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Caste Hierarchy: A ladder-like formation in which dlass the caste groups are placed from the highest to the lowest castes. Communalism: It means attempts to promote religious ideas between groups of people as identified by different communities. Casteism: Casteism is the hereditary system of occupation, political power, endogamy, social culture and social class. It can also be defined as xolutions class structure that is determined by civjcs.

Feminism: It is concerned with the empowerment of women and giving them equal status in the society as men. In our country, different family laws apply to followers of different religions. Gender Division: It is a form of hierarchical social division based on social expectations and stereotypes. Literacy Rate: Literacy rate is the ratio of educated people among the whole population of a country.

Occupational Mobility: Shift from one occupation to another, usually class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf a new generation takes up occupations other than those practiced by their ancestors. Patriarchy: A system where the father is the head of the family. Prejudice: An unreasonable dislike or preference for a person, group, custom.

Sex Ratio: It is defined as the fhapter of females per males in a country in a given period of time. Sexual Division of Labour: A system in which all work inside the home is either chapher by class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf women of the family or organised by them through the domestic helpers. Secular State: A state which does not have any official religion. It provides equal status to all religions.

Secularism: A belief that religion should not be involved in the organization of society. Universal Adult Franchise: It means that all citizens whose age is 18 years or above have the right to vote.

Important Notes. Agitations or movements demanding enhancement in soltuions political and legal status of women and improving their education and career opportunities are called Feminist Movement. The political demands of the Feminist Movements in India were :. It is based on social expectations and stereotypes.

We now find women working as scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers. Women all over the world have been demanding:. But the bill to this effect has not been passed. Girls are performing as good as boys in school. On an average, an Indian woman works one hour more than an average man everyday. However, in almost all areas of work, from sports and cinema to factories and fields, women are paid less than men, even when both do exactly the same work.

Such sex-selective abortion led to a decline in child sex ratio. When beliefs of one religion are presented as superior to those of other religions, when the demands of one religious group are formed in opposition to another and when state power is used to establish domination of one religious group over the rest, is called Communalism.

There are three kinds ciivcs social differences that can take the form of social divisions Ncert Solutions For Class 10th Science Chapter 6 Work and inequalities. These social differences are based on gender, religion and caste. Gender division is a form of hierarchical social division.

It seems to be natural and unchangeable. In our societies, sexual division of labour is widespread. Boys and girls are brought up to believe that the main responsibility of women is housework and bringing up children. On the other class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf, chapted are expected to do all the work outside home.

Women in different parts of the world organised and agitated for equal rights and voting rights for women. They also demanded enhancement in the political and legal status of women and improvement in their educational and career opportunities.

These movements are called feminist movements. Now women are working as scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers. In countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland, the participation of women in public life is very high. But in our country, women still class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf much behind men despite some improvement since independence.

It values men over women and gives them more power and women face discrimination and oppression in many Class 10th Economics Chapter 2 Ncert Solutions China ways. The literacy rate among women is still lower than men. Women still have a small share in the highly paid jobs. They are exported and harassed at the workplace as well as at home. Communalism is based on ideology that the followers of a particular religion must belong to one community.

Ccivics is believed that people who follow different religions cannot belong to same social community. In its extreme form communalism leads to the belief that pdg people belonging to different religions cannot live as equal citizens in one nation.

The superior religious group Ncert Solutions Class 10th History Chapter 7 Time is expected to rule the nation or it ends in disintegration of the nation. Either, one of them has to dominate the rest or they have to form different nations. Measures to check communalism in India are:. This is so common that we often fail to notice it, even when we believe in it. For those belonging to the majority community, this takes the form of majoritarian dominance.

For those belonging to the minority community, it can take the form of a desire to form a separate political unit. This involves the use of Ncert Solutions Class 10th Chemistry Chapter 4 sacred symbols, religious leaders, emotional appeal and plain fear in order to bring the followers of one religion together in the political arena.

The makers of our Constitution were aware of this challenge. That is why they chose the model of a secular state. This choice was reflected in several constitutional provisions like. The religious differences are often expressed in the field of politics, i. He believed that politics must be guided by ethics drawn from religion. They have demanded that the government take special steps class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf nceet religious minorities.

So they have demanded that class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf should change these laws to make them more equitable.

The Government of India gives holidays for the festivals of most of the religions. Secularism means no special status is given to any religion. It is just not an ideology of some parties or persons. The Constitution of India ensure that India remains a secular solutiobs by:. For example, it bans untouchability. Secularism is the foundation of our country �.

Beneficial :. Advantages of the political expression of caste differences are :. Caste get politicised :. Factors for Breaking Down of Caste System:. Impact of caste system on Indian Democracy. In this sense, caste politics has helped Dalit and OBC to gain better access to decision-making. It can divert attention from other pressing issues such as poverty, development and corruption.

In some cases, it leads to violence. The factors that have led to the weakening of the caste system in India or reasons for the declining caste system in India or socio-economic changes responsible for breaking down the old notion of caste class 10th civics chapter 4 ncert solutions pdf in India are :. Example to show that caste has not still disappeared from contemporary India are :.

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Aug 21, �� Answer: No, the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Democratic Politics Chapter 4- Gender, Religion, and Caste can be downloaded for absolutely free of cost from Vedantu. These NCERT Solutions are prepared by the subject-matter experts at Vedantu and are available in PDF format. You can access this PDF online as well as offline. NCERT Books for Class 10 Civics in PDF for free download. Political Science Democratic Politics. Apr 01, �� NCERT Book Question and Answers for Class 10, Civics, Social Science, Chapter 4 - Gender, Religion and Caste.

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