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Flats Stalker 18 by myboat101 boatplans [FS18] A easy to pole, narrow beam flats fishing skiff 18' m: 4' 6" m - 25 - 25 Outboard Skiff 18 by myboat101 boatplans [OB18] A planing vee-hull designed for semi-protected waters 18' m: 5' 5" m -. I've always wanted to build my own boat, but budget & space were always an issue. I regularly check in on the boat building forums at myboat101 boatplans (myboat101 boatplans Forums).Recently the designer, Jacques Mertens, took the feedback and requests from the message board posters and designed an inexpensive, shallow draft, poling skiff similar to Hell's Bay Glades Skiff. For sale and located in Salmon, Idaho At our company we work very hard to accurately describe our vehicles through text descriptions and elaborate photos. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle it is not a new vehicle. Any used vehicle can have normal wear and blemishes. Before placing a bid please read the descriptions thoroughly and view.

Fast and light, ideal for fishing. Ready for the water! The only part of the original boat is the Aluminum Bateau fs18 for sale which was stripped bare inside and out, cleaned, acid washed and sealed with 3M Marine Urethane on all joints and seams. Overall Length 17' 10". Understand this is only to protect the integrity of the auction.

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