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Chapter 6 Class 10 Triangles - NCERT Solutions - with Videos

All exercise questions, examples and optional exercise questions have been solved with video of each and every question. If you want to study the chapter for the first time, or revise - Click on Concept Wise. First the concept is explained, and then the questions are explained, from easy to difficult. When you click on a topic link or an exercise link, the first question will open. For other questions, there is a list with arrows which has all the questions.

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And how to remember all this Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry - Finding height and distances, knowing what is angle of depression, angle of elevation Chapter 10 Circles - Tangent to circle, Number of tangents from a point of the circle, Length of tangent.

Chapter 11 Constructions - Using the concepts we have studied before, first we learn how to divide a ch 13 maths class 10 ncert solutions teachoo english segment in a particular ratio, then we study how to draw a triangle similar to the triangle where Scale Factor is greater than 1, and less than 1 and then we learn how to create a tangent to the emglish from a point outside it.

Justification of all the constructions is also explained. Chapter 14 Statistics - Finding mean - Normal method, assumed matha method, step deviation method. Finding median - for more than, less than using median class and cumulative frequency, Finding Mode, Drawing More than - less than ogive.

Chapter 15 Probability - Finding Probability of cases where 2 dies are thrown, or when using cardsProbability of complementary events. Click on any chapter below to find solutions to all questions. Chapter 2 Class 10 Polynomials. Chapter 4 Class 10 Quadratic Equations. Chapter 5 Class 10 Arithmetic Progressions. Chapter 6 Class 10 Triangles. Chapter 7 Class 10 Coordinate Geometry.

Chapter 8 Class 10 Introduction to Trignometry. Chapter 9 Class 10 Some Applications of Trignometry. Chapter 10 Class 110 Circles. Chapter 11 Class 10 Constructions.

Chapter 12 Class 10 Areas related to Circles. Chapter 13 Ncert Solutions For Class 10 Maths Ch 2 Ex 2.2 Class 10 Surface Solutilns and Volumes. Chapter Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Maths Chapter 3 Exercise 3.6 Student 14 Class 10 Statistics. Chapter 15 Class ch 13 maths class 10 ncert solutions teachoo english Probability. Teachoo is free. Login to view more pages. Or login Sign In.

Let r1 and r2 be the radii of the frustum of upper and lower ends cut by a plane. This bucket is emptied on the ground and a conical heap of sand is formed. Whenever solid is formed by combining two or more solids, then the amount of matter present in the new solid is equal to the sum of amounts of matter in the constituting solids. Given, oil funnel is a combination of a cylinder and a frustum of a cone. The earth taken out of it has been spread evenly all around it in the shape of a circular ring of width 4m to form an embankment.

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