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Swim face to face with famous Barbados Sea Turtles�and get close enough to touch their smooth, hard shells. Dive deep into a 19th century shipwreck to explore the marine life, coral, and secrets within. Or just unwind on deck�bronzing in the sun, feeling tickled by the ocean spray, making friends, and embracing Barbados. The owners of the immaculate Silver Moon fleet of catamarans are seasoned voyagers of the Barbados sea. Native to Barbados, they�ve been sailing its coastline on their luxury catamarans since About Silver Moon Charters Silver Moon is the original luxury catamaran operator in Barbados. We charge a little more than our competitors, but cater exclusively to small numbers. This means you get more room to relax and extra attention from our staff who will cater to your every need.5/K TripAdvisor reviews.
Barbados Catamaran Cruises: Check out Viator's reviews and photos of Barbados tours.� Tours, Sightseeing & Cruises. All Tours by Duration. Day Trips. Full-day Tours. Half-day Tours. Overnight Tours. Travel & Transportation Services. Close. Back to main. Popular Barbados Categories. All Inclusive Resorts in Bridgetown. Oceanfront Hotels in Bridgetown.� It�s their favourite catamaran trip and they�ve been on a couple of different offerings. Staff are fun, trip is exciting, drinks and food are good on board. All in all, a five star excursion. Read more. A Tiami Catamaran sailing cruise in Barbados is a laid back, relaxed & stylish way of enjoying the glittering sea. Indulge in drinks, snorkel with turtles as you board.� The Tiami fleet consists of five classy, well-kept catamarans. Each with its own name, Excellence Too, Excellence One, Catamaran Manufacturers In India Im Spirit, Wind Dreamer and, of course, the ever sleek Tiami. Patrons over and over are captivated by the ambience, describing the experience as, �This is the Life�.

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