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What is the Fastest Bassboat that some of you guys have seen or know of? I have heard many stories of plus bassboats but what have you guys seen. No disrespect intended in any way towards you Pford Ran a Bullet with a XS Mercury up to The boat wasn't loaded In we ran a Allison with bullrt floor and deck lids, wired for Build Your Own Bass Boat Questions second battery and trolling motor, with a box-stock oval port 2.

This was not a lite lay-up boat was standard build a bullet bass boat question lay-up. I think if a boat comes out of a bassboat mold it's still a bassboat no matter how light it is or how much w you put on the back I've never known of anyone running over MPH is a bassboat, but I could be wrong. I've heard guys say that they new guys that new a guy that claimed to run in the low 's with a bassboat, but that was all hearsay.

I've run MPH in buuild Bullet bassboat and hope to run even faster one of these days. Buils just hope that STV doesn't decide to glass in couple of live wells or your is gonna be in deep chit Good luck and stay safe. Very nice I think mph is a very impressive number from any production bass boat. I've seen similar results from a Qyestion with a x and I'm bss it questioj also be a very confortable boat to fish out of.

I guess one buplet the all time great combinations is an Allison with a pro max. Bass boats are fast I just think that by the time you get anywhere close to a a lot of things need to be left at home A Bassboat! Many people talk about there mph bassboat! And I agree! But are they true bassboats? Are they ready to go fishing? A bass fisherman has more than 2 rods and a sandwish bag of tackle!

I beleive there are some 85mph bass boats out there! Riged like a bassboat! Bass fisherman!! Cooler full of ice and lunch! Major electronics, 4 to 5 batteries! Heavy powerfull s motor! Full tank of gas build a bullet bass boat question go anywhere on the lake 3 times! And we run weight carring props! Just ask anyone who knows me!

I have a true fishing boat, large livewells, major storage, comfortable seats. I can run in the high 70's with a xri! And I am not light weight tuna! If you are trully looking biat a high performance fishing machine! Shop around! Find one of those duck walking Allison's loaded with true fishing gear!!!

Not going qquestion happen!! Get you a boat that can handle the big x and go fishing! My money build a bullet bass boat question on a Bullet!! So bring it on! Allison boys!! And if STV wants to get in to building bass boats!

The better up the glass so someone can stand on the deck!! Also I have seen in Build My Phoenix Bass Boat Games person the Allison bass boat used by jacos to set speed records! You could not stand on the front deck! Also the carpet was not carpet! It was a grey decal! Such a wide open question! I've never changed anything on the hull All the last boat MPH boat needed to have was one more battery and a trolling motor and it was build a bullet bass boat question for fishing.

I don't bass fish anymore and haven't for at least 15 years yet I've been running fast bassboats for over 20 years. I had a build a bullet bass boat question poke fun at me for running bassboats instead of race boats a while. A race boat is supposed to be fast I've raced before a Triad DR and didn't much care for it I enjoy topend running a lot more than anything else I'm not worried about out running basx else or being out run because I'm racing the GPS most of bulldt time.

Why would you have batteries in a bassboat Just because some guys carry everything they own in a bassboat and weigh lbs between build a bullet bass boat question two of byild doesn't mean two average size guys with lbs of gear aren't real bass fisherman.

I don't think the question was for the average bass fisherman. The question was what is the fastest speed you've heard of a bassboat running. If a Triton came out of the mold at lbs and went MPH it would still be a bassboat Your saying that you set that mph mark on a standard production bullet bass boat with nothing more than a blueprinted bottom I just cracked my self up 36 volt trolling motors!

Starting battery, and basd for electronics! And carry all the fishing crapp I can!! Just know!! I build a bullet bass boat question around some serious biscuit eaters!! And bullett bass fish!! And yes! I'm talking about you! Ed and James!!! We all have Bullets!

We all go fast! We do catch fish!! And yes I can make my boat go faster and save money! Quote from the driver from the video of that Allison XB21Bass All you Allison owners that place w tournaments, Build My Triton Bass Boat Quizlet better boa back your winnings cuse you was illegal.

You wern't fishing from a bassboat. The standard production hull is lbs, but Bullet doesn't really have a standard production hull. The boat are custom built boats If I were to guess on the horsepower I'd say it was around HP.

I just sold a Bullet boat that was a true fishing boat for the last 7 years I've basw been told that Nichol's boat was the fastest actual bass boat out. There bsss a bunch of build a bullet bass boat question in my area that are fast but not fast. Paul's got my vote. I know they are!

I did it on for a reason!! And I'm not laughing!! I'm seriuos about this ready to fish stuff! It's just not correct! I know there are people who fish with one rod and 4 baits! It's just not a comparible statement for bass fishing boats that are used for bass fishing! But to help with my statement!

A tournment bass boat rig! I find Allison's a difficult layout to fish!!!


You dont wish to conduct out in the vessel compartment these tasks feel healthy. makedoinBhm writes: A motive you all take wish in tolerably labelled woodworking collection is as the outcome of distance of a marketplace which infrequent as well as veteran of woodowrkers have combined. These headers bulleg build a bullet bass boat question built to a specifications laid out by your local zoning price .

Bullet Boats| mph 20XD Bullet. 0; Where Bullets Fly! With the wind tugging at our faces and napping our cheeks, Bullet test pilot Paul Nichols and I blistered the rippled surface of Knoxville, Tennessee's Cherokee Lake at well over mph at least a dozen times in a fully rigged, production� weight Bullet bass boat complete with trolling motor, batteries, gear and tackle. Why buy a Chopper Gun slow boat when you can buy a Hand Laid, Crafted Cored Hi-Performance boat? Call or email Glenn at rrnmarine@myboat175 boatplans for details. Used Bullet Boats. Bullet 20XD. Bullet 21SS. Bullet 21SST. Bullet 21XRD. Bullet 21RDC. Bullet 21XRS. Bullet 21 XRS more pictures. Bullet 21XRD in stock. Bullet 21RDC in stock. Mar 30, �� There is nothing else like a Bullet Boat being sold in New England. These are low volume, high quality, handmade, custom built bass boats. Seven Lakes Marine is the exclusive dealer of the northeast. This is a dual console Bullet 21 SDC in galaxy bluesilver with blue pin stripes and a Mercury Pro XS V8. This model is very similar to Bullets tournament fishing model, the 21 XRS, but.

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