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� Excursion Boat Operators � companies � USA � The Boat Basin Marina, W.E. Mills Landing & Marina are the centre of local festivals and harbour events, adjacent to downtown Nanaimo and includes a Plaza, seaplane terminal, pubs, seaside eateries and floating restaurants, wildlife tours, links to Islands, parking and a km harbour-side walkway. Leesfield Scolaro is a Miami personal injury law firm with over years of litigation experience serving clients in cases including cruise ship accidents. Call today at for a free consultation. March The boiler of the tug-boat Henry C. Pratt, at Pier No. 8, South Wharves, exploded, killing five persons and totally destroying the boat. The tug-boat Ella, lying near by, caught fire and was destroyed. Station of Philadelphia and Atlantic City Railroad burned and .
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Twitchell acquitted. Rebuilt and opened as Concordia Theatre. Later bottling establishment of John F. December 3. December 4. Ferry boat Brooklyn, belonging to Gloucester Ferry Company, destroyed by fire. John and Rebecca George present 83 acres of land, known as "George's Hill," to the city as an addition to Fairmount Park.

Depot of 2d and 3d Street Railroad destroyed by fire. The commission appointed to provide for the erection of new public building, meet and organize. Jewelry establishment of J, E. Caldwell, Chestnut Street, above Ninth, destroyed by fire.

Two clerks in Caldwell's store were burned to death. Lydia R. Bailey, a well- known printer, dies in her 91st year. Joseph W. Smith, janitor of hall at Sixth Street and Girard Ave.

April 4. April 6. Grand parade of Odd Fellows on occasion of the semi-centennial celebration. Burning of the old depot of the Germantown and Norristown Railroad Co.

Skating Rink, at 21st and Race Streets, burned. May 3. The steam canal-barge Fulton sunk at the foot of Walnut Street. Two men drowned. Parade of the Improved Order of Red Men. Imposing display. John Dobson's blanket factory, Falls of Schuylkill, destroyed by fire. The will of Dr. The carriage of the West Philadelphia Hose Co. Vista drive at Fairmount Park, opened by Park Commissioners. Destructive fire at Sixth Street and Columbia Ave. Raid made on the unlicensed distilleries in the Twenty-Fifth Ward.

Revenue officers accompanied by a corps of marines. Unveiling the statue of Washington Monument in front of Independence Hall. Dedicated by the school children. New building of the Mercantile Library, Tenth Street above Chestnut, inaugurated with appropriate ceremonies. Great conflagration of Col. Patterson's bonded warehouse, Front and Lombard Streets. Thousands of barrels of whiskey burnt. Scarcity of water in the Schuylkill.

Steam fire engines used to pump water into Fairmount basin. Large factory building, Ninth and Wallace Streets, destroyed by fire. Additional steam fire-engines used to pump water into Fairmount basin. The art store of James S. Burning of spice mills, North Front Street.

The Humboldt Centennial celebrated by a parade and laying the cornerstone of a monument in Fairmount Park. Barrel manufactory of W. Thomas, 12th and Buttonwood Streets destroyed by fire. The tide in the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers overflow the wharves and fill cellars. The stockholders of the Philadelphia Library Company vote in favor of accepting the legacy of Dr.

Centennial celebration at St. Horace Binney, Jr. The cotton mill of J. Parade of firemen and dedication of monument to the late Chief Engineer David M. March 8. Tremendous hailstorm; hail fell for twenty minutes, some of the hailstones larger than hen eggs; great destruction of windows.

Gaul's brewery, New Market and Callowhill Streets, destroyed by fire. Robert J. Hemphill, secretary to the Board of School Controllers from , dies. Sugar refinery of Newhall, Brewery destroyed by fire.

Coulson's planing mill, Twenty-fourth and brown Streets destroyed by fire. The new synagogue "Rodef Sholem" dedicated. The planing mill of N. Wood, Spruce Street Wharf, Schuykill, destroyed by fire.

Penn Square selected as the site for the Public Buildings by a vote of the people, the vote being 51, for Penn Square, and 32, for Washington Square. November 9. The schooner Harmonie capsized and sunk in the Delaware off South Street during a gale. The cabinet works of P. February 2. Opening of the Northern Dispensary with appropriate ceremonies. The Paid Fire Department of the city goes into operation. Mass meeting of citizens at Academy of Music to advocate the abolishment of the Public Building Commission.

German peace celebration; procession nine miles long; various trades and occupations in line. June 5. Also about forty other buildings. Cornerstone of new building of University of Pennsylvania, Thirty-fourth and Locust Streets, laid with impressive ceremonies. Moriah Cemetery. Pattern-shop of I. Six hundred kegs of powder, found on board a canal-boat on the Delaware, seized. Lincoln Monument at Fairmont Park unveiled and dedicated.

Michael, Trenton Ave. An election riot occurs in the fourth and Fifth Wards. Isaiah Chase and Octavius V. Catto, both colored, are shot and , and about seventeen men are wounded. Mass meeting at National Hall to give expression to the feeling in regard to the murder of Major Octavius V.

Catto, Principal of the Institute for Colored Youth. Meeting held and collections taken up for the relief of the sufferers of the Chicago fire. Sandford's Minstrels, destroyed by fire. Defalcation announced of City Treasurer, Joseph F. This defalcation was caused by the failure of Chas. Yerkes, Jr. Planing-mill of William Barth, Trenton Ave.

Charles F. The grand jury presents bills of indictment against Joseph F. Marcer, City Treasurer, and William F. November 4. Reception of Grand Duke Alexis of Russia. Grand ball at the Academy of Music, in the evening. December 5. Joseph F. Pardoned September 27, Steam frigate Chattanooga sunk at League Island. William S. Stokley inaugurated as Mayor of the city.

Meeting of the surviving soldiers of the War of March 4. Centennial commission meets at Independence Hall. April 7. The Public Buildings Commission annulled a former resolution directing that the buildings should be constructed upon the four Penn Squares, and ordering the erection of one building at he intersection of Broad and Market Streets.

May 5. Friend's Meeting House, northwest corner of Seventeenth Street and Girard Avenue, was opened for the first time for public worship. Two persons killed and six injured. June 1. Later on site of the Hotel Lorraine. National Amateur Regatta on the Schuylkill. Spotted Tail, with eighteen other Indians and their wives, of the Upper Brule, Sioux tribe, arrived in this city, and the next day went upon an excursion to Cape May.

August 9. The Post Office Commission decided that the new post office should be placed on the lot northwest corner of Ninth and Chestnut Streets, containing feet 9 inches on Chestnut Street and feet 9 inches on Ninth Street. The first stone of the foundation walls of the Public Buildings at Broad and Market Streets was laid at the southwest corner of the southwest square. The ship was feet over all in length, with a beam of 45 feet, a depth of 43 feet and a capacity of tons.

International Cricket Match between the English gentlemen 12 and 22 Philadelphia picked cricketers on the grounds of the Germantown Club, closed September 24th with the following score: Philadelphia, 22, first inning, 63; second inning, English 12 first inning, ; second inning, 34, with four wickets to go down.

Cornerstone of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Elizabeth laid at the southeast corner of Twenty-third and Berks Streets. Fall regatta of the Schuylkill Navy. Prize for single sculls won by Max Schmitt, three miles in 22m, 30s. Prize for six-oared barges was by the Iona of the Crescent Club, time, 21m, 34s.

Prize for four-oared gigs won by the Pennsylvania Club, time, 20m, 20s. Prize for double scull gigs won by the Ariel of the University Club, time, 24m.

October 5. The managers of the German Hospital took formal possession of their new hospital, corner of Girard Avenue and Corinthian Avenue. Removing from their old location at Twentieth and Norris Streets.

October 7. October 9. The new building of the University of Pennsylvania at Thirty-fourth and Locust Streets, was dedicated.

The "epizooty," or horse disease, made its appearance in Philadelphia. It continued its ravages for about a month; during that time almost every horse in the city was affected.

Two of the passenger railway companies during this period suspended the running of cars for six days; others suspended on Sundays, and ran but few cars on weekdays.

The transportation of goods and other articles almost ceased for some days, and wagons and carts were drawn through the streets by men. Cornerstone laid of the building of the Academy of Natural Sciences, S. Funeral of Major General George G. Meade, with impressive public ceremonies. Meeting of committee of three hundred citizens appointed to obtain subscriptions to the stock of the corporation which is to manage the great Centennial Exposition of Industry of Race on Schuylkill between eight-oared English-built shells.

Edwin Forrest, the tragedian, dies. Bonifacius R. Church, corner Hancock and Diamond Streets, dedicated. German Evangelical Lutheran Church of St.

Lehigh Avenue M. Church, Lehigh Avenue and Hancock Street, dedicated. Elizabeth's R. Church, Twenty-third and Berks Streets, dedicated. Protestant Episcopal Church, St. James, Hestonville, consecrated. Frederick Heidenblut, a journeyman under employ, tried for the crime, convicted and hung for the murder, January 20, February 6. William Boat Excursion Curacao Company Siner, member of Common Council from the Sixteenth Ward, was impeached before Select Council upon the charge of keeping a gambling-house.

Explosion of a still filled with oil at the adamantine candle works of C. Alexander Wilson and Samuel Walker, employees, burned and lost their lives. Cornerstone laid of the Cumberland M. Church, southwest corner Coral and Cumberland Streets. Park Avenue M. Church, corner Park Avenue and Norris Street, dedicated. Regatta of the Schuylkill Navy. Prize for four-oared shells won by the Vesper, of the Vesper Club, in nineteen minutes and twenty-four seconds; course three miles.

Prize for six-oar gunwale barges won by the Falcon, of the Pennsylvania Club; time, twenty-one minutes. Prize for four-oared gigs won by the Phantom, of the Pennsylvania Club, in twenty minutes and four and a half seconds. Broad and Diamond Street Presbyterian Chapel, dedicated.

Cornerstone laid of the Lutheran Church at Roxborough. Cornerstone laid of the Protestant Episcopal church, St. The commissioners of Fairmount Park formally conveyed the U. Commissioners of the Centennial Exposition, and to the Centennial Board of Finance, at Lansdowne, in Fairmount Park, four hundred and fifty acres of land, for building and other purposes connected with the Centennial Exposition of Meeting of veterans of the war of at Independence Hall.

Services in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the meeting of the first Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, held in the Methodist churches. August 6. Justice Beuislay ascended from Smith's Island in the center of the Delaware River, opposite Chestnut Street on a trapeze attached to a balloon expanded with hot air, which fell into the river Delaware shortly afterward, being carried a considerable distance before Beuislay was rescued from the water.

Very heavy rain fell continuing until next day. The rainfall being seven ad thirty-two hundredths inches. Great damage and loss, especially in the district east of Fifth Street, between Poplar and Oxford Streets. Cornerstone laid of the chapel of Eighteenth Street M. Church, corner of Wharton Street and Herman Avenue.

Cornerstone laid of M. September 7. September 9. Celebration of the Twenty-fifth anniversary of the Aztec Club, formed in the city of Mexico during the Mexican War by officers of the U. Army, held at the residence of Gen. Robert Patterson. Generals Grant, Hooker and many other officers being present. A run was commenced upon the Fidelity Safe Deposit and Trust Company, which was sustained during the day.

The financial panic continued. During the day several prominent brokers failed. In New York and other Atlantic cities there was a panic. Banks, Trust companies and individuals failed, and a panic and business revulsion commenced throughout the country. Great parade of the Masonic Order for the dedication of the new hall.

The Grand Lodge and on hundred and seventy subordinate lodges were in line, the brethren numbering over eleven thousand men. Parade of twenty-six commanderies of Knight Templars.

October 6. Cornerstone laid of Grace Chapel M. E Church, corner Master and Carlisle Streets. National amateur regatta on the Schuylkill. The returns of the election canvassers showed that the number of citizens entitled to vote is , Cornerstone laid of Bethany M. Church, southwest corner of Eleventh and Mifflin Streets. A locomotive and eleven oil cars were thrown off the track of the Greenwich branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Point Breeze, by running over a horse.

The engineer, John Frew, killed. Chapel of Tasker Street M. Church, corner of Snyder Avenue and Fifth Street, dedicated. City ice boat No. November 6. Two firemen were killed. Both subsequently died. The Franklin Saving Fund Society adjudged bankrupt. Indignation meeting of depositors held same day at Assembly Building S.

The larger beer brewery of Henry Muller, Thirty-Second and Jefferson Streets, fell in from the weight of a great quantity of ice which was being stored in an apartment. There were twenty-eight persons in the brewery at the time; of this nine were killed, and eleven badly injured. First demonstration made against taverns and lager beer saloons in imitation of proceedings in Ohio and other Western States.

About twenty women visited three or four saloons in the neighborhood of Susquehanna Avenue and Fifth Street, Sang hymns in front of these places and delivered prayers. None of the saloons closed. Ropewalk of John P. Eighteenth Street Chapel of M.

Church, corner of Eighteen and Wharton Streets, dedicated. June 3. June 4. Edward Payson Weston, at the Chesnut Street Rink Twenty-third and Chestnut Streets commenced and effort to walk two hundred miles at the rate of fifty miles per day in ten hours per day.

He accomplished it on the fourth day. Time, first day, 9h. Third day, 9h. Course, from the Falls Bridge to Rockland, one and half mills. Regatta of the Amateur Rowing Association on the Schuylkill. Course, from Rockland and return, two miles. First prize won by Nereid; second prize, Lucilla. Charles Brewster Ross, a boy four years old, son of Christian K. Ross, of Germantown, together with an elder brother, was carried off and kidnapped by two men. The older boy was released at Richmond and Palmer Streets, and return to his home, but the younger one was not heard from.

Very large rewards were offered for his recovery, and the case was one which attracted attention all over the United States. Zoological Gardens at Fairmount Park formally opened to the public. Dobbins for the erection of the Centennial buildings. The building had been commenced long before that time, Girard Avenue Bridge formally opened. Total length, feet; total width, feet.

The widest bridge in the world. August 5. Signor Pedanto made a balloon ascension from Windmill Island. At the office of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Fourth Street and Willings Alley, the aerostat struck a flagpole on the top of the building, which tore a hole in the balloon, causing the gas to escape.

The balloon descended rapidly, whereby the persons in the car were injured. Steamship Abbottsford arrived with the members of the Athletic and Boston Baseball clubs on board. Annual regatta of the Schuylkill Navy. Course from Rockland, one mile up the river and return.

Single scull prize won by J. McBeath, of Quaker City Club, time,16m. Pennsylvaniaia Club, time 14m. Double sculls, Steele and Whitemar of Pennsylvania Club. Barges, Ione of Crescent Club, Ttime, 14m. Four-oared shells, Pennsylvania club, time, 9m.

Agatha, northwest corner of thirthy-eigth and Bridge Spring Garden Streets. Brotherton concluded, at Green Street, the pedestrian feat of walking half-miles in half-hours, being half-hours of consecutive hours, which effort was commenced on October 6. Fire at glassworks of F. Fast traveling on Pennsylvania Railroad from Jersey City to West Philadelphia depot, 1 hour 47 minutes, including two stoppages. From Philadelphia to Baltimore, 2 hours, 15 minutes.

From Baltimore to Philadelphia, return, 2 hours, 13 minutes. Manayunk and Roxborough inclined railway opened. Steam tug Hudson, cut through the ice and sunk in the Delaware. First number of Col. Alexander K. McClure's paper The Times, published. Fiftieth anniversary of the pastorate of Rev. John Chambers celebrated at his church, services lasting for one week.

Preliminary surveys for the improvement of the Independence Square begun. Peoples' passenger Railway Callowhill opened for travel. February 9. Cricket tournament at Germantown.

The picked twelve of Philadelphia defeated Canada twelve by a score of t0 The British officers defeated Canada twelve by to The Philadelphia twelve beat the British officers by eight wickets; score, to A dummy on the Frankford Fifth and Sixth Street railway, smashed by an excursion train from New York at the Harrowgate crossing of the connecting railway; five persons killed, and twenty injured.

German Hospital formally dedicated. Betz's malt house, St. Market Street bridge over the Schuylkill destroyed by fire. Permanent bridge first opened for travel January 1, ; rebuilt and widened, Moody and Sankey, famous religious revivalists, began a series of meetings in the old Pennsylvania freight depot, southwest corner of Thirteenth and Market Streets.

South Street bridge opened to pedestrians. December 8. Fire at William B. The Franklin Institute and Academy of Fine Arts in memorialized Congress in favor of holding an International Exhibition to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

By act of Congress this was authorized March 3, Congress, on June 1, , incorporated the Centennial Board of Finance with authority to receive subscriptions at ten dollars per share. On July 4, , the commissioners of Fairmount Park formally transferred to the Centennial Commission and the Centennial Board of Finance, for the use of the exhibition, two hundred and thirty-six acres of ground. There were one hundred and ninety-four building erected.

The United States government building, built in the shape of a cross. Foreign Government and buildings, etc. The Centennial Exhibition opened on May 10, , and closed on November 10, The total admissions were 9,, persons.

The exhibition was remarkably successful. Grand celebration of the opening of the Centennial year, at the State House, by hoisting the grand Union flag, together with illuminations, ringing of bells, blowing of steam whistles and firing of cannon and firearms, at midnight, between December 31 and January 1.

Immense concourse of people present. Moody and Sanky's meetings at the old Pennsylvania freight depot, southwest corner of Thirteenth and Market Streets, closed. During the time they were in the city they held meetings, and it was estimated that they were attended by more than one million and fifty thousand persons.

Main auditorium of Siloam M. Church, Otis Street above Thompson, dedicated. March 6. East Montgomery Avenue Boat Excursions Miami Beach Zero M.

Municipal census taken by the police. Dwelling houses, ,; inhabitants, ,; males over twenty-one years, , New York and Philadelphia Railroad between both cities opened by excursions. May 1. Continental horse Railway opened. New branch of the Reading Railroad to the Centennial grounds opened. Roman Catholic Church of St. Opening of the Centennial International Exhibition of Industry, at the Centennial grounds, Fairmount Park, by the President of the United States, in presence of members of Congress, Supreme Court, Cabinet, and many other National, State and municipal officers, and over one hundred and fifty thousand people.

The Emperor and Empress of Brazil were present, participating in the ceremonies which were grand and impressive. John Hay's waste paper warehouse, northeast corner of Germantown Avenue and Master Street, collapsed from being overweighted with materials during alterations. Three persons were killed and four injured. Centennial service at Christ Church. Centennial anniversary of Declaration of Independence. Parade of volunteer troops from all parts of the Union; ;exercises in Independence Square, oration by William B.

Senate, presided. Emperor of Brazil and large number of distinguished visitors present; grand music by large chorus and orchestra. In the evening a grand display of fireworks was given in Fairmount Park.

Dedication of the Catholic T. Fountain in Fairmount Park. Monument to Alexander von Humboldt, in Fairmount Park, unveiled. Four men killed. Paid admissions, 56, Exhibitors, complimentary, etc. Walker died from the effects of his beating shortly after the fight was concluded.

The captains of various boats and the Creedmoor Cutter, a barge, and others, the principal and accessories arrested and held by the Coroner of Philadelphia.

September 3. Parade of Volunteer Firemen, embodying many of the old volunteer companies of Philadelphia, with companies from other parts of the Union. Admission to main exhibition, 78,; live stock show, 6,; free admissions, etc. A number of wooden buildings in Shantytown in close proximity to the Centennial grounds were town down by the police under the direction of Mayor Stokley.

Paying visitors at main exhibition, ,; at live stock show, 3,; free admissions, 12,; total, , There were , persons in attendance. Edwin Forrest Home, near Holmesburg, opened. Total attendance, , Monument and statue to the memory of Christopher Columbus, procured by the Italians of Philadelphia, dedicated in Centennial grounds. Attendance, , Attendance, 87, Attendance , In the evening, display of fireworks. The centennial Exposition was formally closed with appropriate ceremonies.

During the days that it was open the paying visitors were 8,,; free, 1,, Total, 9,, The free admissions were mainly those of exhibitors, attendants and employees. February 5. The money was transferred to the University of Pennsylvania for the perpetual support of "the John Welsh Professorship of History and English Literature. One man killed. Strong resolutions against the proposition that all the butchers shall have slaughtering done at the abattoirs.

Seven dummy engines in use. Union Banking Co. Same day United States Banking Co. Admissions estimated at , The new Philadelphia and Atlantic City Railway narrow gauge opened by an excursion of officers of the road and others. Trial of the transmission of sound through Edison's vocal telephone at the Permanent Exhibition Building.

Vocal music at the Central Station telegraph office, at Fifth and Chestnut Streets, was transmitted over the wires, and heard with great clearness at the Exhibition Building. Wade, of Brooklyn. Course from Red Bank to Gloucester, 4 miles.

Race won by Wade. Time, 1 hour and 40 minutes. Great excitement among brokers and bankers in consequence of the discovery of an over-issue of stock of the Market Street Railway Co. John S Morton, President of the company, who with the Treasurer and Secretary had made the over-issue, resigned the office of President, and also resigned his position as President of the Permanent Exhibition Company.

John S. Morton and others implicated, bound over to answer a charge of conspiracy to cheat and defraud. Fire at morocco factory of W. Susquehanna Avenue and Moyer Streets, re-dedicated.

New Farmers' Market, N. W corner of Broad Street and Columbia Avenue, opened for business. First annual regatta of the Fairmount Rowing Association over the national course on the Schuylkill. Fox's new American Theatre, Chestnut Street above Tenth re-built after the fire was opened for performances. Farewell banquet to Hon.

John Welsh, minister to England, at the Aldine Hotel. December 9. Clarke, under Twister Boat Excursion Cozumel Netflix the title of the Broad Street Theatre. Stokley inaugurated for his third term as mayor of the city of Philadelphia. New iron bridge at Penrose Ferry, on the Schuylkill, opened for foot-passengers. Excitement among dealers in morocco leather, caused by the failure of ten firms engaged in that trade.

John M. Armstrong, a music typographer, while on a visit to Camden, N. Coroner's jury at Camden found that Benjamin Hunter was guilty of the crime.

Hunter, after a trial at Camden, lasting twenty days, was convicted of murder in the first degree on July 3, Fire at wholesale dry goods store of H. Philadelphia, Newtown and New York Railroad formally opened for business. Nine of the western arches of the South Street bridge feel.

Business commenced Saturday the 23d. Fire at southeast corner of Fourth and Cherry Streets in the store of H. Steam dummy cars, after a trial of almost a year by the Market Street Railway Co.

Too expensive. May 6. William, executor of the late Dr. James Rush. Hall of Moyamensing Lodge, No. June 8. Spring regatta of the Schuylkill Navy. Course, Falls Bridge to Rockland Landing. Pair-oared prize won by University crew, time, First regatta of the Schuylkill Yacht Club.

Course from Ellsworth street wharf, Schuylkill to Chester buoy and return. First-class, prize won by the T. Doyle; second-class, the Bently; third-class, the Vindex.

Prizes for four-oared boats won by Crescent, time, 9. Explosion at the blast furnace of S. John McChesney died. Two others died subsequently. Eight men on each side, ten shots each. Keystone, ; Norristown, Time, 1 hour. Destructive rain and wind storm. River pirates attempting to rob the schooner L.

Still-man of Great Egg Harbor, N. One thief killed and two wounded. Morrel of New York. Won by Butler in 40 minutes. Ground broken for the building of Eden M. Church, Leigh Avenue below Fifth Street. Stalls in new Zimmerman market house, southwest corner of Frankford Avenue and Adams Street, sold and the market opened. International cricket match at the grounds of the Germantown Cricket Club between the Australian cricketers and a select team of Philadelphia players.

The game was closed on Saturday, while unfinished, by the stumps being drawn. Score, Philadelphia, first innings, ; second innings, 53 total, Australians, first innings, ; second innings, 56 total, Second annual regatta of the Fairmount Rowing Association on the Schuylkill River, over the national course. Prize for single shells won by C. Tapper and C. Prize for signal sculls won by W. Wood; four-oared barges, Atlantic, 18 minutes, 52 seconds; six-oared barges, Belmont, 15 minutes, 26 seconds; double-outriggers, won by the Eddie; single shell match, three miles, J.

Meek, 12 minutes, 42 seconds. Hero Glassworks of W. Agatha, Spring Garden and Thirty-eighth Streets, dedicated. Great cyclone and wind storm. There was a great flood in the "Neck" which submerged the whole territory below Miffin Street from the Delaware to the Schuylkill. Loss of life, about ten persons, thirty injured. Properties destroyed, 4 church steeples blown down. Immense loss. Score: Norristown, ; Keystone, December 1.

Norris Square M. Church, Mascher Street above Susquehanna Avenue, dedicated. Morton, formerly president and Samuel B. Hahn, formerly treasurer of the Market Street Passenger Railway Company, sentenced to pay a nominal fine, the costs of trial, and to undergo ten years imprisonment, for fraudulently issuing stock of the company. Meeting of citizens of Twenty-third Ward, formerly of the township of Byberry and Moreland, at which it was resolved to petition the Legislature to separate that territory from the city of Philadelphia and annex it Bucks County.

Octavius V. Catto school for colored children, Lombard Street above Twentieth, formally opened. January 6 and 7. Largest sheriff's sale of real estate ever known in Philadelphia. Nearly properties were levied upon and advertised to be sold. Benjamin Hunter, convicted of the murder of John M. Armstrong, music typographer of Philadelphia, hanged at Camden, N.

United States Centennial Commission met for the last time at the Continental Hotel, and received and adopted the final report of the committee on finance and accounts. March 1. Cracker bakery of Walter G. British bark Tulchen, while being towed from Kaighn's Point, N. The directories of the Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company announced that they had leased for a period of years the North Pennsylvania Railroad to Bethlehem, with its connection, and the Bound Brook Railroad to New York, lease to date from May 1, Course from below the Falls Bridge to Rockland, one and a half miles straight away.

Prizes as follows: Four-oared shells, won by Crescent Club, 9. Fire at factory building, Ridge Avenue below Master, G. Inter-collegiate regatta between the crews of Columbia and Princeton colleges and University of Pennsylvania, on the Schuylkill River.

National Course, Falls bridge to Rockland, one and a half miles. Won by the University crew in 9. Fire at southeast corner of Seventh and Cherry Streets, doing great damage to Hasting's gold leaf establishment, Stern's printing office, etc.

Four persons killed and several injured. Seventeenth and Nineteenth Streets Passenger Railway formally opened as a portion of the Continental Passenger Railway formally opened as a portion of the Continental Passenger Railway. An excursion train on the Philadelphia and Atlantic Narrow gauge Railroad, came into collision with a freight train near Clementon; five persons killed and several injured. August 28 and Score: Young America, first innings, 28; second innings, 50; total, Hamilton, first innings, 74; second innings, 5; total, 79 with ten wickets to spare.

Match game of cricket between the Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire players of Draft's English professional team, reinforced by English players. Score: Nottinghamshire, first innings, September 25, 26, and International cricket match at the grounds of the Germantown Cricket Club, near Wayne Station, between the Gentlemen of Ireland and a picked team of Philadelphia.

Score: Irish Gentlemen, first inning, 58; second inning, 82; total, Philadelphia, first and only inning, Return game between the Irish and Philadelphia Cricketers. One inning, Ireland ; Philadelphia, Cricket match between the Irish twelve and fifteen of the Merion Club on the grounds at Ardmore, Score: Ireland, first inning, ; second, ; total, Merion, first inning, 81; second, ; total, Boat race on the Schuylkill between six-oared barges of Fairmount and Neptune Clubs.

Course from Chestnut street bridge to the red buoy at Gibson's Point, three miles. Won by Fairmount in 19 minutes, 29 seconds. Prize for a single sculls won by W. Cobb, Pennsylvania Club, Grant, Philadelphia Club, First through train from Philadelphia to New York run from the Reading Railroad depot, Ninth and green streets, via the Bound brook railroad.

October 10, 11, and International cricket match at Germantown Cricket grounds, Nicetown, between Daft's English professional eleven and fifteen selected amateurs. Score: English, first inning ; second, ; total, Philadelphia, first inning, 70; second, 67; total, Young America, first inning, 64; second, 47; total, Draft, first and only inning, ; second, 22 when the game was stopped with the first wicket down ; total, Yorkshire, first inning, 51 second, ; total, Single fares remained at 6 cents.

Work commenced on dismantling and taking down the Coliseum Building, corner Broad and Locust Streets site of Hotel Walton in order to remove the same to Boston December 8.

Work commenced on dismantling and taking down the coliseum Building, corner Broad and Locust Streets site of Hotel Walton in order to remove the same to Boston. Grand public reception of general U. George Sheppard badly injured in Shackamaxon Street above Richmond, by oil of vitriol being thrown on him, as was alleged, by George Wood. Oetzel, J. Worthington's machine shop, and J. The Darby Plank Road from Forty-ninth Street to the county line passed into the possession of the city by purchase.

Fire at the establishment of Stephen S. Internal Revenue Collector, by instruction from Washington, upon a claim of the U. Government for taxes on scrip issued by the company in Fire at furniture factory of John A. Elbert, on Edward and Lydia Streets, above Hancock. Fire at Keystone Flour Mill, corner. Elmo, Illinois , near Effingham. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Historic American steamboat.

For the 19th century transatlantic steamboat, see SS President. For the English narrowboat, see President narrowboat. For other boats, see President disambiguation. United States historic place.

Formerly listed on the U. National Register of Historic Places. Former U. National Historic Landmark. National Park Service. January 23, National Historic Landmark summary listing. Archived from the original on Retrieved Louis riverboat now rusted scrap". Retrieved 25 December Retrieved 9 March Way's Packet Directory, � Jazz on the River. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Steamer Admiral. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. Department of Boat Excursions Cancun 308 the Interior. Retrieved 27 July The Quad-City Times.

Archived from the original on 18 June Archived from the original on 13 July Monster Moves. National Geographic Channel.

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