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Questions Asked in RRB Boat And Stream Questions For Afcat 71 NTPC Exam | Download the PDF Here
Boats and Streams - The Stream Boat Problems Practice Questions section has all the diverse set of questions that may be asked in an exam that focuses on the Stream Boat section.� SSC CHSL Preparation Plan. RRB NTPC Previous Boat And Stream Questions For Sbi Clerk Github Papers. Hospitality and Tourism. Exams.� The questions related to this chapter hold a good number in all the competitive examinations. They are also asked in various government recruitment exams like SSC CGL, IBPS PO, SBI PO, etc. The key to crack this chapter is, that one should go through the basic concepts of Time, Speed and Distance and then should relate this with Boats and Streams aptitude. The only difference of Boats and Streams with Time, Speed and Distance is of terminologies. Boat and stream part 3/rrb ntpc maths questions, ssc, bank all examboat and stream tricks, boat and stream tricks by shiv kumar, boat and stream tricks. Here we are creating question sample in Boats and Stream, which is common for IBPS, SBI, RBI, IPPB, SSC, LIC and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams!! The speed of a Boat in standing water is 10km/hr. It traveled Down Stream from point A to B in certain time. After reaching B the Boat is powered by Engine then Boat started to return from Point B to A. The time taken for Forward journey and Backward journey are same. Then what is the speed of the stream? 1. 2 Km/hr 2. 3 Km/hr 3. 4 Km/hr 4. 5 Km/hr 5. Cannot be determined. Answer & � RRB NTPC Question Papers. SSC CHSL Previous Year Question Papers. SSC CGL Tier I Question Papers.

It takes twice as long to travel any distance upstream as compared to the same distance downstream. Find the speed of the stream. Question 4: Find the distance covered by the boat upstream if it travels for 2 hours.

Question 5: A boat travels 60km upstream and comes back in 8 hours. Question 7: The rates upstream and downstream of a swimmer are 10 kmph and 13 kmph respectively.

The speed of current is. Question 8: A man rows upstream 16km and down stream 28km, taking 5 hour each time, the velocity of the current. Question 9: A boat goes at a speed of 30 kmph in still water.

What time does it take to travel 50 kms upstream and then 70 kms downstream in water of speed 5 kmph? Question A boat can travel 27 km in one hour in still water and travels the same distance against the stream in 90 minutes.

How much time will the boat take to travel 90 km in the direction of the stream? Question Speed of a boat upstream is 3kmph and while running downstream it has travelled 49km in 7hrs. Find the speed of the river?

Question Speed of a boat during upstream is 3kmph and during downstream, it travelled 49km in 7hrs. Find the speed of the boat in still water? Question Find the speed of a boat in still water, which took 2 hrs to travel a distance during upstream and 6 hrs to travel the same distance during downstream, if speed of stream is 2 kmph?

Question Find the speed of the river, if a boat took 12 hrs to travel upstream and 4 hrs to travel downstream. Assume speed of the boat in still water is 4kmph? Question Find the distance covered by a boat in 30 mins during downstream, if its speed in still water is 7 kmph and speed of the stream is 5 kmph?

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