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3D Floors Design | 3D Epoxy Floor ideas DIY Designer Epoxy Resin Floor: This stunning High Gloss Resin Floor would make a dramatic statement in any home, office, garage, showroom or in fact just about anywhere!It's surprisingly simple with good preparation and can be undertaken with minimal tools and equipmentThis new I. Nov 29, �� #Blender #egnevadesigns Texturing and Lighting part: myboat329 boatplans 3d floor plan modeling in Blender. T.
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Changing the colour, large scale resin art, adding marbling or veins with metallic pigments or contrasting colours, using the resin as a clear coat over a decorative floor like pennies, vinyl records, crushed glass, mosaics and much more are all possibilities. If you have any questions on this Instructable or the others we mention, don't hesitate to get in touch! Question 7 months ago.

What's the best way to fill the divets created from removing carpet tack strips before this application? Answer 7 months ago. Hi, thanks for your question. Hope that helps You have suggested that it could be used over vinyl records.

Do you have any photos of this type of application? Is there any specific procedure for lying down the records? Thank You! Reply 1 year ago. Hi, thanks for your message. You would need to prepare the floor, then lay the records making sure they are adhered to the floor then carry out the resin pour in two parts - the first to be level with the top of the records then when that layer has cured to the 'B stage' pour on the top clear coat.

This would minimise the risk of any air trapped under the records escaping into the resin. Please contact our technical team on help glasscastresin. All the other processes and techniques can be found in our tutorials and free eBooks Question 1 year ago on Step 7. How much does it cost per sq.

Just the epoxy and resin and a basic pigment, I have a floor I would like to try an high gloss epoxy finish on and I've got roughly sq. Answer 1 year ago. If you need any help please drop us a line to by email to: help glasscastresin. Question 1 year ago. I'd like to coat my garage floor, but it has a slope intentional per building code. Does that prevent this application or are there just special instructions to follow?

The particular product GlassCast 3 is self levelling which means it will try and flow to the lowest point of the room and level out, this means that it's very difficult to use the product on a sloped floor like this.

It may be possible to build up thin brush-applied coats but - because it won't be flowing and self-levelling as it normally would - you would need to flat and polish the brushed finish in order to achieve the normal perfectly flat gloss finish More by the author:.

The next step is to prepare the room for the pour. Step 1: Seal the perimeter of the floor to contain the resin and stop any resin seeping under walls and skirting boards. Step 2: Fill and cracks, holes or gaps in the floor to create a flat, smooth surface - as near to perfect as you can get it. We then left this to fully harden. Step 3: Next, sand smooth any rough or high spots and clean the floor thoroughly - it is worth taking time on the cleaning to ensure the floor and room are free from any dirt and debris.

There are a few extra images at the end of the Instructable of alternative floors. This was the process we followed as we were mixing such large batches: GlassCast 3 mix ratio is 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener - we worked out that if we divided the total amount into the individual kits 3 , then divided each kit into 3 we would have 9 batches for the whole project. The pigment is added at 2. Each batch will consist of; 8. Correct Mixing : Mixing in large quantities like this is done most effectively with a powered paddle mixer - make sure that you keep the paddle mixer submerged in the mixture, this will ensure you are not adding air into the mix.

The Pour We found it very helpful to mark out the area for each batch - just using a piece of masking tape on the wall before beginning the pours. The Cure Once you're happy with the floor it's time to seal the room and leave it to fully cure - this will allow the resin to degas, self-level and cure to an amazing high gloss finish like this!

That's how we created our high gloss resin floor! If you would like to attempt your own glossy floor project but need some more advice please get in touch: You can reach us through the comments section here, or through the GlassCast Resin website.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Hammered Copper Coffee Table by eamonwalshdiy in Furniture. Icelandian Question 7 months ago. Answer Upvote. GlassCast Resin Icelandian Answer 7 months ago. Reply Upvote. NikkiE15 1 year ago. BrianMc81 Question 1 year ago on Step 7. Icelandian Question 1 year ago. Our professional designers can personalise your boat floor with router engraved custom decking lines, fish measures, boat names, boat brands and more for that professional yet unique customised look.

If your logo is more detailed or requires a sleek modern finish, then a lasered logo on your boat flooring may be the perfect option for you. Form A Sign keep up to date with the latest laser and router technology to ensure your routed or lasered boat flooring will be quality, and made to last.

The best bit is that there are no additional costs for including premium custom logos in your boat floor. All boat floor customised design, routering and lasering is included within your standard boat floor kit.

The easiest way to clean your decking is to use a high pressure hose 1 foot distance away from the decking. For stubborn stains follow below. STEP 1: To clean dirt, etc. Spray directly on a cool surface and not in direct sunlight.

Lightly move around the cleaner with a soft or hard bristle brush. Let sit for seconds. Add a small amount of water to the surface and lightly scrub again before rinsing. Repeat if necessary. This cleaner is also safe to use on upholstery and carpet. Put a small amount of the U-Dek Cleaner on the stain. Dip a medium bristled boat brush in warm water and work around until the oil comes out.

Rinse with water. Repeat if needed. Apply on the rust stain and allow to soak for minutes. Repeat if necessary, the rust stain will eventually be removed. With Grunt cleaner, please be careful to avoid getting this solvent on the sides of the decking, it could damage the lamination or PSA.

Please be careful with all other cleaning products. Wear vinyl or nitrile gloves and eye protection. For best cleaning results, tend to all stains, spills and leaks as soon as possible.

Long-term storage of items on the decking such as inflatable pool toys, tools or water bottles. Keep decking away from reflective surfaces or from under glass. Clean s pills and messes on the decking immediately to reduce possible staining. Some materials can stain the decking if not promptly removed.

Examples include: mustard, ketchup, fish hooks left to rust, fish blood, bird droppings, etc. Light Amplification The harsh Australian sun can reflect off gel-coat surfaces and damage Ultralon Decking. Lighter colours and darker gel-coats reduce the Light Amplification problem. Ultralon decking is durable, but for longevity after installation, it is recommended that the boat or any other surface of application be covered.

Reducing longer term exposure to the elements, when not in use, will help extend the life of your decking and reduce colour fade. If you think that some areas of your boat floor might be exposed to light amplification, please call us to discuss and organize a free boat assessment. We have many solutions available to manage light amplification � so your boat flooring keeps looking as good as new.

Ultralon Decking should be stored in a cool, dry, indoor location until installed on your boat. Check fuel vapor from the floor prior to installation as this will effect adhesives. Check new fiberglass floors that all fiberglass mold release agents are removed speak to your boat manufacturer regarding removal.

If your fiberglass boat is older and chalky in appearance, clean with a deoxidizer prior to installation. Ensure floors are clean of all contaminates prior to installation, eg oil, fuel, polish etc. Thoroughly clean the surface area where decking will be applied using an alcohol based cleaner, such as Isopropanol. Make sure all grease, adhesive, mold-release, wax and other substances are removed before installing the product.

The area must be completely dry before applying decking. Use a rag to apply a thin coat of 3M Primer 94 to the templated area on the hull. This product increases the 3M adheision. Before you peel back the adhesive backing, place the decking on the application surface to check correct fit and spacing and determine the exact location of the decking.

Turn decking over so that the adhesive backing is face up. With a sharp razor knife carefully cut the adhesive paper backing down the center at the shortest width. Now peel back and fold the four corners of the paper backing. Turn the decking back over and position it exactly where you want it installed. Taping prevents the decking from moving while installing. Then carefully lift up the side that is not taped down and pull up the folded corners to loosen the adhesive backing.

From the center working towards the outer edges, slowly and carefully peel the rest of the paper backing while applying the decking. A Roller will apply the required 2kg of pressure per square inch of decking. Roll in all directions to ensure adhesion. Remove the masking tape from the other side of the decking and repeat step 7. If required 3M Edge sealer will secure the edge of your decking glue.

Place masking tape around the top of your decking product. Use a small paint brush or applicator to put a thin line of 3M edge sealer around the outside glued edge of your decking. Once dry, remove the masking tape. Do not allow the edge sealer to come into contact with the top face of your decking product.

It has a strong 3M adhesive backing for easy application to your boat floor. Email Address. Phone Number. Shop Now! Marine boat flooring. When only the best marine flooring will do. Steel grey on black eva flooring. Black on Winter Grey eva flooring. White Z Tread eva flooring. Light Grey Z Tread eva flooring.

Steel Grey Z Tread eva flooring. Light Grey Octi Tread eva flooring. Steel Grey Octi Tread eva flooring. I just want my boat floor Repaired� U-Tread Octi and Z tread is a great flooring option for the busy fisherman who just wants the job done � with Form A Sign digitally templating and installing the boat flooring;. How to digitally template your floor.

Template your own boat floor using our guide. Download Guide.

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