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Let the speed of a boat in still water be u km/hr and the speed of the stream be v km/hr, then Speed downstream = (u + v) km/hr Speed upstream = (u - v) km/hr. 4. Jun 12, �� Upstream Speed = 15 + x. Downstream Speed = 15 � x. So, {30 / (15+x)} + {30 / (x)} = 4 ? (4 hours 30 minutes) ? { / (x2)} = 9/2. ? 9x2 = ?x2 = ?x = 5. Q 5. A boat is moving 2 km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and moves 1 km . Sep 13, �� If in the question, you are provided with the upstream and the downstream speed U and D respectively, to determine the speed of boat and stream the formula goes like Speed of boat B = (D + U) / 2 Speed of stream S = (D - U) / 2 Also, always have with you the basic speed formula, Question: In still water, the speed of the boat is 7 km/hr. Find out the downstream speed of a boat in the river whose speed of the stream is 2 km/hr. Solution: Downstream speed = Speed in still water + Speed .
Boats and Streams questions are a common part of the quantitative aptitude section of various government and bank exams, like IBPS, SBI, and other bank exams. These are simple concept based questions, which can be easily solved by the usage of the right formulas. They work on the concept of relative speed, which is a crucial concept taught to most students at the secondary level.� Recalling these formulas during the exam will be very useful to quicken your speed. Practise all the Boats and Streams questions and answers for bank exams of previous years and get the hang of multiple ways these questions are asked. Be clear about base concepts like "downstream", "upstream", and "still water". These boats and streams questions usually asked in SSC and bank exams.� Often students face difficulty while using boats and streams formulas in the competitive exam questions because they don't know the proper way to solve the boats and streams questions or equations. These boats and streams questions usually asked in SSC and bank exams. So here in this blog, you can improve your performance to learn how to use boats and streams formulas with examples for competitive exams. You can practice also these boats and streams questions with answers to get the better score in your competitive exams. Click here to solve problems of boats and streams with sufficient e. Boats and Streams shortcut techniques. Common questions asked in SBI, IBPS PO level exams with example questions.� The two most important and only elements in this type of problems is a BOAT and a STREAM. A stream is nothing but the moving water, which is sometimes also called CURRENT. In the question, by speed of the boat (or swimmer), we mean the speed of the boat (or swimmer) in still water. Upstream: When the boat (or swimmer) moves against i.e. in the opposite direction of the stream. Downstream: when the boat (or swimmer) moves in the same direction as that of the stream. Now, if the speed of the boat is B km/hr while the speed of the stream is S km/hr, then Upstream speed U = (B � S) km/hr Downstrea.

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