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Repairing a Fiberglass Diy Canoe Paddle Usa Canoe : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
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Early canoes were carved out of wood by Native Americans, who usually hollowed out a fallen tree. Today, modern technology allows canoes made out of wood and fibreglass.

Use soap and water to clean any excess dirt off of the canoe mould. If any dirt is left on the mould, the integrity of the fibreglass will be compromised. Rub car wax onto the mould using a rag and a circular motion. The car wax will help you remove the fibreglass canoe from the mould after the fibreglass has set.

Apply a layer of fibreglass gelcoat onto the mould. Let the gelcoat dry for about two hours, then apply a second layer. Gelcoat is what gives fibreglass its shine. Set a The mat should be long enough to cover the entire mould, with an extra 2.

Use scissors to cut off Diy Fiberglass Boat Restoration Valve excess fibreglass. Use clamps to hold the fibreglass flat against the mould. The amount of fibreglass you use will be dependent on the size of the mould. Mix resin with a hardening agent in a bucket.

Don't mix all of your resin and hardening agent at once. Instead, work with small amounts so that you don't have resin that hardens before you can use it. Pull up a section of fibreglass mat and brush resin on the mould underneath it. Press the section of fibreglass back down, and brush resin on top. You'll know you've applied enough resin when the white in the fibreglass mat is gone.

Rub a spreader over top of the fibreglass to remove any air bubbles. You may have to do three or four passes. Lay sections of These should be laid perpendicular to your first layer. Your first layer should have been laid lengthwise, running down the entire mould.

These sections of fibreglass should be laid width wise. Repeat steps 5 through 7 onto your new layer of fibreglass, then let it cure. Lay a second layer of This time, do not let the fibreglass cure before moving to step Lay a final layer of Apply the resin and let the fibreglass cure overnight.

Apply another layer of gelcoat on top of the cured fibreglass by using a brush. Allow this to cure. Remove your fibreglass canoe from the mould. If you applied the car wax in step one, the mould should slide right off. Alex Zang has been freelance writing since , specializing in sports and technology. Zang studied film production and screenwriting at Mount Royal College. Written by: Alex Zang Written on: July 14, Repeat steps 6 through 8 until you've completed the first layer of your fibreglass canoe.

The Canoe Guy: Home. Wear a respirator and work in a well ventilated area. Inhaling the fumes from the fibreglass or resin is harmful to your lungs.

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