Rongers rigs each of his decoys with a six-foot dropper line, which he attaches to the long line with alligator clips or large stainless steel shrimp clips. This keeps my decoys from looking like toy soldiers lined up in a row.

He advises hunters to position layout boats among the decoys on the upwind third of the spread, no further than 30 yards from the downwind edge of the decoys see illustration. For right-handed shooters, the majority of the decoys should be set to the left of the boat, and vice versa for left-handed shooters.

Positioning the boat to either the left or the right side of the spread gives layout hunters greater flexibility for shooting birds approaching the decoys.

Although layout hunting originated on the East Coast and the Great Lakes, innovative waterfowlers in other regions have successfully adapted this style of waterfowling to their local hunting areas. During the past two decades, boat builders in the Midwest, South, and West have developed an array of new layout boats, designed for hunting diverse wetland habitats. These boats range from one-man, pod-like crafts with minimal ballast to large, two-man models powered by outboard motors.

All MoMarsh boats are U. Coast Guard approved and can be powered by standard outboards, electric trolling motors, or mud motors, as well as by paddling, poling, or rowing. Fully loaded, they draft only about four inches of water, making them a good choice for hunting in shallow wetlands, such as moist-soil wetlands and flooded fields.

But they also can be used in flooded timber, cattail or bulrush marshes, and even on open lakes. Through experience, McCauley has learned to strike a balance in his designs between concealment, comfort, stability, and safety. But once you get in one and lay down, you realize it's just like being in your easy chair at home. And when you are all covered up, they also provide a lot of protection from the elements.

McCauley also Plans For Layout Duck Boat Mod has some good hunting tips for layout hunters. Whenever possible, I like to place my boat in a clump of vegetation or tie up to an old snag to help break up my silhouette-the more you can blend in and hide the better. But a lot of times there is no cover where the birds want to be, so you just have to conceal yourself and look like a harmless stand of weeds. While hunting in open water, McCauley recommends that both hunters and their boats should be completely camouflaged.

It's also important to wear gloves and a facemask, so you're completely covered up. Today's ducks are so well educated that you can't have anything showing that doesn't look natural.

He uses a variety of decoy-spread configurations while layout hunting. And some Duck Hunting Boat Plans Guitar state wildlife personnel say this is a disadvantage to the ducks? But this is another story for another time. One of the original layout-boat builders residing in America today is John Kalash of Michigan.

His idea of a well-designed layout boat is one that has a crown that is not too high like the back of a box turtle so as to create a shadow, and one that is not too low, which, of course, would be about as seaworthy as a bathtub.

When John heads out to his native Lake Erie on a duck hunt, he may spot what looks like a raft of divers. As he motors toward the birds, he notices a man's head pop up a couple of hundred yards away. Basically, there are two types or styles of layouts that Kalash builds. One has a slightly higher crown than the other and is called Wooden Duck Boat Plans Lyrics a pumpkinseed. It has a flat bottom and no pit inside, which makes it a high rider.

This style, according to some, is easier to tow, but is also easier for the birds to spot due to the higher crown. The second style is a box or pit boat. As the name implies, a pit is constructed in the bottom of the boat and allows for a much lower profile. Federal law requires that your body be at least half above the water line. This boat accomplishes just that, but also provides for a boat that blends into the water.

Most layout boats have a canvas cover on top. This is called a "raise" or "combing" and is used in times of rough weather. Most veteran layout hunters, however, refrain from using the raise unless it's absolutely necessary. When the canvas is put into place, it eliminates the low profile and creates a shadow that may cause the birds to flare on certain days. If the raise is needed, they move it up only about three or four inches, just enough to keep the water from washing over the top.

To assist in preventing a shadow effect, you can use white paint for the underside of the raise. Layout-boat builders currently feel that the one-man, one-dog layout units are designed about as close to perfection as possible.

The two-man units, however, could probably use some modifications in design, especially in areas of making the craft easier to tow. With some of the new lightweight fiberglass rigs on the market today, layout rigs are easier to tow, but you may give up some of the concealment of heavier wood boats. Those duck hunters who are fortunate enough to live or have a cabin on the waters they hunt are more apt to own and use layout boats.

The reason for this is that many waterfowlers feel that the work involved in layout hunting is not worth the effort. Instead of hauling the duck-hunting paraphernalia that is normally used by the hunter, layout hunting involves much more gear and work. When hunting divers in open water, most hunters have a spread of between to blocks in order to attract the large flocks of divers. There are a few different arrangements for layout hunting.

One arrangement employs the use of a "V" design with the layout boat at the narrow or pointed end of the "V. Normally, the majority of the decoys are strung out between 50 to 70 yards downwind of the boat with a few more on the port and starboard sides of the boat. The same holds true for the "pearl-drop" arrangement.

The layout boat is again anchored upwind, only this time it's at the wide end of the arrangement. The idea in these two designs is to have the divers fly. The prone position prevents you from seeing the low-flying birds coming in at all angles.

It's not unusual for a flock to drop in behind you and merrily swim past your boat toward the decoys. Another method of decoy arrangement is to place several strings of blocks approximately yards long. The decoys are spaced roughly 15 feet apart with four strings on the port side and two on the starboard side for a right-handed shooter.

The boat is anchored between the fourth and fifth line about three-fourths of the way upwind from the downwind end of the spread. The idea is to bring the birds down to the left of the shooter in among the decoys. Although layout boats are most often used in open water situations, they are also used to sneak up on certain species of puddle ducks as well.

It doesn't take long for black ducks to become educated enough to shy away from the usual marsh structures that may resemble a blind. Therefore, you must do a certain amount of homework in order to outwit them. Blacks usually tend to frequent creek areas and small ponds in the evening hours. These areas should be scouted during the early evening to determine if the birds are returning to rest for the night.

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