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The Maxi Mac is a slightly enlarged version of the solo Mini Mac drift boat. The Max boat is only 18 inches longer than the Mini but the increased width and depth of the Max provide almost double the volume of the Mini and at pounds for the lightweight version its still a cartopper if you build my bullet boat mac want the hassle of a trailer.

The increased size of the Max boat provides a considerable safety feature in rough water, and it will handle up to three adults with gear. The Max is our most popular build my bullet boat mac. The center console feature provides structural support to the clean open hull, adjustable seating, storage and flotation compartments, and is also an ideal location for a motor.

Traditional drift boat seating may also be installed over the console, and the seats can be made removable for the best of both layouts. A motor well in the console locates a small motor safely and efficiently inside the hull with easy build my bullet boat mac to motor controls, and even the smallest of gas or electric motors will push the slippery hull. A motorized version provides the ability to launch at the "put-in", repeatedly motor upstream and drift back down, without the need for a shuttle vehicle at a separate "take-out" location.

Build my bullet boat mac interior layouts are possible. The boat can be set up for a guide and client layout with aft rowing station and room forward to stand for casting, or with midships rowing station and seating on fore and aft compartments. Or the center console can be equipped with adjustable seating for changing situations.

Some Max builders have installed thicker topsides and structural seating instead of compartments, and whitewater versions have completely compartmentalized interiors with self-bailing footwells. The Max building plans include a 40 page spiral bound manual of photos, sketches, sources, step-by-step, builders tips, plus in-depth discussion of options and modifications to customize the basic boat, all written for amateurs and first-timers.

To: paul butlerprojects. I can't tell you how excited I am right now to have found your site! I have placed several calls, e-mails and faxes to Outdoor life trying to find you. All I had to do was type in "Outdoor life river boat plans" into Google and there you are.

I remember some 14 odd years ago reading plans on building your river boat. I didn't have the time nor money then to do it. But I do now! Not to mention last years week long trip down the Green. I need a set of your Maxi-Mac plans. Do you take credit card? If not build my bullet boat mac me know how I can get.

Outdoor Life has provided me recreational mental field excursions while wintering over in the Balkans. Just wanted to say that I am jazzed to get home from Kosovo and build build my bullet boat mac Maxi-Mac build my bullet boat mac boat with my children. It has been built several times in my mind and look forward to trading in the bandages and Build my bullet boat mac IV fluid bags for the jigsaw and varnish.

I am ordering the plans to be sent to my home in Richmond HillGA; where they will be waiting for me and my first long weekend. Bruce A. Thanks for such a quick response to my email on Friday. I figured it would take a number of days for you to get back to me.

As soon as I saw the center seat down the middle of the Max boat, it seemed the most logical location I have ever seen. I will be ordering a set of plans next week waiting for payday. Thanks Mini Jet Boat Builder Mac for your time. Jay Zott California. Paul, It took a couple of years to complete my cold-molded Melonseed, but she is substantially lighter because of your article in Small Craft Advisor.

I incorporated all your suggestions and came out with a decked sixteen footer that I can store and launch on a dolly, at my local lake. She is quick on all points of sail and, by the time you think "tack", she is already on the other tack. I am very pleased. Purchase plans from Duckworks. Thank you sir, Eric Scott. Hi Paul, Thanks for such a quick How To Build A Dinghy Racing Boat Macbook response to my email on Friday.


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FIND YOUR RANGER DEALER. Done kicking tires? Then it�s time to pull the trigger and get you into a Ranger�. Find the dealer closest to you and get a conversation started. Build My Phoenix. Customize your fishing experience by building your dream boat. Start Customizing Power of Choice. Color. Virtually endless color combinations. Accessories. Nearly endless possibilities to create your one of a kind boat. Power Poles. Style and function meet with 6 color options. When We Say Bullet-Proof, We Mean It. When we say Ocean Masters are bullet-proof, we mean it. But this is really no surprise Build Your Own Mini Jet Boat Machine to us. Our 27 foot hull is completely overbuilt with multiple layers of fiberglass, the 31 has even more. At Ocean Master we build Build A Bullet Bass Boat Question boats the way they used to be built � with the highest quality fiberglass and lots of it.

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