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Jan 05, �� Above all, ship our Carolina Skiff Poling Platforms all over the country. Custom Poling Platforms. Since our poling platforms are custom, we can build them based on your specifications. The most popular upgrade is a pair of rod holders for trolling. We can also add a ski tow on the back side of the poling platform. That skiff would not be the best choice to tarpon fish the Big Bend in the Gulf of Mexico when it�s blowing 20 knots. We build different skiffs for the many different fishing situations in many locations. Of course there is plenty of overlapping usage but we want to build the best possible boat or boats for your . Each skiff is built to the exact specifications of its owner, only after learning about you, how you fish and what your expectations are! Ultra Skinny Water Flats Boats The 16�8� Micro takes its DNA from the legendary Strike, one of the most popular technical poling skiffs on the market today, & distills it down to the purest fishing.

The gate valves for the bait well will be bronze not PVC so they will not freeze and will be maintainable as they will be easy to access in Lorem lpsum 311 boatplans/sailing-boat/yeoman-sailing-boat-600 click stern locker. The bow hatch will have my hatch hinge in it that only needs one bolt skirf. Anodized aluminum build your own poling skiff 40 marine grade and will not rust. This hull can be built lbs lighter without much trouble or using exotic materials. Build yours! This means no plastic through hulls and no worrys of leaks. The 17 HPX-V does just .

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