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Record the HIN and the engine serial number in the space provided. Refer to the HIN for any correspondence or orders. All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of Bayliner. Printed in the United States of America. General Notes The material in this document is for information bayliner fishing deck boats pdf and is subject to change without notice.

While reasonable efforts have been made in the preparation of this document to assure its accuracy, Bayliner assumes no liability resulting from errors or omissions in this document, or from the use of information contained. Due to our commitment to product improvement, Bayliner reserves the right to make changes in the product design, specifications, and equipment at any time without notice or obligation. Manufactured with 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, a substance which harms public health and environment during the manufacturing process by destroying ozone in the upper atmosphere.

Proprietary Rights This document discloses subject matter in which Bayliner has proprietary rights. The information and design disclosed herein were originated by and are the property of Bayliner. Neither receipt nor possession thereof confers or transfers any right to reproduce, copy, alter or disclose the document or any part thereof, any information contained therin, or to construct boats or any item from it, except by written permission from or written agreement with Bayliner.

This document is to be returned upon request to Bayliner. Study the Owner s Manual and this supplement carefully.

Keep the Owner s Manual and bayliner fishing deck boats pdf supplement on your boat in a secure, yet readily available place. Dealer Service Make sure you receive a full Used Trawler Fishing Boats For Sale 10 explanation of all systems from the selling dealer before taking delivery of your boat.

Your selling dealer is your key to service. If you experience any problems with your new boat, immediately contact the selling dealer. If for any reason your selling dealer is unable to help, you can call us direct on our customer service hotline: or send us a FAX: A Bayliner replacement parts catalog is available online at: Replacement parts can be purchased from any authorized Bayliner dealer. Boating Experience If this is your first bayliner fishing deck boats pdf or if you are changing to a type of boat you are not familiar with, for your own comfort and safety, you must obtain handling and operating experience before assuming command of the boat.

Take one of the boating safety classes offered by the U. Power Squadrons or the U. Coast Guard Auxiliary. For more course information, including dates and locations of upcoming classes, contact the organizations directly: U. Coast Guard Auxiliary: or on the Internet at: Outside the United States, your selling dealer, national sailing federation or local yacht club can advise you of local sea schools or competent instructors.! A qualified operator must be in control of the boat at all times.

DO NOT use your boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Installing different engines or other accessories may cause unwanted handling traits. Should you choose to install a different engine or to add accessories that will affect the boat s running trim, have an experienced marine technician perform a safety inspection and handling test before using your boat.

Be advised that certain modifications to your boat can result in cancellation of your warranty protection. Check with your dealer before making any modifications to your boat. The engine and accessories installed on bayliner fishing deck boats pdf boat come with their own operation and maintenance manuals.

Read and understand these bayliner fishing deck boats pdf before operating the engines and accessories. Qualified Maintenance! To maintain the integrity and safety of your boat, only qualified people should perform maintenance on, or in any way modify: The steering system, propulsion system, engine control system, fuel system, environmental control system, or electrical.

Failure to maintain your boat s systems as designed could violate the laws in your jurisdiction and could expose you and other people to the danger of bodily injury or accidental death.

This will detract from the boat s beauty, greatly affect its performance and may damage the gelcoat. There are two methods of slowing marine growth: 1. Periodically haul the boat out of the water and scrub the hull bottom with a bristle brush and a solution of soap and water. The hull below the waterline was painted with anti-fouling paint at the factory. Occasionally you will need to re-paint it with a good grade of anti-fouling paint.

Cover the barrier coating with several coats of anti-fouling paint. Many states regulate the chemical bayliner fishing deck boats pdf of bottom paints. Ask your local dealer about the laws in effect in your area.

Safety Standards Your boat s mechanical and electrical systems were designed to meet safety standards in effect at the time it was constructed. Some of these standards were mandated by law.

All of bayliner fishing deck boats pdf were designed to insure your safety, and the safety of other people, vessels and property. In addition to this supplement, read the Owner s Manual, warning labels, and all literature in your owner s packet for important safety standards and hazard information.!

DO NOT allow anyone to ride on parts of the boat not designated for such use. Sitting on seat backs, lounging on the forward deck, bow riding, gunwale riding or occupying the transom platform or the aft sunlounge cushions while underway is especially hazardous and WILL cause personal injury or death.! Always secure the anchor and other loose objects before getting underway. The anchor and other items that are not properly secured can come loose when the boat is moving and cause personal injury or death.

Read these warnings bayliner fishing deck boats pdf follow all safety instructions. This message box alerts you to immediate hazards which WILL cause severe personal injury or death if the warning is ignored.! This message box bayliner fishing deck boats pdf you to hazards or unsafe practices which COULD result in severe personal injury or death if the warning is ignored.! This message box alerts you to hazards or unsafe practices which COULD result in minor personal injury or Aluminum Fishing Deck Boats Kit cause product or property damage if the warning is bayliner fishing deck boats pdf. NOTICE This message box calls attention to installation, operation or bayliner fishing deck boats pdf information, which is important to proper operation but is not hazard related.

Carbon monoxide gas CO is colorless, odorless, and extremely dangerous. All engines, generators, and fuel burning appliances produce CO as exhaust.

Signs of CO poisoning include headache, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness. Sources of CO include: CO poisoning causes a significant number of boating deaths each year. Called the "silent killer", CO is an extremely toxic, colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Breathing CO blocks the ability of your blood to carry oxygen. The effects are cumulative, even low levels of exposure can result in injury or death.

Using the engine or generator when the boat is moored in a confined space. Mooring close to another boat that is running its engine, generator, or any other CO source. Running the boat with the trim angle of the bow too high.

Bayliner fishing deck boats pdf the boat without through ventilation station wagon bayliner fishing deck boats pdf. If possible, move your boat away from the source of the CO. Open windows and canvas. When possible, run the boat so that the prevailing winds will help dissipate the exhaust. Smokers or people exposed to high concentrations of cigarette smoke. Consumption of alcohol. Lung disorders, heart problems, and pregnancy. Read and understand the manufacturer s instructions for your CO alarm.

If you did not receive an instruction manual, call and one will be mailed to you. If your boat is not equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm, consider purchasing one from your dealer or marine supply store. Immediately move anyone showing any symptoms of CO poisoning into fresh air.

See a doctor if any symptoms persist. If the person is unconscious, immediately administer oxygen or CPR and call for emergency help. Wiring schematics are provided at the back of this supplement.! To bayliner fishing deck boats pdf the risks of fire, electric shock and bayliner fishing deck boats pdf NEVER install knife switches or other Flat Deck Fishing Boats 10 arcing devices in fuel compartments. NEVER substitute automotive parts for marine parts. Electrical, ignition and fuel system parts were designed and manufactured to comply with rules and regulations that minimize risks of fire and explosion.

Ensure all of the battery switches are in the OFF position before performing any work in the engine spaces. DO NOT modify the electrical systems or relevant drawings. Fuel fumes are heavier than air and will collect in the bilge areas where they can be accidently ignited. Visually and by smell sniff testcheck the engine and fuel compartments for fumes or accumulation of fuel.

Always use the bilge blowers for at least four minutes prior to engine starting, electrical system maintenance or activation of electrical devices. Minimize the danger of fire and explosion by not exposing batteries to open flame or sparks. NEVER allow smoking anywhere near the batteries. To reduce corrosion caused electrical problems, keep all electrical connections clean and apply a spray-on protectant that is designed to protect connections from corrosion. NEVER disconnect the battery cables while the engine is running since damage may occur to your boat s electrical system components.

The parallel switch should be turned on only in emergencies. The battery charging systems alternators and battery charger are designed to charge lead-acid batteries. Before installing gel-cell or other new technology batteries, read and follow the battery charger s operating instructions. The accessories on some models are protected by a master circuit breaker usually located near bayliner fishing deck boats pdf battery.

In addition, a fuse block for branch accessory circuits is located near the helm panel. Wires are color-coded to indicate which accessory each fuse services.

Bayliner brochure 40 Pages. Table of Contents. Bayliner Deckboats 2 Pages. Wt-1SC 2 Pages. Element E6 1 Pages. Compare up to 10 products. Catalog excerpts.


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