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Single Axle Trailer Kits are a great way for the DIY guy to build a utility trailer that suits all needs. The single axle trailer kits are avaible as under carriage kits for general trailer axle and trailer spring replacement. Great Value on a complete trailer parts kits for building a trailer from the ground up. 4 Capacity Canoe/Kayak Conversion Kit. Universal canoe/kayak trailer conversion kit for up to 4 kayaks or 4 canoes without plastic protective covering. One size fits all trailer kit: Designed to hold 4 regular sized kayaks or canoes - Fits on ", 2", 3" rectangular and/or square tubing where applicable. Model SUTS will transport a single Canoe or Kayak. It has a tuned suspension to virtually eliminate "Road Bounce" on Canoes, Kayaks, and other small boats. This trailer can be shipped via UPS, and is easily assembled. Since the SUTS Trailer is made of aluminum, it is maintenance-free in addition to being strong and lightweight.

Even if you do have all those skills, it can be rather time-consuming to fabricate your own csnoe trailer. My favorite part of using Simplified Building products was the ease of installation and the ability to make changes diy single canoe trailer kit my design without grinding diy single canoe trailer kit and starting. Mark didn't have enough room on top of his SUV to haul all of the boats but, with his new trailer, now he and the rest of his family can go out on the water with ease. Model: Champion Trailers is the leader klt Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast for boat or utility trailer repair.

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